Winter Sun (Kis Gunesi) Tv Series

Winter Sun (Kis Gunesi) Tv Series

Original Title: Kis Gunesi
English Title: Winter Sun
Also Known As: Mentari di Musim Dingin; Aftabe Zemestani
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 18
Broadcast Network: Show TV
Broadcast Period: February 23, 2016 – June 21, 2016
Production Company: Endemol Shine Turkiye
Director: Murat Onbul
Screen Writer: Ayca Mutlugil, Alev Toprakoglu, Erkan Ciplak, Hale Calap

Efe is only 7 years old when he sees his mother Leyla (Senay Gurler) with another man. He hides in his father’s car with a fear that his mother and his father would end their marriage. While everybody is looking for him, his father gets in the car and finds out Efe in anxiety.

Efe and his father find themselves in the middle of a big trap. In a car accident, Efe’s father is murdered and Efe becomes the only witness to the murder. The killers arrange for the little boy to meet the same fate as his father, but the hired assassin cannot go through with it and gives the child to his fisherman friend.

Efe loses his memory; he forgets his name and family. He is separated from his identical twin brother, Mete. His real family believes that both Efe and his father have died in the car accident. In fact, Efe starts to live together with his adopted father Ismail (Mehmet Esen), mother Fatma (Gamze Suner Atay) and sister Nadide. His new life becomes a lot different than his previous life.

20 years later, Efe (Sukru Ozyildiz) becomes an adult who remembers nothing about his origins. He becomes a humble fisherman who lives happily with his adopted family. He has a modest life and loves his adopted family but always feels the need to find his real family.

One day, the assassin Kadim (Hakan Boyav) that killed Efe’s father returns to Turkey and meets Efe. He is also betrayed by the original murderers and has spent his last 20 years in prison. For this reason, he wants to take his revenge and finds Efe.

Efe eventually learns of his twin brother Mete (Sukru Ozyildiz) who has taken a job at their family business and married their childhood friend Nisan (Asli Enver). Efe and Mete finally meet for the first time after 20 years. However, the murderers learn that their witness returns and wants to take care of him once and for all.

The murderers kill Mete accidentally mistaken him for Efe. As a result, Efe adopts his brother’s identity and vows to get revenge on both his father and his twin brother.

Efe returns as Mete and starts to investigate the murder behind his twin brother and his father. He wants to find the original murderers and learn why his father and his brother have been killed. However, nothing becomes as easy as he imagines.

A humble fisherman Efe finds it hard to adapt to the wealthy life. Also, he learns that his twin brother Mete has been married with Nisan for 5 years but also has a love affair with another woman Seda (Basak Parlak). Nisan is a peaceful girl who loves Mete since childhood and dreams to have a baby. She tolerates her husband’s unfavorable attitudes and tries to be positive all the time. Out of pure coincidence, Nisan discovers his husband’s love affair and wants to get divorced.

Efe finds himself in the middle of this chaos. He tries to set the things right while trying to keep his identity secret. He does not think that it is a right thing to let Nisan go and end this marriage. He really feels sorry about her but he cannot disclose his real identity. He needs to solve this marriage problem as soon as possible and continue to focus on his real problem.

In this story, you will explore a wonderful detective story with a psychological twist. Will Efe eventually find the original murderers and take his revenge? Will Efe start to remember his past when he stays with his real family? Will Nisan forgive his husband Mete’s love affair? Will Nisan understand that Efe has taken his husband Mete’s identity? Will Efe continue to live as Mete or disclose his real identity?

Winter Sun Tv Series Characters
Efe (Sukru Ozyildiz): Efe is a fisherman who has been raised by his adopted family after the car accident. When his twin brother Mete is killed by murderers, he takes his identity and starts a new life. He is humble, helpful and endearing. He tries to take the revenge of his father and his twin brother.

Mete (Sukru Ozyildiz): Mete is a successful businessman who comes from a wealthy family. He has a hard personality. He has been married with Nisan for 5 years. He loves Nisan as a childhood friend but regrets to be married with her because he is not in love with her. Mete falls in love with Seda who works as a fashion designer in his company. He has a love affair with Seda and plans to get divorce as soon as possible.

