Lightning Within The House (Eve Dusen Yildirim)

eve düşen yıldırım lightning within the house

Original Title: Eve Dusen Yildirim
English Title: Lightning Within The House
Also Known As:
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 20+
Broadcast Network: Show TV
Broadcast Period: March 9, 2012 –
Production Company: Medyapim
Director: Mehmet Bahadir Er
Screen Writer: Meryem Gul

Muazzez (Gizem Karaca) is a beautiful and young girl who loses her father and becomes all alone in this world. After her father’s death, she struggles with the difficulties in her life but she never loses her hope. She thinks that she does not have any relative, for this reason, she tries to stand on her own legs. However, she has an uncle whom she has never met. Her uncle has been angry at Muazzez’s father for a very long time that’s why, he has never seen Muazzez. When Muazzez loses her father, her uncle decides to look after her nephew and sends his older son Namik (Murat Han) to find her. Namik explains everything to Muazzez and bring her to Istanbul. Now, Muazzez has a new life in this beautiful city. She starts to live with her uncle, her cousin Sait (Mehmetcan Mincinozlu), Namik and his wife Sayeste (Seda Akman).

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Mehmetcan Mincinozlu

Name: Mehmetcan Mincinozlu
Birthdate:  February 24, 1984
Height: 1.80 m

Notable Works
2003 High School Notebook (Lise Defteri) (as Alp)
2006 Two Families (Iki Aile) (as Arda)
2007 Life Apartment (Hayat Apartmani) (as Yakup Kadri)
2008 Angels Bless You (Melekler Korusun) (as Sarp)
2009 Breath (Nefes) (as Deniz)
2010 Little Secrets (Kucuk Sirlar) (as Aslan Cem)
2011 Daytime Has Become Evening (Gun Aksam Oldu) (as Tarik)
2012 Lightning Within The House (Eve Dusen Yildirim) (as Sait)

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Seda Akman

Name: Seda Akman
Birthdate:  January 13, 1978
Height: 1.70 m

Notable Works
2003-2005 An Istanbul Fairytale (Bir Istanbul Masali) (As Pelin)
2005-2007 Yes Commander (Emret Komutanım) (as Deniz)
2007-2009 My Mom (Annem) (as Ayse)
2010 Perfect Couple (Mukemmel Cift) (as Julide)
2011 Police Station (Karakol)
2012 Lighting Within the House (Eve Dusen Yildirim) (as Sayeste)
2013 Dusty Roads (Tozlu Yollar)
2013 Conqueror (Fatih)
2015 Emergency (Acil Servis)
2015 You Are Mine (Sen Benimsin)
2016 Queen of Night (Gecenin Kralicesi) (Huma)

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Fake World (Yalan Dunya)

Original Title: Yalan Dunya
English Title: Fake World
Also Known As:
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 20+
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: January 7, 2012 –
Production Company: D Production
Director: Jale Atabey Ozberk
Screen Writer: Gulse Birsel

Kocabas family, originally comes from Antakya, lives in İstanbul. The head of the family is the father Sehmuz (Altan Erkekli) who lives with his wife Servet (Fusun Demirel), his daughter Gulistan (Hasibe Eren), his son-in-law Selahattin (Olgun Simsek), his son Riza (Beyazit Ozturk), and his grandson Orcun (Bartu Kucukcaglayan). Riza is engaged with Nurhayat (Gupse Ozay) but never wants to marry her. He could not continue to do whatever his family wants and at the end, he decides to live as he wishes and breaks up with Nurhayat. Now the whole family tries to reconcile them. 

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