Love in the Sky (Yer Gok Ask)

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Love is in the Air (Yer Gok Ask) Turkish Tv Series

Original Title: Yer Gok Ask
English Title: Love in the Sky
Also Known As: Love is in the Air, Land and Sky Full of Love (English)
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 122
Broadcast Network: Fox
Broadcast Period: August 9, 2010 – May 27, 2013
Production Company: Avsar Film
Director: Aysun Akyuz, Atil Inac, Ulas Inan Inac
Screen Writer: Eylem Canpolat, Sema Ergenekon, Berfu Soner, Isil Sonmez Sarhan

A wealthy Hancioglu family owns vast estates in Cappadocia in Middle Turkey. Yusuf (Murat Unalmis) is the oldest son of this family therefore; he manages the family business and bears all the responsibility of the family on his shoulders. Yusuf is very handsome, rich and hardworking. Thus, there are lots of women who want to be his bride but, Yusuf wants to get married with a woman whom he loves.

The life of Hancioglu family changes due to Yusuf’s illegitimate child. The mother of this little boy dies and Yusuf becomes the only responsible parent who will raise him. Therefore, Yusuf’s mother Hamiyet (Isil Yucesoy) tries to find a wet nurse in order to take care of her grandson.

Toprak (Selen Soyder) whose daughter has passed away during that time becomes a valuable choice for Yusuf’s son. Although Toprak does not want to take care of another baby other than her own daughter, she eventually accepts to become a wet nurse and accepts to stay with Hancioglu family.

Toprak’s older sister Havva (Birce Akalay) also starts to stay with them in order to help her sister in this new home. However, Havva is enchanted by the wealth of Hancioglu family therefore; she tries to woo Yusuf by using her temptation. Havva starts to do everything in order to attract Yusuf and sometimes she takes advantage of her own sister. Now, Yusuf finds himself between two beautiful sisters, one of them is so innocent and one of them is so attractive.

In love is in the air tv series story, you will explore a triangle love story between Yusuf, Havva and Toprak while going to the enchanting world of Anatolia. Will Havva manage to become the bride of Hancioglu family? Will Yusuf learn the original intentions of Havva? What will happen to Toprak when she learns her sister’s aim?

Love is in the Air Cast
Murat Unalmis as Yusuf
Birce Akalay as Havva
Selen Soyder as Toprak
Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan as Mehmet
Ipek Erdem as Munevver
Isil Yucesoy as Hamiyet
Tuvana Turkay as Bade
Emir Benderlioglu as Yilmaz Hancioglu
Ulvi Alacakaptan as Remzi
Aysegul Gunay as Sultan
Yilmaz Calayir as Yigit
Ugur Aslan as Cuneyt
Erman Okay as Yilmaz

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  1. Please please Netflix show season 2 and 3. I so loved this series. PLEASE!! PLEASE!

  2. Where i cab find season 2&3 of love is in the air please, hope to recieve an answer.

  3. You can get english translation of season 2 by emailing [email protected]. It is 2 euros per episode which run almost 2 hrs long.

    • Black Money was most enjoyable. Omer & Elif are my favourite couple and extremely believable characters. Great storyline & subplots although the main villain should have been given life imprisonme. Two more good series: Winter Sun & Filinta. Wish Magnificent Century would be shown on Netflix. I watched the Kosem part of it on YouTube although English subtitles ran out towards the end. Not good.

  4. Love the show but can’t find anywhere I can watch series 2 and 3 in English subtitles. Can someone tell me where I can watch it. Did Havva And yolusa get married in real life?it was very good loved the show so much .please Netflix or YouTube don’t keep us hanging

  5. I agree with most posts above I want to watch season 2 and 3 what’s up Netflix why even put the first season on if we can’t get the rest of the seasons???? This show was really good

  6. Netflix I hope you are bringing season 2 of love is in the air soon and not keep us dangling like majestic century which you have not brought back

    • Netflix we need season 2 and 3 of love is in the air series please //// at least tell us if you will or not ? it is very wrong when you show one season then you do not put season 2 and season 3 very annoying after we get hooked to the show you stop the continuation . we need season 2 and season 3 please// when you start a series if you do not have all the seasons lease do not show nit at all.

