Winter Sun (Kis Gunesi) Tv Series

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Winter Sun (Kis Gunesi) Tv Series

Original Title: Kis Gunesi
English Title: Winter Sun
Also Known As: Mentari di Musim Dingin; Aftabe Zemestani
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 18
Broadcast Network: Show TV
Broadcast Period: February 23, 2016 – June 21, 2016
Production Company: Endemol Shine Turkiye
Director: Murat Onbul
Screen Writer: Ayca Mutlugil, Alev Toprakoglu, Erkan Ciplak, Hale Calap

Efe is only 7 years old when he sees his mother Leyla (Senay Gurler) with another man. He hides in his father’s car with a fear that his mother and his father would end their marriage. While everybody is looking for him, his father gets in the car and finds out Efe in anxiety.

Efe and his father find themselves in the middle of a big trap. In a car accident, Efe’s father is murdered and Efe becomes the only witness to the murder. The killers arrange for the little boy to meet the same fate as his father, but the hired assassin cannot go through with it and gives the child to his fisherman friend.

Efe loses his memory; he forgets his name and family. He is separated from his identical twin brother, Mete. His real family believes that both Efe and his father have died in the car accident. In fact, Efe starts to live together with his adopted father Ismail (Mehmet Esen), mother Fatma (Gamze Suner Atay) and sister Nadide. His new life becomes a lot different than his previous life.

20 years later, Efe (Sukru Ozyildiz) becomes an adult who remembers nothing about his origins. He becomes a humble fisherman who lives happily with his adopted family. He has a modest life and loves his adopted family but always feels the need to find his real family.

One day, the assassin Kadim (Hakan Boyav) that killed Efe’s father returns to Turkey and meets Efe. He is also betrayed by the original murderers and has spent his last 20 years in prison. For this reason, he wants to take his revenge and finds Efe.

Efe eventually learns of his twin brother Mete (Sukru Ozyildiz) who has taken a job at their family business and married their childhood friend Nisan (Asli Enver). Efe and Mete finally meet for the first time after 20 years. However, the murderers learn that their witness returns and wants to take care of him once and for all.

The murderers kill Mete accidentally mistaken him for Efe. As a result, Efe adopts his brother’s identity and vows to get revenge on both his father and his twin brother.

Efe returns as Mete and starts to investigate the murder behind his twin brother and his father. He wants to find the original murderers and learn why his father and his brother have been killed. However, nothing becomes as easy as he imagines.

A humble fisherman Efe finds it hard to adapt to the wealthy life. Also, he learns that his twin brother Mete has been married with Nisan for 5 years but also has a love affair with another woman Seda (Basak Parlak). Nisan is a peaceful girl who loves Mete since childhood and dreams to have a baby. She tolerates her husband’s unfavorable attitudes and tries to be positive all the time. Out of pure coincidence, Nisan discovers his husband’s love affair and wants to get divorced.

Efe finds himself in the middle of this chaos. He tries to set the things right while trying to keep his identity secret. He does not think that it is a right thing to let Nisan go and end this marriage. He really feels sorry about her but he cannot disclose his real identity. He needs to solve this marriage problem as soon as possible and continue to focus on his real problem.

In this story, you will explore a wonderful detective story with a psychological twist. Will Efe eventually find the original murderers and take his revenge? Will Efe start to remember his past when he stays with his real family? Will Nisan forgive his husband Mete’s love affair? Will Nisan understand that Efe has taken his husband Mete’s identity? Will Efe continue to live as Mete or disclose his real identity?

Winter Sun Tv Series Characters
Efe (Sukru Ozyildiz): Efe is a fisherman who has been raised by his adopted family after the car accident. When his twin brother Mete is killed by murderers, he takes his identity and starts a new life. He is humble, helpful and endearing. He tries to take the revenge of his father and his twin brother.

Mete (Sukru Ozyildiz): Mete is a successful businessman who comes from a wealthy family. He has a hard personality. He has been married with Nisan for 5 years. He loves Nisan as a childhood friend but regrets to be married with her because he is not in love with her. Mete falls in love with Seda who works as a fashion designer in his company. He has a love affair with Seda and plans to get divorce as soon as possible.