Nisan (Asli Enver): Nisan is a young, beautiful, peaceful and romantic girl who comes from a wealthy family. His father Yakup is the business partner of Mete. She is very helpful towards animals. She has been married with Mete for 5 years and dreams to have a baby.

Seda (Basak Parlak): Seda is a successful fashion designer who works at Mete’s company. She is a close friend of Nisan and at the same time, she has a love affair with Mete. Seda loves Mete and wants him to get divorced from Nisan as soon as possible.

Kadim (Hakan Boyav): Kadim is the hired assassin that kills the father of Efe and Mete. He spends his 20 years in prison and returns to Istanbul to take his revenge.

Leyla (Senay Gurler): Leyla is the mother of Efe and Mete. She gets married to Mazhar after her husband dies at the car accident. She always supports his son Mete no matter whether he is right or wrong.

Mazhar (Mahir Gunsiray): Mazhar is the business partner of Yakup. He is married to Leyla after her husband dies at the car accident. He does not get along well with Mete who does not seem to forget his own father.

Yakup (Hakan Gercek): Yakup is the father of Nisan and the business partner of Mazhar. He is involved in illegal activities. He is the original murderer behind the death of Efe/Mete’s father.

Sumru (Berrak Kus): Sumru is the mother of Nisan.

Winter Sun Tv Series Cast
Sukru Ozyildiz as Efe/Mete
Asli Enver as Nisan
Basak Parlak as Seda
Hakan Boyav as Kadim
Senay Gurler as Leyla
Mahir Gunsiray as Mazhar
Hakan Gercek as Yakup
Berrak Kus as Sumru
Gamze Suner Atay as Fatma
Mehmet Esen as Ismail
Buse Varol as Nadide
Emre Bulut as Burak
Okan Selvi as Resat
Cagdas Onur Ozturk as Bora
Nesrin Cavadzade as Efruz
Burak Cimen
Kubilay Camlidag
Zeynep Kacar

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  1. I watched Winter Sun 4 times and picked up new things each time while marking favorite episodes. The male lead is the most gorgeous man ever.

  2. Bring back “Winter Sun” English Subtitles on Netflix, and movies or short series like Winter Sun with Sukru Ozyildiz. Thanks

  3. Visit dizi4u .com All episodes available with subtitles. However, it opens a dozen adverts\popup pages. YouTube also has it but episode 11 missing. Just search for Kis Gunesi English. Note these Are in the original 2.5hr format so only 18 episodes in total (Netflix breaks them up into 45min episodes)

  4. I loved the show soooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch!!, hope they bring it back. Does anyone one know if it can be purchased on video/dvd? if so please let me know. Thanks.


    I found it with English subs, the only thing is that you have to shut a ton of ads.

  6. I was soooo thrilled that so many people have complained that winter sun was taken off
    Just suddenly. They told me at netflix that’s what happens but if enough people ask for it
    Back they will bring it back. So i am asking pleased please. I saw up to 40 episodes and am trying to watch it on utube but its problematic it doesn’6t just go to the next episode
    What do i do? I’m hoping they will put it back. Its marvelous, has everything, acting is incredible, story is wonderful actors are attractive and gorgeous. Please put it back and let people know. Thank you so much. My cousins in london told me about it so that is why i started watching. Thank yhou.

  7. I am sorry that Winter Sun was removed from Netflix. I was through episode 13. Would love to see it reinstated. I have found another good Turkish Dramas, have finished “Black Money Love” and am now watching ,” Intersection”. Hope they don’t remove this before we finish it.

  8. Go to this page, and request the show. If enough people do.this they will consider bringing to back (hint: if you don’t log in first, you can submit multiple requests yourself)

  9. I can’t beleive it either! They always tell when a movie or series will be out.
    Haré mis descargos en la página de <netflix

  10. My wife and I were were in shock when it was taken of Netflix. We were close to finishing the movie. What’s the deal here. Disappointed with Netflix.

    • HI

      • Thanks. I will get in contact with Netfllix and express our opinion. We didn’t know until now how good Turkish movies are. We saw Black Money that is one of the best we have seen. Thanks for the info Debra. Have a nice one.

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