    • Hi Sharon,
      I agree with you 100%.
      It’s so frustrating to watch many episodes & miss out on the endings of the series. I, too watched Magnificent Century, hoping Netflix would bring it back for its conclusion, but was disappointed.
      I wish Netflix would air the concluding episodes to Love is in the Air. I might not have spent so much time watching it, had I known there was no real conclusion.

      • Am really disappointed with this love is in the air and majestic century were superb and cannot understand why the discontinuation .

  7. Netflix needs to stop this nonsense with not continuing Turkish movies. Love & Punishment & more. Do something! You get over $200.00 a year from me! I’m tired of it! Haven’t seen any other offers I like, but soon you will have competition & bye bye Netflix

  8. As I stated, best love story I have ever seen but so tragic. I would have loved to rewrite this script. I do have some questions for the readers as there were some customs I did not understand. What is the significance of holding hands as Yusuf was coming for Havva in season two but backed off when he saw the other guy holding her hand, and what difference does it make if one was engaged previously.
    To clarify my previous statement, Yusuf was not surgically emasculated by his wife and mother but rather had a liver transplant I think.
    What is the white drink.
    I would like to know what Havvas letter to Yusuf said and why he left her in Season two. Was he ever aware that she was carrying his child.

  9. What is the storyline of Havana living in the mansion?

  10. This is one of the best tragic love stories I have ever seen. I had trouble letting the characters go so watched part of the remaining series in Turkish. Couldn’t understand a word but at least was able to see what happened to Yusuf and Havva but would love to know what Havvas letter to Yusuf said.
    The story: I loved Havva. Granted she could be somewhat less than ideal at times but look at her role models. Her Aunt was a barracuda and her father was a snake. Her mother was extremely fragile, unable to resolve her own issues from the past and emotionally unavailable. THe only real positive relationship Havva had was with her sister and her aunt destroyed that. The aunt hated Yusuf family and used others to manipulate to get what she wanted. Havva pursuing Yusuf in the beginning was orchestrated by her aunt as was the changing of the DNA report. Once Havva realized she was in love with Yusuf she tried to move away from her aunt and reject her suggestions. The aunt made Havva pay dearly for that. Havva was a beautiful young woman and had more courage in her little finger than all the rest combined. She saved the family from Mehmet schemes on more than one occasion with cost to herself. Here was a young woman able to stare down a gun pointed in her face.
    Yusuf mother was another barracuda. Her need to control her children lives had disastrous consequences. How any mother could surgically emasculate her son to maintain control of her sons life is unimaginable to me. Babe turned out to have severe mental illness and also played a role in the emasculation of Yusuf. She killed people and daddy covered it up. Sent Havva to prison for his daughters crimes. Great series but pretty dark. A bit too tragic. Even Yusuf and Havva son is killed. I found myself crying about this story but would still love to see the remaining series in English sub titles. Are DVD’s available?
    The actor that played Yusuf is a dream. All 6 foot 4 inches of him. He had the most beautiful eyes which revealed his emotions. I would take him home anyday.

    • We need season 2 and season 3 of love is in the air English subtitles or arabic subtitles and how soon will that be. Thank you

  11. Loved this TVSeries. I have a strong desire to head for Turkey! WOW! Georgious people. This movie kept me on edge. I hope we will be able to see all episodes here in America… Loved it.

    • I agree with you! After watching these wonderful Turkish series, I want to go there and see the beautiful sights, meet the people and eat the food!!

  12. The evil aunt and yusufs mother were frustrating me thruout series. What a downer! Horrible ending with no closer. Luv haava & yusuf!! Will not watch future seasons!

  13. I agree with all the negatives that have been said about the series “Love in the Air.” I especially disliked the careless removal of Hava and Yusef from the series to what I feel makes room for a future story to be shown later with or without the same characters. I can’t help but feel that the killing of Hava and Yusef is a huge error on the part of the writers of the series, especially so for leaving the audience with such a negative attitude for the entire series for this error alone. Had I known that this would happen in the end, I would have jerked myself away from viewing the story to begin with. In the end it is a great disappointment as was the ending of Kurt Seyit and Shura. I probably will not return to another Turkish movie for the disappointing endings of these fantastic stories and acting.