Nisan (Asli Enver): Nisan is a young, beautiful, peaceful and romantic girl who comes from a wealthy family. His father Yakup is the business partner of Mete. She is very helpful towards animals. She has been married with Mete for 5 years and dreams to have a baby.

Seda (Basak Parlak): Seda is a successful fashion designer who works at Mete’s company. She is a close friend of Nisan and at the same time, she has a love affair with Mete. Seda loves Mete and wants him to get divorced from Nisan as soon as possible.

Kadim (Hakan Boyav): Kadim is the hired assassin that kills the father of Efe and Mete. He spends his 20 years in prison and returns to Istanbul to take his revenge.

Leyla (Senay Gurler): Leyla is the mother of Efe and Mete. She gets married to Mazhar after her husband dies at the car accident. She always supports his son Mete no matter whether he is right or wrong.

Mazhar (Mahir Gunsiray): Mazhar is the business partner of Yakup. He is married to Leyla after her husband dies at the car accident. He does not get along well with Mete who does not seem to forget his own father.

Yakup (Hakan Gercek): Yakup is the father of Nisan and the business partner of Mazhar. He is involved in illegal activities. He is the original murderer behind the death of Efe/Mete’s father.

Sumru (Berrak Kus): Sumru is the mother of Nisan.

Winter Sun Tv Series Cast
Sukru Ozyildiz as Efe/Mete
Asli Enver as Nisan
Basak Parlak as Seda
Hakan Boyav as Kadim
Senay Gurler as Leyla
Mahir Gunsiray as Mazhar
Hakan Gercek as Yakup
Berrak Kus as Sumru
Gamze Suner Atay as Fatma
Mehmet Esen as Ismail
Buse Varol as Nadide
Emre Bulut as Burak
Okan Selvi as Resat
Cagdas Onur Ozturk as Bora
Nesrin Cavadzade as Efruz
Burak Cimen
Kubilay Camlidag
Zeynep Kacar

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Winter Sun (Kis Gunesi) Tv Series Sound Track


  1. Brilliant 💯🔥
    Captivating you relentlessly watch with a quest for more
    Remarkable viewing

  2. Winter Sun had everything. The acting was great, kept you wanting more. The direction of intimacy was on point, even though they don’t kiss in the mouth , the gentle touches are warm and caring, better then kissing I watched Intersection and the 3rd season lacked and I was glad winter sun delivered from the beginning to the end. The investment was worth the wait. Sedace Sen excellent also. Winter Sun worth the watch, enjoy.

  3. This is one of my absolute favorite shows. I watched over and over and thought that Sukru and Ansli have the best chemistry I have ever seen. The sexual tension was so thick you couldn’t cut it with a knife. lol I do wish that there would have been a kiss or two to have made it more realistic. However, I could have watched 100 episodes of this splendid cast. I am trying to find the soundtrack recording of all the music and onlky found three sold separately. Does anyone know if there is a full soundtrack of Winter Sun?

  4. Does the season one contain the complete story? Or is there a second season? I don’t want to invest my time if it ends bad or on a cliffhanger. Please respond to this query.

  5. ***SPOILER ALERT*** I’m confused! Did Nisan die in the final episode?? It seemed like the camera pans to the sky, like she is in heaven, remembering the story Efe told her.

  6. AM so glad to find fans of Turkish dramas . I found winter sun one evening when I was surfing Netflix. I ended up whole night watching till 5 am. It is a wonderful story and acting. Now am a fan of Turkish movies. I discovered some very good ones too. Look for Ezel oh boy !you will love it. Also Gonul, lovebird,the girl I loved,intersection just to mention a few. Am now intrigued to visit Turkey and meet some of handsome men😜 however there’s something very striking in all these movies. I know they are fiction but am wondering if the people of turkey are a bit like the characters in the movies. I find the stories back ground or always rooted in unforgiveness, spiraling events based on revenge. Some personal some ingrained in family sagas. It also gives me an impression that their women are not very well considered to have a strong voice in the society. I admire though their strong sense of family loyalty and their strong family values. The family stays together whether the children are big and married. I like that especially how the children take care of the parents and brothers taking care of the sisters. God bless all the Babams and the Olos. Love winter sun!!

