Waiting for the Sun (Gunesi Beklerken)

waiting for the sun (güneşi beklerken dizisi) Turkish tv series

Original Title: Gunesi Beklerken
English Title: Waiting for the Sun
Also Known As:
Genre: Youth, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 54
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: July 2, 2013 – July 27, 2014
Production Company: D Productions
Director: Altan Dönmez
Screen Writer: Gokhan Horzum, Aysin Akbulut, Deniz Dargi, Cuneyt Bolak

Zeynep (Hande Dogandemir) is a beautiful high school student who has a moderate and ordinary life with her mother Demet (Ebru Aykac) in a small city. Zeynep has been raised without knowing her father but she always think about him when she stays alone. She was told that her father was a seaman and was lost in the sea when he was on duty.

When Demet’s job does not go well, she decides to go to Istanbul with her daughter in order to have a new life there. Since they have lost everything, they want a new start immediately. Demet’s childhood friend Jale (Deniz Turker) who is living in Istanbul starts to help them when Demet and Zeynep arrives at Istanbul. Jale is a director of one of the well-known colleges in Istanbul: Sayer College. She helps Zeynep to be registered in this college. Although school fee is so expensive, Zeynep is accepted to this college with a scholarship.

In her new life, Zeynep has to endure lots of difficulties. While she is trying to adjust to her new life in Istanbul, she also tries to get along with her shallow, privileged, rich classmates. Kerem (Kerem Bursin) is the king of the school and no one, not even the teachers, dare challenge him. He is handsome, arrogant, and the son of the owner of the school. From the start, Kerem persists on bullying Zeynep and tries everything to force Zeynep run away from his school. However, he does not know that Zeynep is a really insistent girl who never gives up. Also, there is another girl, Melis (Yagmur Tanrisevsin) who is in love with Kerem and fort his reason, does everything what Kerem wants. Baris (İsmail Ege Sasmaz), on the other hand, is a close friend of Kerem but he does not tolerate Kerem’s attitude towards Zeynep. That’s why, Baris starts to help Zeynep and stays next to her all the time.

As the story develops, Kerem and Zeynep begin to find themselves attracted to each other.

On the other hand, as the story develops, it is revealed that Cihan (Emre Kinay) who is a sports teacher at school is a real father of Zeynep. This secret buried in the past not only changes the life of Zeynep but also changes the life of Melis. This is because, Melis is the daughter of Cihan and she does not want to share his father with another girl.

In this story, you will explore friendship, family relations and modern college life. How long the bullying of Kerem continue? Can two people who come from different worlds love each other? What will happen when Zeynep learns that his father is alive and standing in front of her? Will Zeynep find happiness in her new life?

Hande Dogandemir as Zeynep
Kerem Bursin as Kerem
Yagmur Tanrisevsin as Melis
İsmail Ege Sasmaz as Baris
Emre Kinay as Cihan
Deniz Turker as Jale
Ebru Aykac as Demet

External Links
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3052000/
Official Site: http://www.kanald.com.tr/GunesiBeklerken

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  1. Does anyone know where I can watch the series in English subtitles. I’m literally breaking my head on this. Please help. Thanks

  2. Please if anyone knows where to watch this tv show in English subtitles it will be perfect, I love this tv show so much and it will be very helpful if someone could help me out

  3. I think they should close that college and turn it into a mental hospital, almost all characters are criminal or psycho. Not even a normal person

  4. If anyone knows any sites where I can see it in English or Arabic that would help A LOT

  5. Hey guys Ive found the Turkish subs from the TV channel’s hearing impaired cite . I dont know Turkish but I used google translate toolkit to translate the entire file. (It takes 3 minutes). Wheres the best place to post the subs? I’ll post the original Turkish ones so you guys can get a more accurate translation when you translate it into your own language.

    • Hi, please post to Youtube or Viki.com if you can. I really want english subtitles I was only able to see the first episode. Thank you so much!!

      • I dont know it you can post srt files to viki. Plus all their videos on Gunesi Beklerken have been taken down. I have the english subtitles through google translate but they require some heavy editing. for example Kerem gets translated to times or the bounty, or Yagmir is translated to rain and Baris into Peace.

        • Do you still have the files in “.srt” subs in english? Episodes 1-54? If so, I know how to combine them on the actual videos.

      • where can i watch gunesi beklerken 1-54 episodes with english subtitles i am very curious for this serial? please help me

    • Or maybe post to this website but I think you need to make an account to upload:

      • I know of sites to post it on, but I’m looking for the one thats most accessible to fans of this series

        • Hi Sabrina,

          I’m willing to do hardsubs and upload them on dailymotion if you like? I just need the subs or the trans, as i can download the video myself and use your subs/trans English to sub the video. Please let me know if your interest?

          • They’re actually in need of a lot of translation. Like some characters get their names literally translated. For the most part you can understand whats going on, but some of the people who want the subs don’t speak English as their first language, so it might not make sense. Would you like to work on them first? I can open them up to you using a shareable file in google?

            • Hi Sabrina,

              Sorry for the late reply back personal issues came up. If you like we can remake another GB channel on viki but i’ll upload the video so we can have everyone worldwide to access the drama. As for translation we can use the Turkish subs as the main and have other international subs to join as a team to help does who suffer like me lol ? I’m willing to put in the hard work, cos i’m tried of not having any subs for my fav dramas. let me know what you think? my email is [email protected]

          • i am intersted

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