  14. I loved the series but hated the ending of season 1. Even though I believe they Havva needed up falling n live in Yusuf, it doesn’t justify all the caniving things that she did and continued doing (she contacted Beda’s father with a lie). She is the kind of person that the end justify the means and the whole series portrait Yusuf as someone who would never accept those loes. Also, give me a break, we are not on Romeo and Juliet tines. Yes, they loved each other but please, give me a break!!!!

  15. Netflix sucks. You are hooked watching the series and you think you the think the best part is in the end only to be disappointed as Netflix hardly ever brings back the other Turkish series. I have watched so many Turkish series and was always disappointed because you cannot see the end. A few episodes are on YouTube but not always in English. Wish ther was another provider of these shows. I would join them in a heartbeat and leave Netflix.

    • The showrunners call the shots. Netflix does deals; if the Turkish hard business heads charge a fortune per episode and will only sell one Season whose fault is that? I do love the very professional subtitling that Netflix bring to the projects. AND they also divide up the looooong episodes into hr-long – much better for a viewer also I think.

      • the subtitling is generally quite good but is very, very frustrating because most of the subtitlers mix up the gender references by using “his” when it should be “her” and vice versa. It really screwed up the story for me until I realized what was happening and went back and re-watched.

        YES! if anyone knows of a decent provider who will provide the ENTIRE SERIES and not just part of it, please let me know. I will switch from Netflix as well.

  16. Christine bechtold

    Netflix bring all the episodes of Love is in the Air.

  17. Christina bechtold

    Turkish series are really the best. I have had to search you tube for more episodes , since Netflix stopped at 110. You tube doesn’t have english subtitles. Thanks to my watching so many turkish series, I can actually speak and understand some. Please Netflix bring the rest of the episodes of ” Love is in the Air”. Also watch ” Lovebird” thats another good one. Why is it that the United States can’t make any decent television. Seriously. I mean The walking Dead?? is for people with no brains. I have been watching a ton of foreign series and movies on Netflix and I now realize how amazing these countries are. I’m not sure how to get Netflix to give us more seasons of Love is in the Air , but after watching it mettling with two people in love brings sorrow and tragedy.

  18. I’m watching season 2 on YouTube…no English, but after a year of watching Turkish television with captions, I can follow the story. Netflix needs to finish the series they start..

  19. I’m not sure if it was mentioned but why was Yusuf’s aunt disowned by her brothers?

  20. I watched the series up to the death of Yusef. and learned from the comments here that Haava, who suffered a lot during most of the series, had gone to prison and later died. I don’t mind sad endings at times, especially if they are organic. But the deaths of Yusef and Haava are not. Moreover, too many issues related to Bade were overlooked and unresolved. Why did the writers fail to address the flaws in Bade’s character–her instability, insecurity and mentally illness. In regard to Haava, I felt that the writers displayed their tinge of misogyny. I could go on and on but won’t. This is my last Turkish series; they start off great and lose their direction from midway to the end.

    • I have been watching season 2 on YouTube. I cannot believe Yusuf died. That is it for me. I stop here.!! Just from reading from the posted comments and knowing that Havva dies make me sick. The writers took a beautiful love story that endured so many obstacles by family members and turned it into a huge web of lies and deceit all to keep these two apart!!!! The writers gave Hamyet too much power. She is a mother who watched her son suffer for so long. What caring mother does that to their child? The most beautiful scene for me was when Yusuf realized that Havva was alive. The emotions and tears got to me. Writers could have given this series a happy ending. I was hopeful that these lovers would come together but no!!!! They spinned it another way. Horrible, so all I can say is I stop here with this series.

    • Bada was the stupidest bitch on the planet. She was so business savvy and turned into a complete wimpess (female of wimp). The storyline was brilliant, but this baloney of having to buy the other seasons on PayPal did not interest me as I dont trust PayPal. .Netflix should be ashamed of themselves for not airing the other seasons. From what I could ascertain from u tube, both Yusuf and Havva live for awhile and she gives birth to a child who is later murdered. Bada being the wimpess she became, was obsessed with Yusuf and Mehmet’s tongue kept hanging out for Bada. I guess the writers ran out of ideas, so she succumbed to Mehmet’s rotten charm! All the actors did an absolutely fantastic job,many of whom I grew to despise. Birce is absolutely gorgeous and a great actress. Murat has become my image of a strong,Turkish man. I now refer to him as ‘the turk.’ The aunt was about the most evil and vile person on the face of the earth. I laughed my ass off many, many times watching all the facial expressions,,, and I have to say, this blog is priceless. I have read the comments and enjoyed everyone of them. These comments would make a great comedy routine. Priceless is all I can say. .