  7. Beautifully and carefully narrated stories with lots of life lessons in this excellent Turkish drama. Really taken by the faces of all the actors and actresses. Oh dear Fatma, love your acting; you are great. Seemed to me you are a very good woman! Loved Efe ‘s smiles, you are awesome! I love the gentle background music. Loved Asli’s shy smiles. My only regret is that the end was rushed; could have loved to see Asli being kissed by Sukru and how their family settled and hopefully seeing the birth of the babe. Over all, I would recommend this drama to my friends.

    • My exposure to Turkish movies in Netflix started with ‘Filinta’. I was totally absorbed into this movie for two weeks without getting enough of the superb acting from a slue of characters especially Onur Tuna who played Mustapha, and Ali Blade. From there on, I slept and woke with Turkish movies! I have really discovered an interesting people with unique cultural and solid historical backgrounds. It is a wonderful thing for Netflix to embrace all cultures and people and help viewers travel; see and experience strange and distant lands through the Lens of a movie! I have also picked up on some Turkish words and use them around my kids and friends (she laughs). All in all, my next big vacay will be Istanbul so I can see the beautiful landscape and people I have come to admire.

  8. I adored this series on Netflix. Thank you, for making it! I loved the happy ending. Now I am in mourning because the show ended. I am very picky and have high standards regarding what I watch and this did not disappoint. The acting was terrific! I didn’t realize I was so emotionally invested in this series. I watched all episodes in 5 days, couldn’t stop watching. Please make more like this!

  9. Winter Sun was terrific…but not once did Efe and Nisan kiss each other. Yes, he did kiss her on the forehead once or twice and they did hug. Is kissing not allowed on television shows in Turkey? 0

  10. I just finished watching Winter Sun on Netflix USA. I was happy that Netflix carried the complete drama this time. I am becoming addicted to Turkish Dramas. I keep trying to figure out what keeps me coming back for more. I think it is because you always include a wonderful love story, a little bit of comedy, a lot of crime and action and there always has to be a terrific EVIL PERSON. You create some of the best evil people that I have ever seen. In this show, Seda was the most self centered, evil person. I just wanted to hit her and throw her in a dark closet. Even when she saved Nisan’s life, I still did not forgive her for all the evil things she did. Horrible person. I enjoyed the actor that played Efe. He did a great job and what a nice head of hair he has. Very handsome man. Also, enjoyed the actress that played Nisan. She did a good job. Was happy to see a happy ending for them after all the troubles they went through.

    There is one thing that I cannot figure out about these Turkish Dramas. You always have these women wearing 4 inch heel shoes. Why??? In one show, the maid was wearing high heels cleaning the house. In this drama, you showed the woman doctor with 4 inch heels going fishing on a boat with Efe. That is just crazy and I cannot imagine that ever happening.

    Also, how did Seda take money for smuggling in her company trucks but never be charged for her crime. There is just so much killing, crime and stuff that seems to happen in these dramas but you never see the police being involved or charging them with the crimes.

    Well, overall, I enjoyed this drama. The whole idea and plot for the story was pretty crazy but I enjoyed it very much. Also, I have not been a fan of Turkish music but I thought the main song to this drama was really nice. The man singing it had a very good voice. Good job with the music.

  11. I just finished watching the drama and I loved it. I massacre because I have seen two Turkish dramas which I felt disappointed because of he endings. no good ending: the girl I love and intersection. Finally and very happy this one ended happy and right. Hope to see the cast again especially sukru and asli!! congratulations!!!

    • No doubt this gotta be my 2nd fav Turkish soap opera after Kurt Seyit ve sura thus far. I love the story line and the actings are amazing, the girl who played Seda is absolutely stunning and her acting just so incredible you left with the feeling of hatred towards her. The whole casts are also incredible. I got hooked on this show after the first episode.

