I Named Her Feriha (Adini Feriha Koydum)

adını feriha koydum i named her feriha turkish tv series

Original Title: Adini Feriha Koydum
English Title: I Named Her Feriha
Also Known As: Fariha
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 38+
Broadcast Network: Show TV
Broadcast Period: January 7, 2011 –
Production Company: MED Yapim
Director: Merve Girgin, Baris Yos
Screen Writer: Melis Civelek, Sirma Yanik

Feriha (Hazal Kaya) is a clever and beautiful young girl who lives in a luxury neighbourhood but belongs to a poor family. Her father (Metin Cekmez) works as a maintenance guy in a big apartment block where the management provides them a small living place , at the grand floor of the building. Her mother (Vahide Gordum) also helps her father through working as a cleaning lady in the same block. Feriha lives with her parents and her twin brother and sometimes helps her parents to do apartment chores. She collects the trashes, cleans the apartment stairs and carries out the orders of the residents.  

Feriha is the only hope of her family. She gets accepted into a private university with a scholarship and immediately gets all the attention of most popular students. At university, everyone thinks that Feriha belongs to a rich family because she looks rich from outside: she wears her rich neighbors’ clothes and lives in a luxury neighbourhood. However, one day, Feriha’s father comes to the university to visit her daughter and at that time, Feriha tells a lie to her friend. She gets embarrased of her poor father appearing at the university and that’s why she says that her father has sent that poor man, a maintenance guy, to the university to give her something. This one lie turns everything upside down. One lie causes another lie and many others. This lie also affects Feriha’s relationship with Emir (Cagatay Ulusoy) who is a cool, handsome and rich playboy. They fall in love each other at first sight but Feriha never discloses that she is a daughter of a poor family.

In this story, you will explore a difficult love of Feriha and Emir who are made for each other, yet from different worlds. Also, you will see the struggle of a poor girl among rich people. How long will Feriha be able to continue pretending to be rich? Will Emir discover the truth about Feriha? How will Emir react when he learns all the lies of his first love, Feriha? Will the love of Feriha and Emir stand for all the lies and twists?

Hazal Kaya as Feriha
Vahide Gordum as Zehra
Cagatay Ulusoy as Emir
Ceyda Ates as Hande
Yusuf Akgun as Koray
Metin Cekmez as Riza
Yagmur Tanrisevsin as Ece
Baris Kilic as Levent

External Links
Official Site:
English Wikipedia:
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1826071/

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197 Responses to “I Named Her Feriha (Adini Feriha Koydum)”

  1. fatima from iran says:

    i love hazal kaya becouse she is beautiful and becouse of her game in the series this forbidden love that she is very innocent!!!!!!

  2. finu says:

    could anyone plz tell me where can i watch this movie, with english subtitle or translated?!

    • zoha shafique says:

      You can Watch from http://www.woprol.com n click on quick browse links then u can see youtube then click on youtube and then you can search adini feriha koydom movie in english substiles..

  3. Aya says:

    I love emir and ferhia

  4. Aya says:

    Where can I find this translated in arabic

    • yorina says:

      aya you can watch the movie at Panet.net

      and the movie name is asmeytuha feriha change it to arabic i jst wrote it by english coz i can’t translet by arabic

  5. haseeb says:

    i am pakistani i like feriha or amir drama pls start epsides in pakistan my family waiting feriha series

  6. haseeb says:

    pls strat feriha epsidoes urdu in pakistan please please plesae i like turkish series i aslo like janan domoal ward.nabaz haya. feriha fathma all i am watching

  7. amal says:

    ilove emir and feriha

  8. xunera says:

    i just love this drama….totally worth watching…the acting of azal kaya is amazing…truely an epic love story which u cant forget in ur whole lyf….love hazal and cagatay.. <3

  9. ghanwachaudhary says:

    i love this drama…um not a fan of turkish dramas but um pretty sure,this is worth watching..