  21. Watching now and on episode 98 on Netflix. Finding out that it doesn’t end at episode 110 is so frustrating! I love Turkish dramas, but can’t stand that Netflix doesn’t add the entire series—-UGH!!!

    FYI: if you speak Spanish, you can find Karadeyi and 1001 Nights in Spanish on YouTube.
    Also, if you love the actress that plays Havva, then you MUST check out Sayaz Beyaz (Black & White)…It is soooo GOOD!! I love her in it. You can find a Facebook page dedicated to this series and they have ALL the episodes to this series with English subtitles.

  22. Please bring the 2nd & 3rd series of “Love is in the Air” on Netflix
    I have enjoyed all the Turkish series on Netflix but so sad when they are not continued to the ending. Please don’t disappoint us who continue watching the Turkish programming with English sub titles .

  23. I like Havva and Yusuf, they are made for each other, and I was so tickled that they were married in real life (although for a short while only) for me they are so perfect hopefully they will get back together again.
    The ending is so depressing, hopefully there will be a continuation and for the Author or writer please be kind to Havva, you portray her so bad, give her a chance to be happy and a change of heart. A lesson to be learn from the story is that parents should not meddle in the life or love life of their children and whatever happens nobody’s perfect we always makes mistakes, there is always forgiveness and hope in this world that we leave in.

  24. I actually like Havva and feel sorry that she is so easily manipulated. Her heart is in the right place but to help others she creates a mess for herself. I do hope she shares everything, is forgiven and ends up with Yusuf. Her sister Toprak is actually so annoying. Hopefully, the evil Sultan and her father are exposed. But I agree too much unbelievable drama.

  25. I vowed not to watch another Turkish movie if the ending sucked and so help me it did , and FYI you directors need to edit a little more,wayyy too drawn out ,it’s 2 O clock in the morning and I’m pissed

  26. You can find love is on youtube but no caption in english.i dont get why youd do cc on 1 or 2 seasons and not the these turkish dramas,they really draw you in.but i think this will be my last.the frustration isnt worth the effort.till they d l in englush cc im not going to watch anymore.may be the reason netflix doesnt carry whole series cause its all in turkey

  27. Katherine Hathcock

    please make this tv series accessabile for English translation……. loved all that I truly can understand..awesome…. I have been trying every avenue to get it where I can follow… I love the Family ties…. but concern for all the lies……..

  28. No me gusta Neflix porque siempre deja al televidente con una sola estación y se demora en sacar la segunda,así me ha pasado con varios seriales.En la novela turca Yer Gok ask tuve que seguir por online y no había subtítulos ni en inglés ni espanol,sólo turcos,así y todo la vi por el deseo de ver como acababa,desanimada por completo ya que los dos personajes principales mueren en el.serial,después de tanto amor y tristeza. Por que las novelas turcas casi siempre tienen esos finales pocos felices?Trabajan muy bien los actores y son buenas,pero lo finales desencantan al espectador,estoy por no verlas mas.

  29. I like Turkish stories, I just don’t know why Netflix don’t show that whole episodes.

  30. I like Turkish love stories too however they will overdo the emotions. Too extreme. Sad endings, unfulfilled promises. Just ridiculous. They catch you at the beginning, a blossoming romance and kill it for you at the end.

    • well Turkish people and men are not afraid to show their emotions. I kinda like that, perhaps because i have a European ancestry.

  31. I have watched 110 episodes of Love is in the air. I’m very disappointed that it ended leaving us hanging. Turkish tv series do that too often . I’m about ready to cancel my subscription. Please wait until you have all series before putting on Netflix !

    • We need the complete continuing series of the Turkish dramas “love is in the air”, Karadayi, 1001 nights and others where you left us hanging,
      Really NETFLIX, be fair if you want to keep your customers.

    • My sentiments exactly. Very disappointing that Netflix stopped at episode 110..

