Perfect Tenant (Kusursuz Kiraci) Tv Series

Perfect Tenant (Kusursuz Kiraci) Tv Series


Original Title: Kusursuz Kiraci
English Title: Perfect Tenant
Also Known As:
Genre: Mystery
Episodes: 6 (each episode is 90-135 minutes)
Broadcast Network: Fox Tv
Broadcast Period: August 30, 2022 – October 04, 2022
Production Company: MF Yapim
Director: Yusuf Pirhasan
Screen Writer: Nermin Yildirim
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkiye


Mona (Dilan Cicek Deniz) is a young woman who works as a reporter and investigates the ongoing fires in Istanbul. She has been grown up in an orphanage after her father killed her mother. Even though she looks like a strong woman from the outside, she carries a wounded and timid child inside.

Mona finds a defense mechanism in order to cope with all the hardships in her life. She does not trust anyone and tries her best not to attach to anyone.

One day, when Mona goes to a scene of the fire in order to make a story, she comes across Yakup (Serkay Tutuncu). Yakup is a young man who also works as a reporter. He is energetic and does whatever it takes to reach his goals without thinking about ethical standards. He has recently moved to Istanbul from Milan, Italy.

Mona and Yakup return from the news. However, on their way, Mona sees that her landlord throws all her belongings in front of the house due to the fact that she has not paid her rent for a while. Mona becomes a homeless person and does not know where to go.

Even though Yakup seems to be very carefree, he has a great conscience, compassion, honesty, and self-confidence. When he finds out about Mona’s difficult condition, he wants to help her and makes an offer.

Yakup lives in an apartment which is inherited by his grandfather. Even though the building was built in the 1940s, it has a spacious feel. The furnitures are old-fashioned and the apartment has some problems with facilities. The apartment is divided into two separate units which only share the kitchen.

Mona accepts the offer from Yakup and starts to live in this separate unit and share the kitchen with him. She moves into his apartment as a tenant. However, events do not turn out as she expected.

Mona gets suspicious immediately after moving into her new apartment. She learns that many tenants have left the building due to suspicious events like ghosts. Whenever she talks with people in the neighborhood, she gets curious about the building. She does not know what is happening in the building.

Each tenant in the building has different lives. They have unique characters. An unpleasant surprise awaits Mona in this building where she meets strange characters.

On her first night in the apartment, Mona wakes up in the middle of the night. She hears some noises and has a strange feeling due to some shadows inside the apartment.

Perfect Tenant (Kusursuz Kiraci) tv series story is about a young reporter Mona who starts to share an apartment together with her colleague Yakup but encounters with strange neighbors. Will Mona get along well with Yakup? Will Mona find peace in her new apartment? Will tenants keep their secrets from the new tenant? Will Mona find out the reasons why previous tenants have moved out of the apartment? Will Mona discover the secret of the neighbors in the building?

Perfect Tenant (Kusursuz Kiraci) Tv Series Cast

  • Dilan Cicek Deniz as Manolya Unkap / Mona
  • Serkay Tutuncu as Yakup Ortac
  • Melisa Dongel as Leyla
  • Deniz Cengiz as Suzi Dinc
  • Bennu Yildirimlar as Madam Vula
  • Nilsu Yilmaz as Pelin Polat
  • Ozlem Tokaslan as Hamiyet
  • Ruhi Sari as Sami
  • Beyti Engin as Cuneyt Gokturk
  • Ummu Putgul as Sabahat Gokturk
  • Umut Kurt as Nihat Dinc
  • Ruchan Caliskur as Hafize Polat
  • Hasan Sahinturk as Muzzafer Ortac
  • Alptekin Serdengecti as Suayip
  • Rami Narin
  • Emin Gunenc as Burhan
  • Yigit Kagan Yazici as Child Leyla
  • Almira Tuana Albay
  • Su Ceper as Child Mona
  • Deniz Gundogdu
  • Oktay Oy


Mona (Dilan Cicek Deniz):

Mona has been grown up in an orphanage after her father killed her mother. That’s why, she has worked so hard and received a good education. Her disadvantaged past has become both her weakness and strength. Even though she looks like a strong young woman from the outside, she carries a wounded and timid child inside. She finds a defense mechanism against life to cope with all the hardships in her life. She becomes an ambitious reporter and starts investigating the ongoing fires in Istanbul.

Yakup Ortac (Serkay Tutuncu):

Yakup is a young man who knows how to enjoy the moment and not take life so seriously. Even though he does not have ethical values while working as a reporter, he loves his job and has fun. Yakup does not care about what others think and he follows his own conscience. Even though he seems to be very carefree, he has a great conscience, compassion, honesty, and self-confidence. He has everything that Mona needs. In all areas of life, he chooses and loves uncommon things which is not compatible with classical and accepted tastes. He is the only child in the family. Although he gets along well with his mother, he has conflicts with his father. He does not accept to become a businessman desired by his father and he studies journalism at the Fine Arts School and works at relatively low-paying jobs.

Leyla (Melisa Dongel):

Leyla is Mona’s best friend since their childhood. She is affectionate, relaxed, and protective. Mona and Leyla met in the orphanage and have been friends since then. Leyla has a very positive character and does not refrain from fighting if necessary. She does everything to protect her best friend. Although they are the same age, Leyla is like a mentor and helps Mona to see things from different perspectives.

Hamiyet (Ozlem Tokaslan):

Hamiyet is one of the tenants in the building. She sits at the window all day and watching who is entering and exiting the building. She is the wife of Sami. Because of her curiosity about gossip, the locals call her Hamiyet Post.

Muzzafer Ortac (Hasan Sahinturk):

Muzzafer is the uncle of Yakup. Yakup loves him due to the fact that his uncle Muzaffer is his grandfather’s heirloom. He lives downstairs in the same building.

Madam Vula (Bennu Yildirimlar):

Madam Vula is one of the tenants of the building. She is a gentle, elegant, mature, and true old Istanbul lady. She occasionally speaks to a handsome black and white photograph of her husband Niko, whom she lost at a young age. Her family lives in Athens.

Suzi Dinc (Deniz Cengiz):

Suzi is one of the tenants of the building. She works at a white collar job kust like her husband. She is attractive and well-groomed woman. She strives to be perfect with everything. Everything should be under her control. His younger brother Mert also lives together with them. Suzi is very fond of her brother.

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