  10. faiza says:

    i have been searching this series with english subtitles for days now but couldnt find a single site with this series ….. this is sooooo frustrating … please can someone help me with this!!!

  11. vivian says:

    i love this series and i really wanna watch it but unfortunately i dont understand turkish so please can anyone tell me any website where i can watch it in english or with english subtitles . any site other than youtube . thanks :)

  12. Tapul Baloch says:

    I love hazal kaya becuse of her attitude<3
    her and amir couple is best!…

  13. irrtika says:

    i love drama becz of emir and feriha i love u both<3

  14. Abed says:

    Interested in meeting with Amir and Fariha for a new business proposition and production.
    if anyone knows how to connect me to their email or contact numbers or Director, please let me know.


  15. Abdullah says:

    please can u tell me from where can i get this program/drama on internet and if possible please give me the link also.

  16. Duty says:

    YESS this is really true love

  17. Komal says:

    Love this serial. It has been recently started in pakistan. I want it to b broad casted whole week .. Love amir and fariha

  18. kaniz zahra says:

    i like hazal nd her drama feriha is vry awsum i alalso like her drama ishq e mamnu hazal lookng is vri prety in dis drama i like hazal nd her actng she is vri beautiful i like her sooooooo much…..

  19. Momina says:


  20. umamah says:

    I love emirr <3 he is gr8

  21. tayyib says:

    when ferihas trailer was onair in Pakistan we all were too much happy and decided to watch it.. now we become bigg fans of it.. we do not know who wrote it but its story is mind blowing

  22. Hira Pirzada says:

    Can any body tell me that how Feriha will die in last episode plz

    • fiza khan says:


      Halil will shoot feriha after emir n feriha’s marraige at the wedding hall

      • Dua says:

        I’m the world’s biggest fan of Cagatay Ulusoy & Hazal Kaya,I loveee them to bits & pieces,I loveeeeee Adini Feriha koydum more than any other drama serial on earth.I loveeeeeee Turkey & I’m soon gonna meet Cagtay & Hazal on my coming up trip to Turkey,Inshaa’Allah <# Lots os love for Turkey,Cgatay & Hazal <3 :*
        Like this page,you'll love it-www.facebook.com/caggyhaz

    • Shoaib Ahmed says:

      yes she will die u can search this scene on youtube.

  23. khan says:

    please i need proper web to watch fariha in english….i tryied in utube but failed :(

  24. sweet says:

    does feriha has 3 seasons?

    • admin says:

      The drama I Named Her Feriha (Adini Feriha Koydum) is actually 2 seasons. At the end of season 2, Feriha (Hazal Kaya) leaves the drama. After that, the director decides to continue the drama. They change the name of the drama as I Named Her Feriha: The Way of Emir (Adini Feriha Koydum: Emirin Yolu). Now, the drama starts to focus on the life of the another main character Emir (Cagatay Ulusoy). However, the audience does not love the new version of the drama. That’s way, season 3 of the drama ends after 10-15 episodes.

      • mahnoor says:

        so can u plz tell me that was feriha really died in the end of the series plzzzz rply plzzz

        • admin says:

          Unfortunately, Feriha died at the end of season 2. At her wedding ceremony, she was killed in front of Emir. That’s why, there is no happy ending for Feriha and Emir.

  25. pakiza says:

    please i want to watch fariha all episode

  26. demu says:

    awsome drama love it i think feriha willnot die

  27. ShafiMohammad 4rm pakistan says:

    I shall go to turkey and I want to meet with her

  28. ShafiMohammad 4rm pakistan says:

    I love turkey only for u fareha

  29. hina says:

    plzzzzz i want to see the last episode plzzzz tell me the link from which i can see the last episode of feriha i ve the serial….plzzzzz

  30. fiza khan says:


    I just love this drama n crazy about it.but feriha will die at da end i m so sad to learn that.i think this will not be happen like this its very bad and advice turkish writers not to show dead atleast hero or heroine at the end damn it……………….