  32. I am so disappointed and Netflix because they do not continue the the seasons of the Turkish movies they are Dynamic movies and we would love to see the ending of them it’s so disappointing to see the first season and not be able to see the second. I’ve been watched a hundred and ten episodes of Love Is in the Air only to see Yousef shot and have a in an accident and not know what else is happening that is very very cruel to leave us hanging like that please Netflix continue with the next season and stop the spoiler alerts no one wants to hear what this happened we want to see

  33. Can anyone tell the name of the songs played in this show?can not find a listing anywhere..and they play in my mind all day..its not the Sevince song by Erkin Koray I saw listed in the comments went on I tunes its not the song. they should have a credit somewhere

  34. I hated Haava. I really didn’t mind Hamiyet except for her meddling and the fact that she never caught on to Sultan’s manipulation even though she was supposed to be wise. She made me laugh out loud with some of the things she said, ex. “she’s like a boomerang” when Haava came in to her hospital room. Haava was an evil snake. Theirs was not love, but obsession whitch is somewhat perverted and sick. Toprak was so weak that she wouldn’t even raise her head. What was up with her leaving her husband in the end? It seemed she had a good life in Istanbul and where did she go after she showed up at home? We never saw her again. Even though Haava was supposed to have turned her life around after Yusuf left her, she immediately started plotting against Bada. Evil snake, untrustworthy. Horrible person. I know love can cross class barriers, but who in the world could stand that Ramiz in their family?

  35. Like many I do find the endings quite bad in all turkish soaps. The plots are too many, much to evil and the venom spewed out wayyyyy too much. i would like to see all seasons from Netflix, better endings – such a let down to watch 60, 80 or more than 100 episodes and then have a lousy ending. This is entertainment and should leave the viewer feeling good and happy. I dont think I will be watching more turkish soaps for those reasons

  36. I agree with many of the comments made about Netflix not including all the episodes. I have now watched 8 Turkish dramas & 5 of them left the ending inconclusive because there were additional episodes not made available. Many of my friends are equally frustrated & are considering cancelling their subscriptions to Netflix. Can someone tell me why Netflix do this.

  37. I’m in nyc. I’m watching on nextflix. CANNOT STAND THE SPOILER PLOT YOU GUYS POSTED. I’m sure I’m left hanging. and the way it ends I’ll make up my own ending . NOTE TO NETFLIX: IF YOU ARE GOING TO AIR FOREIGN DRAMAS DO IT IN ITS ENTIRETY!!! THis is like the 5th Turkish series that left us hanging. And I agree with the others WRITE HAPPY ENDINGS.

  38. ***spoiler alert***
    Lord have mercy!!! Iam so depressed after watching love is in the air. Josef was a dreamboat. I hated the things Havva did but their romance was beautiful. I felt sorry for Havva because she was manipulated by her sleezeball father and greedy evil Aunt. I wish the ending was Havva and Josef running away and starting over with a beautiful love scene of them consummating their love, with children and a prosperous life. I read the comments about the 2nd season and I don’t want to see it. Turkish dramas are not trashy and they are captivating in their story lines but they are depressing and have no redeeming or happy endings. If they change that then I would watch them exclusively because I abhor the trashy American dramas .

    • Never felt sorry for her, because every time a sliver of humanity tried to peer from her she did something awful to show her true personality. The romance was beautiful because of Yusuf. He romanced her as a wealthy man can romance his love, she did not respond in kind, she had an agenda, she sort of loved him in her own selfish way, there is a lot of her father and her aunt in her. Giver power and watch the evil come out in bucket loads. I wanted to feel sorry for her but could not manage it much to my “chagrin” she had no qualms in hurting other to get what she wants, I don’t like that, life is give and take and good interaction with others.

    • I also enjoy Turkish dramas but they are not perfect. I notice lots of flaws, particularly in time frames. How long does it take for a human being to recover from gun shots, particularly those close to the heart? How about organ transplants? I know it’s tv but do inject a bit of realism. Intersection was good in the beginning but kind of fell apart towards the end, as several storylines were unresolved. I thought Black Heart had promise but I guess the series makers ran out of money. Love is in the sky drags on with the rich vs poor story. I think the male antagonist needs to be stronger and the female counterpart less conniving. Really unreal. This is not a fantasy. Enough soap opera stuff. How about Upstairs and Downstairs stuff, like on the BBC. We need real people not cartoons.