      • Yeahh. Seda is super beautiful!! The one that ply fatma is a wonderful actress. I loved everyone. They are all a very good cast. I hope to see them all again in another story.

  12. wintersun is beautiful – when does it end??

  13. The lady playing as Fatma should get an oscar for her acting in this series. She was fantastic.

  14. Maltie Cheenibass

    I watch winter sun over and over. I have not. Stoped watching. Winter Sun. Since i discovered it last august. Saw Sukru ozyildiz. In Sevimli Tehlikeli/ Cute and Dangerious, Her Sey Asktan with english subtitles. Love the he was wonderful. In these movies. Saw Benim Hala Umudum Var and Coban Yildiz in Turkish no subtitles. I am breathless to see Sukru. In Nefes Nefese.

  15. I had watched my first Turkish Tv Series “intersection” and was looking for something similar when I came across this. I was hooked since the first episode. I finished watching yesterday and I’m having withdrawals. Was up until 2 and 3 in the morning some days watching. Couldn’t stay away from it. Such good actors. Şükrü is just wonderful and I think he’s so sexy. Just love him . Asli and him make such a great couple. The chemistry between them was so there. The music was so from the heart that made you feel they’re heartaches, hesitations, frustrations, and love. I found this series so loving, heartwarming, sad, tender, romantic, funny and endearing. Did notice that as much as they were so in love not once did they kiss on camera. Nonetheless I Extremely recommend it. Hope there’s a season 2. Looking for another great Turkish TVSeries to watch.

  16. BEST show ever !!! I did replay early and seen this site again. want to make sure they post my earlier comment . Sukru what a actor I couldn’t get enough of the story and him. great story. I never knew about the Turkey drama.. I accidently clicked the show, then I couldn’t get off the show until I finish watching.. Hope there is more Sukur shows I would love to see.

  17. ***spoiler alert***
    Just finished Winter Sun series. My first Turkish drama. It was remarkable! Fell in love with Sukru & Asli. Only wished the ending would have been longer from the time they were married to them expecting a baby. Hopefully, there will be a second series. Congratulations on a job brilliantly done.

    • I totally agreed with you everything you said in here , just finished watch the series. best ever seen, great story too. I was sooo hooked , it was torture for me, couldn’t wait to find next.. the end was so short, I said, what !one shot to end , she got pregnant, never seen they even kissed,

      is that Turkey culture no kissing in the movie ? was hoping Sukru (Efe) kisses Asli.
      Sukru is the BEST looking man I ever eye on, beautiful hair !! hope there is a second series too !!!
      I give 10 STARS

  18. Acabo de terminar la serie turca Winter sun …es la mejor serie que he visto en mi vida 👌🏻cuenta con magnificos actores 😘😘😘😘felicidades por hacer este gran trabajo..#WintenSun #Netflix

  19. I am totally hooked with Wintet Sun!!! What I would really love is to know the soundtrack (songs) of this tv series so I could download it(them). Btw anyone know the singer n songwriter of the theme song!
    Thanks All

  20. Love the show! Wonderful acting by all. When is season 2 coming out? All deserve Oscars. Watched for 50 episodes straight. Couldn’t stop until the end.

  21. Loved the Winter Sun series and am totally addicted. Knowing that only 50 episodes are currently available on Netflix, trying to draw out the last 3. (on 46th episode). Where are the other 9 episodes as mentioned here please? When is Season 2 coming to Netflix?!
    Kind of started out as a crawl which turned into a slow burn, but very much worth it! Nice to have that sexual tension without the torrid kissing and physical love scenes to break the spell. This engaging drama has had me in tears several times and I don’y cry that easily over ANY show. The actors are absolutely amazing not to mention they are all beautiful to look at. Never mind the high fashions gorgeously illustrated throughout each episode. Love love love the abundant boat/riverside scenes and that beautiful bridge in Istanbul bridging the continents and separating European Istanbul from Asian Istanbul. Guess where I want to go next on my international travels?! Yep, Istanbul, Turkey here I come! Appreciate any answers to my queries from fellow watchers. Thanking you in advance.