  31. jibranbari says:

    I am pakistani your darama is a sweetley and beutiful and emir and feriha very good couple please you join to facebook and your id send my email

  32. admin says:

    Happy news for Emir’s fans!
    Cagatay Ulusoy’s latest tv series will be broadcasted in Turkey starting from October 2013.
    His upcoming drama is Medcezir. He will be playing with Serenay Sarikaya.
    I think, the drama will be very popular. I’ve watched the trailer and I think, it is awesome.

  33. admin says:

    Happy news for Feriha’s fans!
    Hazal Kaya’s latest tv series will be broadcasted in Turkey starting from October 2013.
    Her upcoming drama is A.Ş.K (L.O.V.E). She will be playing with Hakan Kurtaş.

  34. faraz says:

    Love the series…but feel sad about the end ,eagerly waiting for next episode :-! Love from pakistan

  35. mahi says:

    true love

  36. mahi from pakistan says:

    both are very nice emir and feriha

  37. bulbul says:

    Fariha i love u so much..n i love ur serial ur the best..i love turkey only for u..lots of love hugs n kisess mwaaaah!!!

  38. ash says:

    i just come to know that at the end feriha will be dead, but there is no video of that can u please share it

  39. Alisha says:

    U got it contact or anything else

  40. Alisha says:

    Is any One know any real link or any real page of cagatay ullusoy plz tell me plzzzzzzzzz

  41. hafiza says:

    Em big fan of this serial really exicted what will happen next will emir accept feriha will he listen to her oh Maa really excited n i love emir and feriha couple really nice couple zehra aunty is great.. :) (y)

  42. sameera naseer says:

    Its superb drama n i really love it

  43. mano says:

    can u plz tell me whats the end of this drama….how feriha died??someone shoot her???

  44. Nida says:

    hazal kaya and kagatay ulusoay’s i like u both,
    i want know what will be end of this storry

  45. Nida says:

    i have seen leavent will kill feriha in her wedding with emir :'(

    • Shoaib Ahmed says:

      not leavent nida his name is kalil the man who kidnaped fariha and when emir come to help her so khalil also inject him and make him hostage

  46. shahnoor says:

    I love dis series and I love feriha and emir I wish feriha was never died and I can always watch my femir

  47. baby says:

    i love fareeh and emir

  48. Shoaib Ahmed says:

    this drama is totally mind blowing i really dont like dramas more but when i saw some episodes of this drama on urdu.tv so i really get down in love this play.

  49. Shoaib Ahmed says:

    everyone get shocked when they will see the death scene of fariha but there is long story left now so enjoy this series.

  50. Ehsan Irshad says:

    Please some body can give me Complete Episodes of this Drama in English or Urdu mail me at zayanjan@yahoo.com.

  51. leo says:

    will feriha die at the end??? turkish drame k end pr hero ya heroin kyun mar jate hain???????? phir emir kya kare ga???levoint ko saza mile gi?????

  52. Khanzada Masood says:

    Aslam o Alykum,

    This poem is for Emer and Fariha,

    Usey Keh Do Wo Mera Hai Begana Ho Nahi Sakta,

    Bohat Nayab Hai, Us Jaisa Koi Ho Nahi Sakta…
    Us Ke Sath Jo Guzra Wo Mousam Yaad Aata Hai,

    Us Ke Baad Koi Mousam Suhana Ho Nahi Sakta…
    Chupane Se Nahi Chupta, Dikhane Se Nahi Dikhta ,

    Ye Atish-E-Ishq Hai Is Mein Bahana Ho Nahi Sakta…

    Wo Dil Pe Naqsh Ho Jaye, Nigahon Mein Sama Jaye,

    Ke Is Dil Mein Kisi Ka Phir Se Aana Ho Nahi Sakta….
    Bohat Hain Chahne Wale Us Ke Hum Ne Suna Hai, Par

    Koi Bhi Doosra Hum Sa Deewana Ho Nahi Sakta…

  53. jawad says:

    amir i love you <3 from ur biggest fan jawad <3:)

  54. jawad says:

    amir i love you

  55. maliha says:

    hey emir and feriha .. you guyzz rock (y)

  56. eman says:

    where to find the full episodes . and what to type in turkish?