  39. Can’t find season 2 with English subtitle ? Netflix only have one season and that’s all Netflix is really annoying with its series if you want to put a series on then do it completely seasons not only one season and then leave us hanging there

    Can anyone please help me find season 2 with English subtitle?? Anyone ?

    • well Turkish people and men are not afraid to show their emotions. I kinda like that, perhaps because i have a European ancestry.
      I have posted some comments before but never this one.

  40. Love this show. Waiting to see if Netflix loads the rest of the episodes. I would love to visit cappadoicia some day

    • I still wanted the 2 stars to be together.The evil mother should not win.I hate bad endings.

      • I’m just upset with Netflix for only letting us watch season 1 and not putting the rest of the series for us to watch we loved the series and would love to be able to watch the rest of it on Netflix since we already pay to watch Netflix. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

  41. I am glad I read this. I was looking for season two but know since I know they both die I do not want to see. I will make up my own ending

  42. ***spoiler alert***
    Havva tried to kill herself they day Yusuf marries Bade,
    Yusuf survives, and Havva got in a coma, but Hamiyet made everybody think she had died in an agreement with her father, in time Havva recovers and had an encounter with Yusuf thats when they had intimacy and got pregnant, but Bade got pregnant too with yusufs baby but lost it, jealous Bade tried to killed Havva and shoot her. And when Havva was going to marry the son of Yelmes Bade turns the chapel into fire, but before she looks all the exit doors without knowing Yusuf is inside, Mehmet lover told Hemiyet that Bade and Mehmet are lovers and she suffered a stroke and got paralysed, Yusuf dies of the body burns
    And for some reazon Havva is arrested for his death already pregnant and sentenced to life in prision where she had the baby and later died of hemorrage.
    There is an inmate with her also pregnant who had a baby, but poor and switches her baby with the real Yusuf Ziya baby, Hamiyet implores Havva before she dies to give the baby for a well raising and gives recognizes the baby as Yusufs. What I dont understand is why Hamiyet and Bade never received any jail time for what they did, Bade is the one who killed Yusuf and blame it on Havva.
    Now the story focus on finding out who is the real baby of Yusuf and Havva. Havvas aunt is the with of the story who manipulates everything to her goodness because all she wants is to be the lady of the Mansion.
    Yes, I agree is too much suffering and too long, I did not like that Yusuf and Havva died. Also Havva was shot and I dont k ow what other things happened to her and nothing happensd to the baby. SERIOSLUSLY

    • I would like to know why Turkish TV makes such beautiful stories that end so absolutely terrible or just bluntly. Love Is In The Air ended terrible and I just watched Ezel and it ended just plain stupid. What a downer! Seyit and Shura the same…..the love affair just kind of blew away and he follow his fathers orders to marry a nice Turkish girl. I have to say beautiful people, beautiful country and some very good acting BUT stupid endings and big let downs! I thought Ezel would have ended differently.

    • Bade did not get pregnant by Yusuf but by his cousin, Mehmet. I believe Yusufs and Havvas son is murdered by Havvas cell mate and she replaces her son as the heir.

    • Thanks for telling the rest of the story. I’ve watched the seires till episode 111 on Netflix, and was desperately trying to find where I can watch the rest of this series with English subtitles. I would have preferred it had been about love, and some more positivity injected in the lives of Yusuf and Havva. But if this is how it ends, turning focus on Bade, and killing the main characters, then the story makes no sense to me.

      I have been reading through the comments, and I agree with many of you that Turkish dramas are compelling, however, from midway to the end, the makers seem to lose the plot. What happened to Toprak? What about Yigit and Munevver?

  43. Beatriz D de Socarraz

    I just finish watching this series and although the scrips was good, done with many flaws, I JUST CANNOT TAKE ANOTHER TURKISH ENDING: UNHAPPY, SAD AND TRAGIC. For the viewers sake please have better endings. These shows are full of love stories. i will not watch another Turkish show as they all end sadly. For tragedy and sadness I have life every day……..

