Uprightness (Iffet)

İffet - Uprightness Turkish Series

Original Title: Iffet
English Title: Uprightness
Also Known As:
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 35
Broadcast Network: Star TV
Broadcast Period: September 17, 2011 –
Production Company: Goldfilm
Director: Faruk Teber
Screen Writer: Can Sinan, Mujgan Kayserli, Zulkuf Yucel

Iffet (Deniz Cakir) is a beautiful and innocent girl who lives in a poor neighborhood with her father Ahmet (Mehmet Celik) and her sister. Her father is so mean and tough towards Iffet. He does not want her to go out, speak with boys, wear chic clothes and so on. Despite these strict rules within the family, Iffet secretly meets her boy friend Cemil (Ibrahim Celikkol). Cemil is a young and handsome taxi driver who loves Iffet so much and wants to be together with her all the time. One day, Iffet attends to a wedding ceremony in her neighborhood. Almost everyone in the same nighborhood including Cemil come to this wedding. While Iffet’s father is hanging out with his friends, Iffet and Cemil secretly leave the ceremony and go inside the forest in order to speak for a while. There, Cemil looses his control and rape Iffet. This tragedy not only transforms the life of Iffet but also that of other people. After this tragedy, Iffet tries to forgive Cemil and wants to get married to him as soon as possible. However, nothing happens as expected. Cemil cruelly leaves Iffet and gets married to another woman just for money. Meanwhile, Iffet’s father learns her daughter’s relationship with Cemil and sends her away. Now, Iffet only wants one thing in this world: revenge.       

In this story which is the adaptation of Mujde Ar’s film, you will explore a dramatic story of a beautiful and innocent girl and her revenge. Will Iffet manage to forget her past and forgive Cemil? How will İffet’s life change when she becomes alone?

Deniz Cakir as Iffet
Ibrahim Celikkol as Cemil 
Mehmet Celik as Ahmet
Zuhal Olcay as Ayse
Melike Guner as Betul

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55 Responses to “Uprightness (Iffet)”

  1. DenizFan! says:

    Such a beautiful series!! It holds the best love story and romance I love it! Deniz and Ibrahim are real life lovers so they hold such a strong chemistry in their roles. I recommend this series to anyone looking for a good show to watch. Iffet, deniz cakir, is absolutely beautiful and plays her role flawless. The acting, music, scenery, romance, intimacy, everything in the show is great!

    • couldbebetter says:

      hm then this news is bad for you.. few days ago broadcast star tv decided to finish this serie..they transfered one of big producers in turkey and want to minimize expenses of dramas..then they changed their mind and keep this serie.but i dont know what will happen exactly.

      • lulu says:

        plzzzzzzzzzzz can anyone tell me where i can watch iffet with english subtitle,i found some of the episode with english subs on viki.com but not all of the series.i really appreciate if someone can let me know thank you very much..

        • Salma says:

          could you please provide me with the website that have the whole episodes of ( iffet) with arabic subtitles
          Thank you in advance

      • DenizFan! says:

        Yeah Ive been hearing all the news, what ashame the show had a lot of potential for the second season:/

    • sanaz says:

      ii just loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but why they had to end it so sad,didnt like the end!!

  2. miryam says:

    you can watch it on GEM TV which is a persian TV channel.
    the only problem is that it is in farsi.

  3. Berenesque says:

    I read that they will film possibly 3 episodes for the second season and then the show will stop.

    This seems rather pointless to me, however I guess it may be used to tie up loose ends, or closed some issues within the storyline.

    Whether this can be done in 3 episodes, we’ll see.

    • DenizFan! says:

      They change their minds every other day about how long the second season will be, but after seeing the episode of the new season, wow. I dont think it’s going to end soon, of
      At least not that soon! Idk who’s seen it but this new season and storyline is great! The show completely changed!!

  4. Abdul says:

    how can a shameless prostitute like Deniz Cakir dare to play chaste woman role under Effet name.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shameless prostitute? You obviously don’t know anything about Deniz Çakir if you are calling her that.

    • me says:

      …and you are????God?…you have no right to judge someone else!!!not that you’re a saint…are you?

    • Anonymous says:

      Shameless prostitute? More like extremely talented actress. I’m guessing you’re basing your words off of the character Ferhunde, and if she was able to convince you that she’s a bad woman there then I guess she’s doing her job right!

  5. Zaam says:

    Where i can watch it with english subtitile ?

  6. Ady says:

    I want to see the film with english subtiles from ep 26 till the end.