  22. Cannot stop watching Winter Sun. I just love this story so much. Efe and Nisan are perfectly presented by the very talented actors.. Hope they act together again.

  23. Beautiful series, morally refreshing. Loved Efe and Nisan. Hope they act again soon.

  24. Wow its amazing Rely the song is beautiful awesome

  25. I have been reading the English translations for the songs used in “Wintet Sun ” they were all perfect for the scenes in each show.. i love Efe and Nisain very much and i am looking forward to seeing more of Sukru Ozyildiz and Asli Enver


  26. This series was excellent in every way.. the best one I’ve seen….every actor should win an academy award for their performance… a beautiful story with no sex or nudity was a big plus…very engaging.. I’m sad it’s over.????

  27. I loved this series… wonderfully done in every way…. A beautiful entertaining story without sex or nudity was a big plus….. all the actors should win academy awards for their performances..I’m sad it over! ????

  28. I love all 50 episodes. Watched them more than 10 times. The cast was perfect. I felt all the emotions with the characters. Loved that it was done without any sex scens. Just love it

  29. does anybody knows if is going to be a second season ?

  30. It is a beautiful story not only for the amazing plot for the wonderful music but for the actors :sukru and asli enver.very good actors and beautiful .I would like to know the sequel if there is one.Can you let me know that? Can I see the series on Italy netflix?

  31. I loved this tv series, I watched twice and surely many times again in the future. Unforgettable story, outstanding performances of all actors, magnificent music, excellent director and producer. Congratulations!!! It is undoubtedly the best tv series I have se en so far. Please give us so much joy in the near future, anxious to wait!! Thanks a lot!

  32. Hopefully there would be season 2.
    Peggy Burnley, where did you watch episodes 51 – 59?

  33. I’m hooked on Turkish drama now. I watch this one over and over. I am frustrated because I would like to purchase songs from the sound track, but I can’t find a list of the names of the songs. Oof!

    • Me too, I want to know where to find the music, and the lyrics. Also, the patterns remind me of Subat and Intersection….the playful goofy theme for Ismael was like for the funny guy in the garage in Intersection. Nice that characters get their own theme tune.

  34. Please inform us here in America when Netflix will be airing another episode of “Winter Sun”

    Fascinating Drama

  35. After 50 episodes will there be a season 2?

  36. Love this wonderful serie … Every chapter, the actors I am in love ????❤️????????. Claudia from Mexico????????

  37. Charles Gunnar Peterson

    I laughed when my wife got hooked on this show,but now am watching. Lol

  38. I stopped watching this show twice because I was so frustrated at what should have been 25 episodes being 50. The actors were all great and gorgeous but the storyline made them appear too dumb 4 today’s world. I actually would get angry at he actors and tell them not to be so stupid. Once I start I like to finish but this one has taken me forever. I have watched three dramas since starting winter sun. Since it is my first Turkish drama I will try one more before totally writing them off.

    • That’s exactly what I loved about it – the old fashioned morality in their relationships. So sick of having sex scenes thrust in the midst of an othewise enjoyable show!

      • The morality I like, but found Efe to be much too rough, along with most of the other men, when dealing with women. Ismail was an a** to his family and the women all had to be sooooo sweet. I do not know if it is like that in Turkey, but like I said, I will give another Turkish Drama a try. I have watched hundreds of foreign Dramas and have found most South Asian dramas to be so polite and NO sex. Being open-minded, sometimes a little kissing and touching will greatly improve the story and make it more believable. I did not like shoving of women, and speaking to them in derogatory terms. Example of ‘dumb’ : when Efe leaves the gangster with his gun. Really?

        • I kind of wondered if it was to show in contrast to Bora that Turkey is changing and so the rough obnoxious version of a male is no longer very nice. I got really sick of him raging around like the evil Seda. It also shows that when you are raging you can’t think clearly.

      • Me too. The sexual tension in this drama was intoxicating without being vulgar.

