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Shubat (Subat) Tv Series

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Original Title: Subat
English Title: Shubat
Also Known As:
Genre: Crime, Drama
Episodes: 32
Broadcast Network: TRT 1
Broadcast Period: September 14, 2012 – May 30, 2013
Production Company: Eflatun Film
Director: A. Volkan Kocaturk
Screen Writer: Funda Alp

Subat is a young boy who was left to an orphanage on February and given a name of Subat – which means February in Turkish. While he is staying at orphanage, he is subjected to experiments that give him superpowers.

One day, there starts a fire at the orphanage and 17 orphans die. Subat’s face is partially burned in a fire and he is rescued by a homeless guy named Mr. Aziz (Musa Uzunlar). Aziz lives at the tunnels of Istanbul and makes a living by collecting waste. He saves the life of Subat and starts to raise him in a secluded place after discovering his superpowers.

15 years later, Subat (Alican Yucesoy) becomes a young guy with a scar in his face. He lives happily with Aziz and his friend Saltuk (Tansu Bicer) at the tunnels of Istanbul. They have an isolated life from ordinary people and for this reason; they draw attention on public places. They are street dwellers and assumed to be criminal even if they do not do anything wrong.

Subat develops some superpowers over the years. He has a peculiar intelligence and remembers all the details of unimportant events in the past. Also, he is so strong that he can jump off easily and beat several guys at the same time. But, he does not harm anyone on purpose.

After seeing her on TV, Subat falls for a TV reporter Yagmur (Melisa Sozen) who is linked to his past. He goes to shopping malls in order to watch Yagmur whenever possible. His ultimate passion is Yagmur who is a fearless reporter and the daughter of a popular doctor. However, his passion puts him in a danger and Mr. Aziz makes an accident as a result.

Subat and his friend Saltuk takes Mr. Aziz to the hospital and try to do their best to save his life. They need to find money for hospital expenses and the identity card of Aziz for registration. They do not know anything about Mr. Aziz except his name.

Meanwhile, Yagmur finds herself at the middle of underground people. She witness the murder of her father by underground people and for this reason, she is filled with a deep hatred against such people. The next day, she wants to chase news at a crime scene and is attacked by underground people.

Out of pure coincidence, Subat arrives at the crime scene and saves the life of Yagmur. At the crime scene, he finds a death man that has been killed and thrown away by the unknown murderers. While he is trying to understand whether he is dead or not, Yagmur sees it and mistakes Subat for a killer. Without listening to what has happened, Yagmur records the event and reports Subat as a killer.

Now, Subat is a wanted man by the police. After living in isolation for so many years, he faces with the real world. He wants to find the identity of Aziz and at the same time, he needs to escape from the police.

In Subat tv series story, you will explore a wonderful crime/fantasy story about a young street dweller who has some superpowers. Will the police learn the truth about this murder? Will Subat manage to prove his innocence? What will happen when people discover Subat’s superpowers? Will Subat and Yagmur manage to learn the truth about the past? Who is Mr. Aziz?

Alican Yucesoy as Subat
Melisa Sozen as Yagmur
Ozkan Ugur as Samim
Hande Dogandemir as Elem
Nadir Saribacak as Duble
Tansu Bicer as Saltuk
Serkan Ercan as Arif
Turku Turan as Gulum
Ulku Duru as Yildiz
Musa Uzunlar as Aziz Bey
Ece Dizdar as Yesim Kaan Yilmaz as Erik
Ezgi Celik as Leyyal
Damla Sonmez as Gelin
Idil Firat as Bahar
Ahmet Kaynak as Tolga
Ozgur Ege Nalci as child Subat
Ozgur Cevik as Ali Poyraz
Sermet Yesil as Deli Ibrahim
Ilker Kizman

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Shubat (Subat) tv series trailer (Eng Sub)

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  1. I love this series.

  2. Alican/Subat is the sexiest man I have seen in a long time.. I love foreign films. This had the whole beauty and the beast thing going on and what a beast Subat in this series. As some say here… Hubba-hubba. Binge worthy yes indeed.

  3. The worse tv series ever … if you watch it make sure you hide all knives because you will cut your veins … is long pointless not even entertaining lousy plot who the hell wrote that piece of garbage !!!! And who the hell gave it five stars????

  4. I really like the song in episode 16. Anyone know who it is?

  5. Şubat has music that is çok wonderful and the narrations to start the episodes are worth a rewatch they are so good. But, I can’t rewatch the Şubat show because I can’t stand to hear Melisa scream his name a zillion times. I wish netflix would edit out half of the times she is screaming. I have rewatched Behzat Ç 3X. I have also rewatched Intersection 2X ( Alican who plays Şubat was marvelous and could bring across a very complex character in Kördüğüm) and of course I loved the music in both.

    • Subat! Subat! Subat! Subat! [asthmatic wheezing]. Subat! Subat!Subat! [more asthmatic wheezing]. Subat! Subat!

      I enjoyed half of this show but it went on forever and got more and more convoluted. How long did it run in Turkey? It mus have gone for years.

      • Well said….and I didn’t like the ending at all…but the weird crazy guy was great…seemed like he turned into the ” sage” of the group….I just watched Kaçak which had a crazy element in a character but more low key and fun…Kaçak only has 50 episodes on netflix leaving the last two off for no good reason of their season one…As the composer for Subat, Ayse Onder said, people don’t want such a long show and long episodes as well…If you want a really long one watch Behzat Ç…that is is 95..

  6. How can I find the music for the part in Sabat when the children are in the scene…it is a brilliant remix of the hymn Children of the Heavenly Father…What is the name in Turkish and who does the music, (composer)?

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