  44. ***spoiler alert***
    Bade was the right choice for Yusuf. A better ending could have been Havva coming back in the scene and a struggle between both women for Yusuf. Yusuf is forced to make a choice, really investigate Havva and her allies to find out the truth of her deception. Finally fall in love with Bade and they ride off into the sunset to build a global business

  45. I love Yusuf and Havva and they fell for each other in real life…so sad they break up during the filming of the show…what was the real reason of the break up?….

  46. ***spoiler alert***
    All I can say is, Stay away from lowlifes like Havva and Cutney … all they and their kinds bring to you and those you love and care about are miseries stemming from their greed, deceits, lack of self-respect and moral principles. For a character such as Yusuf to die so senselessly in the end is an act of complete injustice; it leaves you wondering if there is even a god. I am in complete agreement w/ Hamiyet regarding her comment about marriage between Bade and Yusuf–there is more to a marriage of a lifetime than just “blinding love”–there has to be respect, trust, and shared values and interest; given those as fertile ground, love will grow and deepen. I am also in agreement w/ Yusuf’s aunt in her philosophy that one must fight for the loved one … I just hate the fact that she gave that advice against the betterment of her niece … Yigit is barely on-half of one-fourth of a man; he is also the son of a servant in her niece’s mansion … Some things cannot be allowed to cross the class line.

    • ***spoiler alert***

      • Bade’s mother is not CRAZY. She suffers from Alzheimers, a disease that comes with age. Bade is sane, in control and has empathy. Hawa is the mentally disturbed person, due to childhood upbringing she has mental issues, uses suicide as a manipulative tool to get what she wants. Hers is not love, but obsession, not is not healthy, she is jealous, ruthless is getting rid of anyone in her way, she would make a very bad wife specially for a business man with ambitions. The marriage would end because of her insecurities, greed, jealousy and manipulations, men and women work and socialise together these days at all levels. There needs to be trust and respect between partners if one is the rich, powerful and ambitions and the other one lacks these qualities but was chosen for love. Bade is Yusuf’s equal. Hawa would be better off with Cuynit. Yusuf loves her, she is obsessed with him, that is not love, it is not healthy and is dangerous. Shades of Fatal Attraction.

    • Tell it like it is Nina. Laughing my ass off at your and other comments. I’m watching season 2 on u tube. Cannot understand a damn thing but this friggin series is like a drug, especially with covid and no touching or feeling people in the U S. For months. I’m totally stressed out and this series does not help. Ruthless friggin people. They keep saying you can buy the other seasons but to watch it on a computer? No thanks..

  47. Preferred the series “winter sun”. Hate all the lies, manipulations, and greed. Yusuf is so smart but never caught on to their veil dealings. Not sure I can watch all the episodes.

    • Will have to watch “Winter Sun”; could not endure another Love is in the Air. Deeply affected me for almost two weeks, even though I kept telling myself it is only a story…..too much sadness.

    • Have just started watching Winter’s Sun and LOVE it, so thank you for recommending this to me. Love is in the Air was SO SAD between Havva no Yousuf that I swore off Turkish dramas but your suggestion has made me happy, so far……thank you !!! Just love episodic dramas. Have you ever watched POLDARK on PBS ?? You would see a stunningly handsome Aidan Turner, who is Irish and bears an amazing resemblance to Sukru Ozyildz!!!

  48. Oh my god I cannot stop thinking of Yusuf He is absolutely breath taking. I refuse to watch any American garbage movies. I lock the Turkish movies but the ending are so depressing and really not realistic. .haava started the fire ???? Please rewrite this movie and let have and Yusuf come together. Maybe in true life that will happen. I’ve watch all the Turkish movies we have in Canada but I only want Murat analmis .. nobody else better . Please reply with the new series of Yusuf and haava. Thank you. I hope that Murat reads these and haava. I’ve seen some episodes on u tube but there is no English. Hard to follow.