  39. I LOVE, LOVE THESE TV SERIES. What a revelation is SUKRU OZYILDIZ for us Netflix followers. He is not only a very good actor but a supervly looking young man. as is Asli Enver. She is a really good actor, also a beautiful woman. I most also comment on Hakan Boyav as Kadim, great actor, terrific runner and has a super interesting voice. I also love the character of Fatma play by Gamse Suner Atay. But I most say all actors in the series were terrific. I applaud the Turkish TV and movie industry. Bring it on Turkey! We need more of Kivanch Tatlitug and Bulent Inal, Farah S. Abdullah and G. Arsland

  40. I absolutely loved this show! The acting is superb, and how refreshing to see such a passionate, romantic love story without the smut!! Thank you and I would love to see more of this?!! Teresa Simmons.

  41. I have been watching Turkish drama since 2 years ago after accidentally pressed on Magnificent Centuries offered by Netflix. Been hooked since. love the beautiful music in all dramas so far!! Beautiful touchy dreamy kind of music arrangement, stuck in my mind!! Bravo to all people involved in the Turkish film, drama, movies industry!!

  42. Winter Sun is a very wonderful series which touches your heart. I would love to see Sesason 2 if there will be one.

  43. Loved the series! Loved the way the young men respected their elders and their girlfriends! Not even kissing in the show but stil l very romantic! Favourite character Fatma!

  44. Hahaaa. They tried to show Iran opposite face .

  45. Serie excelente, actores muy buenos, historia creible. Muy buena la parte comica con Ismail y su familia. No conozco Estambul pero es un lugar añorado para mi. Felicitaciones

  46. Awesome music. Loved this show. Please make more!

  47. I just loved and enjoyed watching it!
    All the actors are wonderful and the story is great.
    This is the first Turkish drama i’ve watched. I can’t wait
    To watch another one.

  48. Awesome series, can’t help watching one episode after another. A love story with a lot of different twist, No kissing and nudity….a breath of fresh air, excellent plot and the acting is just pure joy.

  49. Winter Sun is the best turkish series that I’ve seen from any point of view and I’d like to tell to the whole actors staff they’re so excellent and I’d like to congratulate all of them.

  50. Loved this series, well written and passionate. I would love to see more of this one.

  51. We love Winter Sun. The actors, excellent. The music magnificent. The drama csptivating. Very good taste. Congratulationd

  52. Music is enchanting. Hard not to keep watching.
    Episode after episode ! I love Turkish movies.

  53. This was truly one of the best series I have watched in a long time! The acting and story line was captivating from the first episode to the last!! Kudos to the writers and directors along with some of the most incredible actors!! I would love to see more like this!
    The lack of smut and nudity made it that much better, it was really a deligh to watch!

    • Exactly…it made me long for the old days for film and tv without the gratuitous sex we see from “hollyweird” non stop now. That is why I love Turk TV!!!

  54. Very beautiful. The story. The casts. The way it was directed. The script..everything. no nudity and torrid kissing scenes. But netflix has 50 episodes only, where can I find the other 9 episodes? I’ve seen in one of the comments here that it has 59.

  55. musical score riffs sound stolen from Jesus Christ Superstar

  56. Where can I watch this drama?

  57. A great tv series. Please tell me there will be a second season.

  58. A bit sappy, yet intriguing and well acted. Just finished the 59 episode and wondering if that was the end?
    Nice to watch a show as passionate as it was without nudity and sex…kudos to writers & directors!

    • I assume that it is the end of this drama in your country. In Turkey, this drama has only 18 episodes, each of them is almost 2 hours.

      Unfortunately, Winter Sun (Kis Gunesi) is underrated in Turkey due to high volume of turkish dramas. Some of beautiful dramas have to end earlier than planned if they cannot get enough TV ratings.

      • This is a Very Good Dizi & is now in Netflix USA! Subtitled in different languages! I enjoyed watching it again ????????????????

  59. I thought this series was wonderful. Well written, well acted and thoroughly engaging. Thanks.

  60. Really quite an excellent series! Great acting, great music, lots of drama, and a little humor! Gotta love that Fatma.

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