Kurt Seyit and Shura

Original Title: Kurt Seyit ve Sura
English Title: Kurt Seyit and Shura
Also Known As: Kurt Seyit and Sura
Genre: Drama,
Romance, History
Episodes: 21
Broadcast Network: Star TV
Broadcast Period: March 4, 2014 – November 20, 2014
Production Company: Ay Yapim
Director: Hilal Saral
Screen Writer: Ece Yorenc


Kurt Seyit (Kivanc Tatlitug) is a womanizing lieutenant who is the first son of a rich Crimean landowner of Turkish origin. He is so handsome and successful. Shura (Farah Zeynep Abdullah), on the other hand, is the beautiful daughter of a noble Russian family. She is so naïve and beautiful.

These two young persons meet at a ball in St. Petersburg. Before Shura comes to the ball, Kurt Seyit makes a bet with his friends and tells them he will manage to kiss the first girl who enters the room. And then Shura joins the ball. When Kurt Seyit sees Shura, he develops a crush on her. At the same time, Shura falls in love with him at first sight and can’t get him out of her mind.

Although Kurt Seyit and Shura start to love each other to death, they have to endure obstacles in front of their ways. Kurt Seyit has to prove his fidelity while Shura has to learn to trust him. Also, they have to act against the wishes of their families. This is because; Kurt Seyit’s father wants him to get married to a Turkish girl whereas Shura’s family wants her to get married to a noble man. For this reason, they must fight for their love against the forces of family, the expectations of society and the events of history in 1920s during revolutions in Russia and Ottoman Empire.

In this story, you will explore the adventures of two lovers who have broken away from their magnificent lives in Russia and have been dragged to Istanbul. Will Shura believe in Kurt Seyit’s fidelity? Will Kurt Seyit convince his family? Will the love between Kurt Seyit ans Shura manage to stand for all the obstacles?

Kivanc Tatlitug as Kurt Seyit
Farah Zeynep Abdullah as Sura
Ushan Cakir as Celil
Birkan Sokullu as Petro
Elcin Sangu as Guzide
Demet Ozdemir as Alya
Seda Guven as Valentina

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  • baso

    very nice

  • baso

    I love that show

  • mahvash tabdili

    i like most of the turkish series. i love to know where is this film was shooting russia or only in turky.becouse the first part of the film lookslike russia i tried to findout but i coud not . mahvash

    • stela

      it’s in Russia

    • Layla

      Hi Mahvash, saw your comment and wanted to explain few things. First two parts of this movie were shoot in St.Petersburg, Russia. My native city. Take it from the citizen of this beautiful city. The theater Shura went called Empire Alexandrinskiy theater. and it is real Russia. Regarding Crim can not say. I haven’t been there for the long time.

  • ann

    —–spoiler alert—–
    why kurt seyit doesnt end with sua ?

  • anahh

    …….where is xhelil………

  • mira

    kivanc taglitug is the best in the wooooooorld………..!!!!!!

    • mirinka45

      He is an excetionally good actor. Love his series !!!!

      • mirinka45

        exceptionally 🙂

  • mela

    celil is so beautyful maaaaaaaaaan ……..OMG he is sooooo….

  • sina


  • Idelis Palma

    Where can I wacht this serie english subtitled?

  • Deezou

    —–spoiler alert—–
    Did the series end where seyit reunite with his brother mahmood?

  • christina

    please how do i watch the turkish series? with subtitles english or greek? please , thank you

    • Joyce Elliott


  • Layla

    —–spoiler alert—–
    Wanted to say thanks to all actors especially Kivanch. He is very talented as well as handsome. Vary rare combination. I love most 1st and 2nd parts. they are special. The first meeting of heroes and their separation on the rail station are the most touching in whole movie for me. The end of the movie is disappointing. He loved Shura so… much, he couldn’t choose that other woman. She is pretty but too ordinary for him. He is the man with European mentality and style of life. This Turkish girl, forgive me, to say so – out of his league. Too ordinary, too plain. She is too obedient. Shura is his equal. If there was less politic and more love line developed could be more success.

  • Reyna

    a simple *spoiler alert* would have been nice.