    • Altho I agree Murat Unalmis is a dreamboat, not the only one, see Karadayi, Love and Punishment, Filinta and a few others
      Turkey has a lot of ‘dreamboats’ in the series and movies.
      look a little further.
      I will watch all of them despite sad endings, i just tell myself its just a story.
      The acting is excellent (above Hollywood) the people beautiful and real, what more do you want of an entertaining evening better than this. doesn’t get better, so go for it, all of them.
      Only drawback, patiently waiting of all continuations on NETFLIX, easier than on the computer.
      This a new comment from me so please post, i keep doing them
      Have a nice Turkish day

  49. ***spoiler alert***
    I found this show on Netflix but it’s only series one not complete series, episode ends 110 (full episodes in this season are through 122). I found it interesting, I love the way the Turkish series are written. However, warning these series are so heartbreaking, it’s doom and gloom over and over. I got through season 1 episode 41 and skipped ahead…it was emotionally draining. I researched the show and found there is still season 2 and 3. The two main characters do die. However, the show continued due to popularity. I like many were bummed that the direction of the show ended in their deaths and no happy ending. I did find that in real life the two main actors (Yusuf — Murat Unalmis and Havva – Birce Akalay) were married 2010-2011 (divorced 2011)…this may be the reason I am guessing the writers killed off the characters. That is my guess why Havva (Birce Akalay) remained into season 2 and Yusuf – Murat Unalmis no longer appeared. I would advise, save your emotions and stress. I did like this show but it’s too much…life is hard but NOT THIS HARD. There are happy endings!

  50. ANOTHER heartbreaking ending for yet another Turkish drama !!!! I have “binge-watched all episodes to 103 of Love is in the Air and skipped to the end to see this HORRILE ending. Kurt Seyit and Sura, a true story so the reason for sad ending but are they’re ANY happy endings in Turkish dramas… sick of being heartbroken????????

    • ***spoiler alert***
      Wow, I’m so glad I checked in here to see that this series will bring nothing but more heartache and misery. I don’t understand the Turkish directors predilections for unnaturally miserable endings. Do they lack the imagination to or willingness to leave an audience feeling happy and satisfied?

      Seriously, what is UP with this??? Kurt Seyit & Sura was truly miserable. Sura turns into a character that I loathed after awhile. And Calikusu was extremely disappointing as well. I ended up hating the Love Bird for bailing on Kamuran. And what’s with all the passive-aggressive communication styles. Nobody ever says what they mean, no one defends themselves. Sheesh. It just seems a waste of the beautiful stars, acting talent, music, and cinematography.

      The real star of Love in the Air for me having watched about 24 episodes is the scenery of Cappadoccia. It makes me eager to travel there, stay for awhile and experience this unique environment. I also love the character of Yusuf, and if he’s going to be killed off or not end up with Havva, I don’t want to watch any more of it.

      • I hated Haava. Every time she pulled Yusuf back into their love drama, she put her head in the air and was mean to everyone in the mansion. I, too, hate the fact that no one communicates! I do love Turkish series dramas and hate all the endings, especially Calikusu. WTH was the last scene about?

        I only watched the 110 episodes of Love Is In the Air that was on Netflix. I made up my own ending that Haava was in bad shape and Chunet visited her everyday and they became closer. Yousuf and Bade had a trusting, respectiful relationship and grew to love each other. Like someone else posted, they moved on to building a global industry and Yousuf forgot Haave in time. That kind of burning passion never lasts and everyone knows that. It was not love but obsession.

        • I too did not like Hawa, she lacked empathy and was besotted with being Yusuf’s wife with the prestige that comes with it. She did not love him but stalked him, I don’t think she ever loved anyone. There was very little humanity in her. My ending would be Hawa dies – she did not suicide but lost control of the car, loves herself too much to suicide, threatens it like, uses it as a weapon to manipulate others, a personality disorder, Yusuf survives and his marriage with Bade succeeds. Love is one aspect of marriage and not the only aspect, otherwise when it simmers down the problems start. All you need is love is a Hollywood charade, you also need respect, compassion, friendship, shared goals, aspirations and hopes, trust etc.. Hawa would never make a good corporate wife and partner. She is too self centred, she was jealous, possessive. Sultan should be found out and kicked out with her stalking son. Self serving people. Coming from Middle Eastern backgrounds I understand the Turkish endings, you cannot control who you fall in love with but you can fall in love with the right partner. Not everyone you love is marriage material. Marriage is a lifelong partnership, it involves children, their welfare, it is lot of work. Love alone will not do. All famous love stories are for people who never married the loved one, had they married their love would fizzled over time if it was the only thing binding them. The more you have in common with your partner the more chances you have of a good marriage.

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