  57. jia says:

    hello ! i just love this drama n emir n feriha r awsum , i like hazal bcoz she is so beautiful n innocent .

  58. angelina ilyas says:

    emir i just lv u ……..u r so cute nd cool <3

  59. zanya ch. says:

    can anybody tell me about the first marrige of feriha n emir

  60. ruya says:

    can someone please tell me where i can watch season 3 Emirin yolu and please in englihs :)… and also who kills feriha exactly..some people say Halil, some people say Ece, and some people say levent? people make up your mind 😛

  61. arshia says:

    I love the drama, I want to watch season 3, buh can’t find episodes anywhere, feriha shouldnt have died, also please cast hazal and cagatey in some other love stories alsooo, I love the couple,,,, I request to all Turkish directors

  62. ansha khan says:

    plz koi batai k last episode me fariha mar jati hai kia ye such hai

  63. saima says:

    i watch feriha drama with gr8 interest.i came 2 know that the drama has worst end,so fr me end of drama is the scene whn feriha n emir wuld get married.I m nt used to sad ends coz pakistani dramas mostly endings are happy .

  64. sidra rehman says:

    i like hazal very much.turkey drams very intersting.i love feriha

  65. bisma pakistan says:

    i love u emir.u r very beautiful.emir plz mujhe apna cell number de do plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  66. Adila pakistan says:

    i love to watch ever FERIHA in urdu dubbing….feriha act cutly.. like emir attitude… hande act very strong..i like her footwear with high heel

  67. syeda rida says:

    i love this serial

  68. eman says:

    luv u Feriha and emir but sad for Feriha to die why do Turkish people mostly kill the main character in forbidden love the same thing happened and that’s what will happen in Feriha too I wish Feriha shouldn’t had died man Feriha is an awesome drama but i hate the ending and I’m happy that emir still remembers Feriha’s love and names his own daughter as Feriha.

  69. lovlixious mano khan says:

    I love dis serial <3 can any1 plz tell me what is da end?????

  70. Hamna Shahid says:

    plz can anybody tell me how feriha died in end?and who killed her?it is not shown in last episode.

  71. Maha & Eman says:

    I love feriha & Amir. it is an interesting love story of a poor beautifull girl with a rich playboy.i hate haleel.

  72. yolanda wistom says:

    Feriha is a true story and it hapend in pakistan but ferihas name was farkhanda this happens at lahoor and im telling a lie a man wrote this story in english and send it to turkey

  73. yolanda winstom says:

    oops wrote it wrong i am no telling a lie. ps emir never wanted anyone to know but one of his friends forced him to and i sow them i was a kid

  74. shazia khan says:

    i like feriha nd levent .

  75. Momina says:

    awesome drama! thumbs up :)

  76. misbah hassan says:

    plz tell me the real name of bulenth in fariha drama plz msg me on misbahhasan920@yahoo.com

  77. Momina says:


  78. valiha says:

    I really love this drama but a very sad ending….aghhhh!! Y is it necessary to kill the most important characters in da end of every Turkish drama n yes I WISH HALIL goes to hell……anyway love u hazel kaya n cagatay

  79. aysha says:

    i luved dis serial seriusly it was awsum cagatay n hazal were awsum love u both ..!!

  80. eman khan says:

    i like this serial but its ending is so sad

  81. Sameed says:

    I want to wacht emir in yolu episode Plz give me single link

  82. shibra from pakistan says:

    hi everyone. adini feriha koydum is my best and favourite series i ever seen. i love this drama.love to all and god bless u

  83. fatima says:

    what will happen in the end?
    will Feriha die?