  7. sheida says:

    i want know the name of all actress

  8. abdul mandozai says:

    only i want to know about Deniz she is actress and also she is working alot of serial like one serial is an Afghanistan she is very freinds but her husband is a good person on the serial but she is not good working on the serial what is the reason if who replay to me>

  9. Jenny says:

    Please tell how does this series end? I watched on youtube that Iffet kills Cemil by accisent, I think. Is that it or is there more? If that is the ending, why did they end the series that way, does anyone know?

    Thank you very much in advance for your reply!

  10. Jenny says:

    Please let me know which Turkish series have a happy ending?

    Can you make a category dedicated just to Turkish series with a happy ending?

    I already watched and know that Gumus and 1001 Nights ends happily.

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      The followings are some of the Turkish tv series with a happy ending:

      Rebellious (Asi)
      An Istanbul Fairytale (Bir Istanbul Masali)
      The White Poppy (Beyaz Gelincik)
      What is Fatmagul’s Fault? (Fatmagulun Sucu Ne?)
      My Fair Laddy (Gonulcelen)

      • verydissapointed says:

        hello,i just finished watching iffet,a very good series but with a nonsense ending.i try and try but I dont get why she killed cemil,they had to pass so much to get together and in the end, she kills him…duuh very dissapointed.I like to think it was an accident,but still why didnt they do one more episode so cemil survives.so so stupid.
        anyway someone asked for turkish series with happy ending,exept the ones written i recently watched a really really good one named SILA,and its not that long only 79 episodes :)
        one more is Karadayi.

        • yah says:

          i haven’t watch all of the season first i am only on episode 18 but i want to know all the story of the show as i am very impatient. can u plz tell me the story briefly esp. about ali hassan.
          thanks alot :)

        • sadbhfsg says:

          Plzzzz you have already watched the iffet drama plzz tell mean thr end thanks

        • sanaz says:

          karadayi has a bad ending ,I really don’t think that there is one Turkish serial with a good ending.

  11. Jenny says:

    Thank you very much.

  12. john-angad says:

    Is there is an english dubbed version of 1001 nights

  13. Diwa Xxz says:

    Can anyone tell me where can I watch turkish serials with englisj subtitles. Ty

  14. sam says:

    how many episodes iffet have.???

  15. zainab khan says:

    watching the series.. nice one…

  16. natasha says:

    i like this drama very much!!!!!!!!!!!!suberb acting

  17. princesscharming says:

    I am just waitng for its last epi
    fantastic :))))))))))))acting deniz and ibrahim wow!!!!!!!
    wish u all the best

  18. noname says:

    can we list all the turkish series where the lead woman gets rape by a man and then she falls in love with him (or already has fallen in love with him ) and marries him. I give you 3 Iffet, Sila, Fatmagul. Continue.

  19. Mona says:

    Liked it but veryyyy confusing and awful ending to this series. They stretched the storyline way too long. It’s starts good but sad and terrible way to end and kill the main character (like most turkish series).

  20. Shoaib says:

    I liked the drama very much, but seems to be disappointing in the end. overall its good!

  21. Sardar Nawaz Khattak Shabghr says:


    THIS is Sardar Nawaz Khattak Shanghr from pakistan .

    Dear All Iffet is on of the most Excelant Drama i Wacht it on Geo kahani we verry like it .

    if posebal plase send me Real name and Email Addr.. of Iffet and Ali Hassan i wanna contect to him .

    thets chrectar Ali Hassan is verry Excelant plase mast be send me Ali Hassan contect .


    Srdar Nawaz Khattak Shanghr

  22. kinza says:

    Why geo kahani did not show the new episodes of iffet on 26th may n then later on even?

  23. sanaz says:

    man iffet dosesh daram

  24. sanas says:

    i love you deniz

  25. Kam says:

    Anybody know where in Istanbul iffat was filmed?

    Thank you in advance

  26. sanaz says:

    the best serial I watcher ever,but didn’t like the sad ending.i hope that they will make a new season,bringing back to life jamil.

    • Nècole says:

      *****spoiler alert*****

  27. Bella says:

    Can you tell me the precise ending of this drama?

  28. ali says:

    its end was not good…….i cannot understand its ending story ……………….????????????

  29. Haider Ali Afridi says:

    Hello to all! i tried to know about the writer of this and director of that but one thing is for both of them shame and 10000 times shame ons yours thinking this story just sucks and nothing else fuck your thinking and also i don’t want such dramas in our country
    How is this possible that someone hurts you and then you go after that just bullshit pigshit fuckoff

  30. laya says:

    Can you tall me if there is season 3 for Iffet please if so where can I watch it.

  31. Alisha says:

    Plz tell me olcan real name

  32. Alishah says:

    Is anybody know Nemats boy friend olcan real name ?

  33. Êlif says:

    What is the real name of Naimet younger sister of iffet??????? Plzzzzzzzzzzz tell me😖

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