  • reema

    OMG! I love this drama soooo much! Its really good and has a good storyline!

  • CeCe

    Super production.., but first part only.. Sayit later settles for less, a bit disappointing and contrary to his original portrayed character – if this happen in real life, should have been left out of the drama/fantasy/ story. Loved the theme score- music. Can the full Turkish production be seen with English subtitles, where?

  • Carol

    ****spoiler alert ****
    I’m watching this series in Spanish. I am so disappointed if it is true that Seyit does not end up with Sura. How can that be when it is promoted as a love story to me it’s a tradegy. I’m very disappointed and don’t know if I will continue to watch!!!!

    • zulma

      the same happen to me. I’m very disappointed with the end of the story. It was supposed to be a story where love triumphs.
      Seyit’s character changed in the second part. He doesn’t fight anymore for Sura’s love.

  • Bella

    Terrible end, seyit is infiel with sura why take other women ordinary no x him I hate the history he is Traidor bad horrible

    • rodica gicu

      Hi Bella

      I would like to see Kurt Sayit ve Sura in english but I could find only
      6 episodes subtitled.
      Can you please tell me if you watched it in english.
      Thank you very much.


      • Joyce Elliott

        Its on NetFlix with english subtitles.

  • Bella

    Horrible end Seyit is Mujeriego, infiel, ltraidor , why choose other women ordinary x him different like Sura, he never love Sura because too fast felling love x women turka Sura is beutifull I don’t like this history

  • Hill

    I love this show but is so sad Sayit did not stay with Sura. This darn show maid me cry! So sad at the end. I’m watching in Mundo Fox. I’m waiting for the finally. I am so captivated with story plot.

  • Cris

    Will there be another part with Murka? This can’t be the end!

  • pax

    I watched Sura and Seyit translated into my native Spanish, and I was very into the story, but the finale was awful. Seyit was a womanizer who never fought for Sura despite her still keeping hope, and she always remained faithful to him. i would have liked to know what happened to Sura? Did she marry the Frenchman?

  • Angela

    *****spoiler alert*****
    SOoo disappointed! The end was horrible! Sura was not in the last episode at all! As a writer, I am sad that the title of the soap, has Suras’s name. As a reader her story of what happened to her, was unresolved. As a reader I was not given the chance to say goodbye to her or know her story after Seyit! Is the ending promotin/ prophesizing and reassuring one must marry within culture, religion,? What about Love crossing all boundaries, obstacles, and war?

  • Anna

    *****spoiler alert*****
    Big disappointment! What happened to Sura? Seyit looks worse and worse thru the last 8 episodes. Looked so much better with the beard.
    I feel cheated. What happened to the fairy tale love story they advertised? I watched the Spanish dubbed version on Mundofox. They showed each episode as 60 minutes minus time for advertising. The original running time for each episode was 90 minutes!
    Great finale for Petro but Seyit ends up with a boring life with a boring wife.
    The budget seems to have dropped very low in series 2. Half as many episodes too. I think it flopped so they tried to save it by changing everything.
    Sura would have been much better as part of the Underground with Seyit. She had too little to do and was pushed out of the story.

  • Carla

    I’m so dissapointed!!!! Saw all the series in spanish and couldn’t believe the ending…at least they could have told where Sura was….grrrrrrr!

  • Mary

    Beautiful but with a very disappointing end. Petro Borinsky.
    won at the end because he succeeded on separating Seyit from Sura. Seyit character changed for the worse, settled for the mediocre, and never again fought for the love of his life, Sura. I guess they were out of budget at the end.





  • Tundi

    Where can i watch this series in English online?

    • Joyce Elliott


  • Isabel

    I saw the mini series on Mundo fox I absolutely loved it! However, I was very dissapointed at the ending. I went on to investigate why Seyit and Sura didn’t stay together and I found out this was based on a true story. Seyit and Sura are people that really existed and the story is based on the book told by Tina suras sister. My confusion lies on the fact that there are two book one by the name sura and seyit and the second being seyit and murca which is the girl he ends up with. So I wonder if that’s both seasons they fine or if that was left out and if that book contains information o what happened to
    Sura even though it shows online she has a daughter.