  84. mobeen shabir says:

    i love turkish actors

  85. mobeen shabir says:

    i love turkey drama

  86. Beenish says:

    tell me feriha drama full episodes

  87. ameermahar says:

    i like feriha and emir both are cute actors in drama in my life i could not see this drama realy i love emir and feriha

  88. apersondwhoNEEDS to know says:

    is there a third season??? is it POSTIVE feriha dies ir is there one of those, oh look nvm shes alive dramtic things????!!! please toell me it is cuz I don’t want to watch the rest if she dies dies

  89. apersondwhoNEEDS to know says:

    help!!! :( pweeesss

  90. Sharmeen Qaim says:

    I love this drama its awesome but a heart touching love story… I am Fan of this serial <3 <3

  91. alanoud says:

    please where i can find (I NAMED HER FERIHA) with arabic translation coz panet.net deleted it .

  92. cutiee says:

    hey… feriha mar kaise jati hai? halil ko to dekhaya nhi k wo marta h.. kya ye nxt season mai hoga k killer btaya jayega?

  93. maheen says:

    Me a great fan Luv thé couple and upset abt thé ending how can i watch dseason2 in English- atleast .

  94. sidra says:

    how come? Is he married to handey after the death of feriha? And how halil came out again?

  95. rum says:

    where can i find the episodes for season 3?

  96. Samaha says:

    In Ishq e Mamnu, they killed Bihter, In Adini Feriha Koydum, they killed Feriha? What’s with the Turkish dramas?

  97. Emina says:

    Where can I buy the tv show on English subtitles pls

  98. shally says:

    can you please tell me that how many seasons are of adini feriha and also tell me about the i really dont understand the ending please reply….

  99. Farah hussein says:

    dears ,

    please I need to know the address of the building that Feriha Lived in ,during the series .

    the Location exactly where in Etelar in Turkey …it will be my first visit to turkey and I really loved this serious and want to take picture for me there to be remembered ,please help me

  100. ayesha butt says:

    anyone meet me of hazal and cagatay

  101. Loly says:

    Hey i want to know the real name of Emir’s brother.

  102. tayyaba says:

    I m from pak n I want to. watch Fareha last ep in Urdu please tell me website

  103. Adeel says:

    Waht is the real end of it serial….?

  104. sidra khan says:

    i love u both

  105. Amna says:

    I am the biggest fan of this drama . I am really in love with adini feriha koydum.I want to kill that person who said that feriha should die in the end and who the hell gave the idea of doin feriha without hazal kaya. Anyway i still wish that hazal kaya could come back in the series when emir is getting married to gizem karaca . He heards a shout of feriha and then its says that halil and ace kidnapped feriha . i would really love this to happen . FEMIR LOVE FOREVER . emir ur the most handsome and the best actor i have ever seen . hazal kaya’s acting is really good . love u guys

  106. fatima says:

    hey…. please feriha reapeat karden

  107. hum Tv Dramas Online says:

    Nice Drama ,, Great Job .

  108. petra says:

    feriha really die?

  109. myra says:

    who killed feriha can some1 tell me plzz

  110. Mina says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song that is played in some parts of the film. Feriha and Emir really like this song. I really want its name. Helpp meeeee

  111. Bozenka mirgova says:

    feriha and emir is so beautiful

  112. Bozenka mirgova says:

    nice drama i love it .

  113. Bozenka mirgova says:

    i am from slovakia and all slovak people is watching u feriha and emir u done great job feriha and emir i love it .

  114. Olja says:

    Shit!Fatih Aksoy is an idiot!I ll never watch any of his series!So distroy a love story,after so many struggle omg this is sad!
    Viwers definitely did not deserve this kind of end!!!!!!!!!!


    • Tina says:

      *****spoiler alert*****
      This is really ridiculous. All episodes they struggled for their love and at the end//this is very bad. we cannot see Emir with anybody else while showing in India please show that they live happily afterwards.. Turkish end is ridiculous.

  115. frheen says:

    please show us fariha season 3 doubt in urdu.

