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Cengiz Bozkurt

Mehmet Cengiz Bozkurt - Actor

Name: Mehmet Cengiz Bozkurt
Birthdate: December 24, 1965
Birthplace: Nevsehir, Turkey
Height: 170 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: METU Physics (1984-1990); University of London, Goldsmiths School Cinema-TV (Bachelor’s Degree)
Talent Agency:
Spouse: Hatice Kavak Bozkurt (m. 2008-present)
Children: Caglayan Bozkurt
Biography: Cengiz Bozkurt was born in 24 December 1965 in Nevsehir Gulyazi. He graduated from Ankara Ataturk High School. Even though he started to study physics in 1984 at Middle East Technical University (METU), he dropped out the school in 1990 in order to study theatre. He studied media and communications at Goldsmiths University of London and graduated in 1996. He lived in the United Kingdom (UK) for 14 years and studied in various jobs such as driving. Cengiz Bozkurt returned to Turkey in 2003 and took part in various theatre plays, movies, and tv projects. Cengiz Bozkurt became very popular with his role as Erdal at Leyla and Mecnun television series. Cengiz Bozkurt has three daughters named Caglayan from his first marriage, Sena from his second marriage and Ada from his second marriage.

Cengiz Bozkurt Tv Series / Movies
2005 – Broken Wings (Kirik Kanatlar) (as Seref)
2005 – I Missed You So Much (Seni Cok Ozledim) (as Serhan Ertunc)
2006 – Bride Ezo (Ezo Gelin) (as Duran)
2006 – Karagumruk is Burning (Karagumruk Yaniyor) (as Sitki)

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Serkan Keskin

Serkan Keskin - Actor

Name: Serkan Keskin
Birthdate: November 25, 1977
Birthplace: Izmit, Turkey
Height: 176 cm
Eye Color: Black
Education: Academy Istanbul Theatre School (1999-2002)
Biography: Serkan Keskin started his career by goint to the theatre course at Izmit City Theatre. Actor and director at Semaver Kumpanya. Took part in many theatre plays written by William Shakespeare, Moliere, Bertolt Brecht, Max Frisch and Abel Gonzales Melo and as well as Turkish people like Orhan Kemal, Turgut Özakman, Sait Faik, and Gungor Dilmen.

Serkan Keskin Tv Series / Movies
2004 – Time of Heart (Kalbin Zamani) (as Tonguc) (Movie)
2005 – 2006 Thief and Police (Hirsiz Polis) (as Bunyamin)
2005 – Bewildered (Saskin) (as Recai) (Movie)
2006 – Chinese Are Coming (Cinliler Geliyor) (as Asim) (Movie)

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Burak Tamdogan

Burak Tamdogan - Actor

Name: Burak Tamdogan
Birthdate: January 01, 1971
Birthplace: Ankara, Turkey
Height: 185 cm
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Education: METU – Psychology (1989 – 1996) (ODTU Psikoloji Bolumu); Ankara University – Theatre (1996 – 2001) (Ankara Universitesi Tiyatro Bolumu)
Talent Agency: Arzugamze Management
Biography: Burak Tamdogan was born in 1971 in Ankara. He graduated from METU but decided to change his career. He then studied theatre at Ankara University. He took part in various tv projects, theatre plays, as well as he directed some theatre plays. Burak Tamdoğan is also professionally gives trainings about screenwriting and theatre play writing.

Burak Tamdogan Tv Series / Movies
1993 – Mrs. Ferhunde (Ferhunde Hanımlar)
2000 – Our House’s Events (Bizim Evin Halleri)
2005 – 5th Dimension (Besinci Boyut) (as Adnan)

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Gurkan Uygun

Gurkan Uygun - Actor

Name: Gurkan Uygun
Birthdate: May 27, 1974
Birthplace: Sakarya, Turkey
Height: 180 cm
Eye Color: Dark Green
Hair Color: Black
Education: Istanbul University State Conservatory (Istanbul Universitesi Devlet Konservatuari)
Spouse: Sebnem Uygun (m. 2008-present)
Children: Mihriban Balim Uygun, Ates Uygun
Biography: Gurkan Uygun was born in Izmit Yarimca as a son of a worker father. His family is of Georgian descent. Gurkan Uygun moved to Istanbul in 1993 after graduating from high school. He was interested in theatre while he was going to high school. He took theatre lessons at Dormen Theatre. He took part in various theatre plays at Dormen Theatre for 7 years. Gurkan Uygun became very popular with his role as Memati at popular Turkish Drama Valley of Wolves (Kurtlar Vadisi). He took part in Valley of Wolves (Kurtlar Vadisi) for almost 10 years.