  • grazyna

    Witam 🙂 I gratuluje przepięknego serialu.Wszyscy , którzy go oglądaja płaczą jak małe dzieci.Gra aktorów lepsza niż w amerykańskich filmach.Piszę do Was,bo prawdopodobnie scenariusz oparty jest na podstawie książki i prawdziwych wydarzeń,czy w Polsce jest taka książka,jeśli tak to jaki jest jej tytuł i nazwisko autora.Prosze o odpowiedź.Życzę autorom scenariusa,producentom ,reżyserowi no i oczywiście wszystkim aktorom powodzenia w życiu osobistym i zawodowym.Z poważaniem Grażyna Papaj 🙂

  • Tarina MacDonald

    I saw this series as a Maori New Zealander, as a fan of period dramas, english mostly, I am now intrigued with Turkish period romance dramas now thanks to the Kurt ,Sura & Murvet series…WOW…as a lover of Jane Austen (especially Pride & Prejudice) the story of Kurt -and his two loves as told in the series but mostly portrayed by all the wonderful actors and actresses of this movie….it has now come to the top of my list as a must see for any period drama fan/lover/buff.of any culture…it helped i must add watching the whole story from episode 6 right through to 46 in one go (36 -38 hrs approx? the addictiveness of the series)…the grip factor for me was learning about the culture of those parts of our world…as a learned social-political scientist this series throws it at you all at once with the love stories of Kurt Seyit Eminof being an added twist, this series reflects well the realities of war, adventure, the testing of relationships whether romantic, friendship, kinship, the testing of bonds, but also statelessness amongst the disenfranchised, the power of unity amongst a few comes out well in this series. too..there are a wide range of achievements in this movie that span the techinical, historical, personal, political, social, economical, cultural, in that regard a great literary and cinematic achievement….thank you to all the actors and actresses who pulled this movie and book transalation off….you all deserve awards…..Ngamihinui o te Atua kia koutou katoa….(the blessings of god be with you in my language)….

    • Uju

      I’d recommend lovebird if you haven’t watched it. It’s also a historical Turkish drama that I loved

    • Joyce Elliott

      I know, I watched the whole series in 10 days! Totally addictive!

  • Tarina MacDonald

    ps…in New Zealand this series can be seen on Netflix.com with english subtitles….again a legendary series…

  • Mafalda

    From Canada, watched on NETFLIX, I’m not Turkish, read the subtitles and watched each episode 2 times so I could see the faces, I found Kivanc and Farah to be the most passionate actors, I could not stop watching them and the story. They were fantastic together, I thought they were a couple. They make a fantastic couple. Checked on the internet that Kivanc was married.So sad. When Zeit strayed to the other women, I lost interest and watched the last 2 episodes, I really wanted Zeit and Suras love to last their life time.All that she went through. I cried for her. Hoping they will do a follow up story, what happened after Paris. Is there an English version of their story? The music was very moving. Mr. Talitug, you have reached your ultimate acting career congrats, wishing you and Ms. Abdullah future acting together, hoping in English.

    • Joyce Elliott

      The author Nermin Bezmin told me there is an English version of the book online.

      • Rebecca Joseph

        Please can you post the link to the English version?

        • Em.

          There is one apparently for sale on Amazon, but the price seems ridiculously excessive.. 😮

  • ***Major Spoiler Alert*** I am outraged. I wish I could get all the hours of my life back after that ending. I don’t care if the real couple didn’t stay together in the end. There was SO much contrivance in this script to enable Petro to hide in plain sight and maintain his place in Seyit and Sura’s lives! Anyone who caught him (like Otman) ended up dead before they could expose him, or they VOLUNTARILY kept quiet and didn’t say anything! The ultimate call of bullsh*t in this script is at the end when SURA herself makes the choice not to tell Seyit, she rips up the letter that would expose Petro!!? Seriously?! Eff this razor-blade of a “love story.” Only masochists want a story like this that doesn’t end with a HEA. Petro wins in the end ultimately because he succeeded in destroying their relationship FOREVER. Blech.

    • Joyce Elliott

      I know, this series was so great, but it really was an emotional hand wringer.