  116. frheen says:

    please show us fariha season 3 with urdu translation

  117. Haqdost says:

    I Loved Adini Feriha Koydum Series But When I heard That Feriha Die in Final Episode I so Confused & I don’t Like to Watch it Again ,, Very Bad Ending , They Could have a Good Life After Ever but She Die in Her’s Wedding , ):

  118. Ghizal says:

    Hey mina jee I think ur looking for mustafa ceceli song ( eksik )…..

  119. MONA says:

    i loved it sooooooo mush I watched it in farsi but after I found out feriha dies I stopped watching it I was upto ep 94 and i searched about it….. I wish she didn’t die. I would’ve been watching it now:((

  120. darakhshaan says:

    i luvvvvvvvv emir………he is the hottest man evr seen<3 <3…….Cagatay ulusoy is my first teen crush

  121. aras says:

    at finally what happened for kolsum and feriha?

  122. Farida says:

    I love Feria and Emir very much love you both good luck all the best

  123. Filipino Fan says:

    Hello, I’m from the Philippines. I watched AFK with english subtitle thru one of hazal kaya fanpage (fb) and I must say that the series is good. Actually, i love it. It has an interesting storyline/plot and it teaches us lessons in life. I really admire how the actors/actresses portrayed their role especially Feriha(Hazal Kaya) and Emir(Cagatay Ulusoy). The writers and directors of the series built a strong personality for both of them (Feriha and Emir) which people easily relate with.

    I really admire/d Hazal’s acting skills. Natural. And so with Emir. They seem like a real couple. (Wondering how they are in real life too..) The way he stares at her, the way he protected her, the way he love her, that’s the way that every girls want from their lovers. No wonder why he so popular in your country.

    And again, i really really really admire Feriha’s character. Yes, she lied, stubborn but when we see the other side, we can say that she was suffering from what she did. She suffered from her lies, she’s hurting but no one understands her. She’s a dreamer and yet her family wont allow her to socialite. I guess and I think, she knows her limitations and yet they did not allow her. I pity her. When she cries, I cried too. When she got hurt, I am hurting too.

    What I hate about AFK, is that they ruined a beautiful love story. Why did that happened to Feriha? Who killed her? Anyways, I think that’s the reason why fans still cant get over FEMIR lovestory. For some reason, thats the magic why AFK still alive to the hearts of many people all over the world.

    I hope we Filipinos be able to watch AFK here in our country. Im sure, it will become a big hit.

    Thank you for the beautiful story and hoping for another FEMIR series!

    Pinoy Fan :)

  124. Filipino Fan says:

    Oooppps! Sorry for my grammar. :)

  125. swety says:

    who killed friha

  126. rehan khan says:

    why feriha die at the end and who killed her

  127. Syed Hashmat Ali says:

    She is a nice beauty queen & plays its roll Innocently & very loyal with love.

  128. Anum Ahmed says:

    seaon 3 in urdu language mai kha se dekh sakti hu plz tell me admin..

  129. sona pakistan says:

    i love this serial,,and feriha and emir aer soooooooooooooooooooo cute really………

  130. Tarannum says:

    i luv u both Emir n Feriha but mostly Emir only aftr watchng the 1st episode m addicted to watch it, luv u both ummmahh…. luv the chemistry of u both really a amizing lov story n also feel sad that she died.lov u Emir i rqst turkish director to make another lov story on both of them and plz telecast in India also

  131. Belal Hussain says:

    I hv watced all d episodes till now.. Nd it quite interesting… Feriha.. Yaar bht khubsoorat h wo

  132. shivani says:

    PlZ tell me how can I find all episode in English subtitles

  133. Kajal India says:

    This Serial is launched in India through Zindagi channel where only Pakistani serials are played…Feriha is the name of the serial and it has been dubbed/ translated in hindi…
    The serial is a great hit already…..
    The tune is good…everybody is acting well and are justifying their roles…which means the Director of this play is very experienced and a class Director…All credit goes to him…
    it is played every evening 7 pm and repeated at 11:00 pm..Monday to Saturday for 1 hour…
    Tomorrow when hande takes all her friends for her birthday to a hotel…they will find Feriha working as a waitress there….
    Cant wait to see what happens next….i saw in the you tube…someone kills her on her marriage day…
    can some body tell me who killef her??? and Why??