Gurkan Uygun Tv Series / Movies
1995 – Taxi Station (Cicek Taksi) (as Hidir)
1996 – Sweet Madmen (Tatli Kaciklar) (as Tolgahan)
1997 – Afife Jale (Movie)
1997 – Was that Supposed to Happen (Boyle mi Olacakti) (as Serkan)
1997 – Last Company (Son Kumpanya)
1999 – Crazy Heart (Deli Yurek) (as Cihan)

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Reha Ozcan

Reha Ozcan - Actor

Name: Ragip Reha Ozcan
Birthdate: July 05, 1965
Birthplace: Bingol, Turkey
Height: 176 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory – Theatre (Mimar Sinan Universitesi Devlet Konservatuari Tiyatro Bolumu) (1987)
Talent Agency: Sihirli Anahtar
Biography: Reha Ozcan went to Kartal Anatolian High School and graduated from Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory – Theatre in 1987. After then, Reha Ozcan started his theatre career at Trabzon State Theatre in 1987. He worked at Istanbul State Theatre during 1990-1991 and Antalya State Theatre during 1992-1993. He worked as theatre director at Akdeniz University and Antalya Municipality Theatre. Apart from theatre, Reha Ozcan also worked at television and cinema sectors. Reha Ozcan’s brother is also an actor named Serhat Ozcan.

Reha Ozcan Tv Series / Movies
2005 – Who Doesn’t Love Naciye (Naciye’yi Kim Sevmez) (as Playboy Burak)
2007 – Madman of Mountains (Daglar Delisi) (as Porsuk)
2011 – Valley of Wolves: Ambush (Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu) (as Josef Beile)
2008 – Fated (Bahti Kara) (as Adnan) (Movie)
2008 – Lookout (Kollama)

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Mehmet Gunsur

Mehmet Gunsur - Actor

Name: Mehmet Gunsur
Birthdate: May 8, 1975
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 178 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: Marmara University Communications Faculty (Marmara Universitesi Iletisim Fakultesi)
Talent Agency: Id Iletisim Ve Danismanlik
Spouse: Katerina Mongio (m. 2006-present)
Children: Ali Gunsur, Maya Gunsur, Cloe Gunsur
Biography: Mehmet Gunsur was born in 8 May 1975 as a second child of a Tatar Family. His mother is an instructor, his father is a physicist and his sister is a choreographer for modern ballet. Mehmet Gunsur started acting through various tv commercials when he was 7 years old. After he graduated from Italian High School, he studied Marmara University Communications. Her role in popular Turkish movie Hamam (Steam: The Turkish Bath) in 1997 made him well-known. After this movie, Mehmet Gunsur decided to improve his acting career. He also took part in various theatre plays in Italia. In 2006, Mehmet Gunsur got married to Italian director Katerina Mongio and started to living in Italy.

Mehmet Gunsur Tv Series / Movies
1989 – Last Spring Mimosas (Gecmis Bahar Mimozalari) (as Sabih)
1989 – Cahide
1997 – Turkish Bath (Hamam) (as Mehmet) (Movie)
1999 – Games of Dreaming (Hayal Kurma Oyunlari) (as Soccer Player) (Movie)
1999 – File of Secrets (Sir Dosyasi) (as Ayhan Ince)
2001 – Tommaso (as Giovanni) (Movie)
2001 – Guida (as Giovanni) (Movie)
2001 – Don Matteo
2002 – Italyan (as Giorgio) (Movie)
2003 – Il papa buono (as Don Paolo) (Movie)
2003 – He is a Soldier Now (O Simdi Asker) (as Nihat Denizer) (Movie)
2003 – Stregeria (Short film) (Movie)
2003 – Battery Operated Doll (Pilli Bebek) (as Tarik)
2004 – Non ci sarebbe niente da fare! Short film (Movie)

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Ozan Guven

Ozan Guven - Actor

Name: Ozan Guven
Birthdate: May 19, 1975
Birthplace: Nuremberg, Germany
Height: 175 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory – Modern Dance (Mimar Sinan Universitesi Devlet Konservatuvari Modern Dans Bolumu)
Spouse: Turkan Derya (m. 2005-2010)
Biography: Ozan Guven’s parents are of Bulgarian descent. He was born in Germany after his family migrated from Turkey to Germany to work there. His family returned back to Turkey in 1981. Ozan Guven graduated from Mimar Sinan University, he took acting lessons from Izmir Municipality Conservatory. He worked at Sahika Tekand Theatre. Ozan Guven made his debut with his role in popular Turkish drama Second Spring (Ikinci Bahar). He got married Turkan Derya whom he met while shooting Second Spring.

Ozan Guven Tv Series / Movies
1998 – Grow the Flower (Cicegi Buyutmek)
1998 – 2001 Second Spring (Ikinci Bahar) (as Ulas)
2000 – Balalaika (Balalayka) (as Mehmet) (Movie)
2000 – Star Hill (Yildiz Tepe) (Movie)
2001 – What a Relief (Dunya Varmis) (as Cetin)
2002 – My Couch (Kocum Benim) (as Umut)
2002 – Asli and Kerem (Asli ile Kerem) (as Kerem)
2002 – Cloud in the Sky (Havada Bulut) (as Necip)
2002 – Call Me Brother (Bana Abi De) (as Yigit)
2002 – Nine (Dokuz) (as Kaya) (Movie)
2003 – 2005 An Istanbul Fairytale (Bir Istanbul Masali) (as Demir Arhan)
2004 – Toss-Up (Yazi Tura) (as Soldier) (Movie)
2004 – G.O.R.A (as Robot 216) (Movie)

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Sarp Levendoglu

Sarp Levendoglu Turkish Actor Featured

Name: Sarp Levendoglu
Birthdate: December 25, 1981
Height: 195 cm
Eye Color: Brown

Notable Works
2002 He is a Soldier Now (O Simdi Asker) (as soldier) (the movie)
2003 High School Diary (Lise Defteri) (as Mehmet)
2004 Cinaralti Ibrahim
2005-2008 Your Order Sir (Emret Komutanim) (as Levent)
2007 Your Order Sir: Checkmate (Emret Komutanim Sah Mat) (as Levent) (the movie)
2007 Eyes of Zeliha (Zeliha’nin Gozleri) (as Rehan)
2007 Forbidden Apple (Yasak Elma)
2008-2009 Daytime Night (Gece Gunduz) (as Aslan)
2009 Golden Girls (Altin Kizlar)
2009 Uygun Adim Ask (director)
2010 Dirty White (Kirli Beyaz) (as Yekta)

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Ege Aydan

Turkish Actor Ege Aydan Featured image

Name: Ege Aydan
Birthdate: June 15, 1958
Height: 190 cm
Eye Color: Brown

Notable Works
1974 Parents-In-Love (Kaynanalar) (as Timucin Hakmen)
1987 Tomorrow is Today From Now On (Yarin Artik Bugundur) (as Ugur)
1990 Little World (Kucuk Dunya)
1994 Salvation (Kurtulus) (as Faruk Bey)
1995 Secret Love (Gizli Ask) (as Cihan Unlusoy)
1996 Black Angel (Kara Melek) (as Mithat)
1996 Parents-In-Love (Kaynanalar) (as Timur Hakmen)
1999 Father’s House (Baba Evi)
2000 Fake World (Yalan Dunya)
2000 Stock Exchange (Borsa)
2000 Simoon (Samyeli)
2000 Victory Losers (Magluplarin Zaferi)
2001 Water Fall (Sellale) (as Sarhos Sami) (the movie)
2002 Vine Mansion (Asmali Konak) (as Yaman Bal)

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Alican Yucesoy

Alican Yucesoy Actor

Name: Alican Yucesoy
Birthdate: October 22, 1982
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 184 cm
Eye Color: Blue
Education: Halic University Conservatory-Theatre (Halic Universitesi Konservatuari Tiyatro Bolumu)
Spouse: Melisa Sozen (m. 2013–2014)
Other: Alican Yucesoy went to primary, secondary and high school in Bursa then moved to Istanbul for his university education. Alican Yucesoy took part in various theatre plays such as Good Man (Iyi Insan), BackWards World (Tersine Dunya), Man of the Day (Gunun Adami), Pirtlatan Bal, and Dog Woman Man (Kopek Kadin Erkek). He worked at Bakirkoy Municipality Theatre in 2003. Alican Yucesoy resembles to American actor Jude Law. He became popular with his role as Tarik at Turkish drama Accidental Husband (Zoraki Koca).

Notable Works
2003 Battery Operated Doll (Pilli Bebek) (as Ertugrul)
2005 Silent Night (Sessiz Gece) (as Isik)
2006 Radio with Accumulator (Akumulatorlu Radyo) (as Murat)
2006 Island of Hope (Umut Adasi) (as Tugra) (the movie)
2006 Last Ottomon Knockout Ali (Son Osmanli Yandim Ali) (as Mustafa Kemal) (the movie)
2006 September 2nd (2 Eylul) (as Tim Cavusu) (short movie)
2007 Departing Passenger (Gurbet Yolculari) (as Huseyin)
2007 The Accidental Husband (Zoraki Koca) (as Tarik)
2008-2010 From Adana (Adanali) (as Tilki Timur)
2008 Listen From the Nay (Dinle Neyden) (as Halil Tabip) (the movie)
2009 Home (Ev) (as Koray) (the movie)
2010 Sleep of a Princess (Prensesin Uykusu) (as Neset) (the movie)
2010 Whoops Whoops (Eyvah Eyvah) (as Ibrahim) (the movie)

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