  134. angy says:

    initially the drama seemed interesting but then episodes started being monotoneous and its seems more than hope there is despair and feriha though being qouted as “clever girl” seemed to have taken up a lying habit which further dulls her character in the drama as it lands her up in the trouble only. one needs to accept the reality of life which can be cruel at times as well.only then he/she will be comfortable with truth. handay’s character seems to be suffering frm ocd. i wish there was more than lies ocd patients and psychopaths to the story

  135. aastha says:

    hi, i m watching feriha(ADINI FERIHA KOYDUM) from the begining but can anybody tell me where i can find the entire series of feriha with english subtitles. . also youtube have selected episodes in english but nt all.. so if anybody can tell me where i can find the entire series of i named her feriha with ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

  136. merifa says:

    This drama serial is ever best i saw in my life. I really like ot all the characters are best and theior acting is wonderful. Espacially Mahimit ,Emir,Hande, Feriha and Zehra.

    I want to know the emails of every character so that i c an thank them for this all.


    My best wishes are with them.

    Merifa Qureshi
    House NBo-30, Lane N0.5, Firdoud Abad,
    Jammu and Kashmir,

  137. shaila khan says:

    First time I see Turkish drama its fantastic and ossom love story but the end part I dissapointed requested Turkish directors to start the new seasons love feriha and emir bro lots of love to you all and blessings for your future bright…

  138. ash says:

    I have started watching this serial on zindagi which is dubbed in hindi.-

    Honeslty I like this show but the charactor of feriha is nothing coming out strong-

    Ferihas mother -zaira is really doing justice with her role and acting.

    Feriha is basically lying to everyone ,she does not have any regards for her family ,getting accepted in a private university and getting into an affair shows she is not very focused in her life because the background she comes from -She wants to be popular -The charactor is not genuine. I understand people lie ,and get flattered by these rich kids life style ,big cars ,fancy clothing ,luxirious homes but one does not tell there rich friends that there mother is there maid and getting ashamed of ones father.

    She is not even honest with halil her finaice who loves her for what she is not like amer who still does not her real background.

    The way feriha talks to her twin brother -mehmet its really rude-I know one gets tempted by luxury but she forget all her family values just by going to a private university-she is playing the lead i was expecting her to be more strong and honest.

    emer is only passing time in life ,he knows his dad is rich and he is spoilt-halil is hard working ,he has his own shop , honest and loves feriha for what she is -He helped mehmet –

    Feriha is very selfish-her over all charactor shows selfishness and arrogange , ashahmed of her own heritage and background ,running from reality .

    Her mother-vahide gordum is the best charactor-on the show- There are so many people who feel ashame but they dont run from reality.

    emer charactor is boring and so is corai -they always talk about feriha and stupid topics-

    feriha should tell emer the truth or halil-she cant do this-it is going againts her charactor –

  139. deepshikha says:

    i likr this drama so much..my entire family is a huge fan of this series….this is d first turkish drama dat m watching…nd be4 feriha no turkish drama has been aired in India..dis is very diffrnt 4m Indian series…hazal has done a grt job…it is difficult to portray such a chracter….feriha is a difficult chatacter to understand…sometimes she seems to be selfish….b’t it is also true dat d university where she studies…d ppl wid whom she needs to interact..it is difficult confess her truth..it takes courage to show her reality
    we r fond of such chracters who r selfless..who r jst living 4 nly others..i like dis drama bcz its showing d reality ….evry1 can not be selfless…..m a huge fan of hazal kaya…she has rly done a grt job….she has beautifully portrayed d character…even evry1 in d series has done a gry job.

  140. Kazi says:

    *****spoiler alert*****
    I started watching feriha from in between the episodes and so I have missed the starting of the series.
    I love this series and I really want to see the whole series without missing anything. So please can anyone help me to find all the episodes in hindi dubbing.

    I am a big fan of emir (cagatay ulusoy) and feriha (hazal kaya).
    Love them both

    I must say that emir and feriha are outstanding. Their couple is cute and lovely.
    I just came out reading that feriha died, this is really painful.

    Some one please do give me the link to watch all the episodes of feriha

  141. zahid ali says:

    i love this sariel.

  142. dolly says:

    *****spoiler alert*****
    I also watch this series on zindagi..
    I love the couple emir n feriha..
    the problem in this series was lots of misunderstand ings …and the end was wrost by feriha’s death.
    they should end it as a happy ending..
    n after ferihas death season 3 was so boring..
    I really wish to change the end..but simply can’t
    wish to see hazal n cagatay again together..
    n that too also get published in English or Hindi
    love femir..

  143. Neda says:

    AFK is one of the best series EVER….FEMIR/ Cagatay & Hazal are just magic together & would love to see them together on screen again!! 👌💖💖

  144. feriha lover says:

    *****spoiler alert*****
    Hey can tell me who shoot feriha ? Plzz

  145. KANCHAN says:

    I love this show feriha .
    I want all its written episodes in English. Will you please send me.

  146. abdul says:

    I love this show i m nw fan of feriha n emir.i likes feriha n emir too.It looks they r real couples .it is my best love story ever.i never watches serial but when i watch feriha’s 1st episode i gets addicted…..nw still i m watchng all the shows daily…..sound story plot charactrr evry thng is owsm….i cried when i saw its 1 st episode….how she struggle while having poor …..she lies coz she is a dreamer……finally feriha n emir u will remain for ever in my heart

  147. abdul says:

    *****spoiler alert*****
    It is not shown that feriha died at the end…….the serial ends there

  148. Roshanara says:

    Ash comment on 30 oct 2015 is the best.I totally agree with him.the role and acting of Fareha mother Zahra is natural sanem and aysun are pretty handy boring.Levant is honest and same inside and outside.

  149. Dulal Ali says:

    plz somebody send me the written episodes or the link…i want to read it after 10-15 years……love u hazal…if someday i go to Turkey i will at least try to meet you…

  150. Zack says:

    *****spoiler alert*****
    please I want the written dialogue of the last botun in which feriha died.. (in the turkish language)
    please if somebody can help me have it or find it, kindly send me email to:

    many thanks in advance

  151. miss nobody says:

    *****spoiler alert*****
    who killed fariha on her wedding day…
    while dancing in the last episode of season 3?

  152. miss nobody says:

    season 2*

  153. Ijaz Ahmad says:

    salam… Feriha my most favorite character…she and Emir did alot for thier love…i saw Turkish culture from so close…the Drama showed it quite easily…hope we may get these kind of dramas more… Allah hafiz…

  154. Su Gupta says:

    *****spoiler alert*****
    Congratulations to this wonderful play ‘fetriha’. Well written, directed & executed.Fantastic acting by all the characters.Ending was a bit abrupt , the director lost it completely. Death of Feriha was not required, it appears the director got bored. Hoping to see more Turkish plays with happy endings ,for a change.

  155. Sakshi says:

    i have been searching this series with english subtitles for days now but couldnt find a single site with this series ….. this is sooooo frustrating … please can someone help me with this!!!

  156. Sakshi says:

    *****spoiler alert*****
    Awesome love story…..but not happy with the ending as people r writing plz make ending happy
    I just love this drama n crazy about it.but feriha will die at da end i m so sad to learn that.i think this will not be happen like this its very bad and advice turkish writers not to show dead atleast hero or heroine at the end damn it……………….

  157. Pankaj pathak says:

    I am indian. Live in bhopal. I love emir & fariha.i like turky.
    –Pankaj Pathak

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