  • Turkishdara

    I watched all 46 episodes on Netflix. I finished last night. The actors were great. The series was filmed nicely. However, Seyit and Sura should have ended up together. I don’t like the theme of experienced womanizer can’t overcome the innocent Companion’s doubt when they do wrong, instead the womanizer settles down with someone ignorant of his past and ways. Seyit should’ve gotten over himself and kept his promises to Sura. Murka should not have continued with the marriage ceremony. She is not an innocent bystander. She is witnessing him say he loves Sura and walk from the marriage ceremony after her. Once, he got up to follow Sura; she should have gotten up and left. Instead, she directly profits from another woman’s misfortune and hat work with keeping Seyit’s laundry still open when he was imprisoned. Further, Seyit became unforgivable for marrying her in the Hotel where he lived with and was going to marry Sura. You’ll be mad with this, but Sura should’ve sent Murka and Seyit a wedding invitation, married Petro anyway at the hotel and had their wedding clothes cleaned at his laundry and had a procession through the street circling Pera and Seyit’s mother in law’s house, Sura should’ve went with Petro to London-later dispose of him if she wished, and mailed Seyit two letters-the Baroness-written Letter and her own Letter saying Petro still has always been there for me and I did it because it was my father’s dying wish to marry this Russian noble, like it was your father’s wish to marry a Turkish girl, who doesn’t know any better. See how he likes unforgivable betrayal when the shoe is on his foot.

    Yahya should’ve just divorced his wife. That was sad, but I know he saw the look on her face every time he touched her. Not cool to make him feel like a creep. He should’ve divorced her early in the marriage. He’d still be alive. Celil acted as decent as he could; I’m glad that at least he found happiness. Anybody else upset with the fact that Guzide left the same day that Tatya died. Fate is cruel. Not that she should or would’ve had a chance to make a moves in a grieving man, but she would’ve had an opportunity to decide not to marry Yahya to begin with.

    Alya was a good character, and she was loyal. However, she and Celil should’ve made sure that Sura understood that Seyit was about to get married. Seyit is weak because his final turn came when he saw his flowers in the dump at a place where your rival who you know is after your sweetheart, also, lives. What I don’t understand is why he didn’t just bring them himself, maybe he wanted to soften her mood before talking to her, but Petro lives there and Tina wand you gone, too; not Seyit’s brightest move.

    Tina should’ve married the poor boy or spoke up about the Frenchman Serg Doreo, at minimum. Hanging on to a ghost didn’t last the way intended for Celil; It’s just sad Tina didn’t find someone in the story’s ending episodes.

    Ali’s daughter is awful, but she must have had a very traumatic time when her husband died; at least she was happy with her husband in most ways she could be. She is a troublemaker, she deserved something more than a slap for what she contributed to Sura’s unhappiness, though.

    Petro, the Turkish Father, Tina, Ayse, the Russian Aunt, the Baroness, and Seyit and Sura themselves were all to blame for this sad story. It that was in the order of the most blame for them not walking down the aisle, though, it can be argued that Seyit, himself holds the most blame for not being more understanding of the need to build trust, not having patience for how long that takes, not trusting Sura, not communicating when he sees or thinks something is wrong-Sura with her cousin scene, believing what others tell him about what’s going on with Sura instead of asking her himself, allowing others to decide what happens with his relationship with Sura-his hospital promise to Tina, not making Sura his priority over all things, not telling Sura about the second plans to marry her was a mistake-like he was hoping for something to happen.

    Seyit does not love Sura. She is a white Russian that was innocent and alluring. He was enamored by the idea of having a life with her. Maybe the last allure of assimilation that he had not reached. Setting was able to secure Sura’s love with his I’m going away to war story and flowery metaphors and letters, but when it came down to it; Seyit used Sura and discarded her like all the other Russian women he played with. He didn’t spoil any Turkish women. He didn’t dare. His heart was always Turk and he re-assimilates into Turkish society with Murka, who can help teach him how to be a Turk through their traditions; it’s just too sad that Sura didn’t realize that sooner or walk out on Seyit when her would be father-in-law showed her how he really felt.

    • Nana

      Oh, so true! AND, to add to this very observant piece, I would say the greatest seed of wrong was planted by Seyit’s father, the patriarch of the family. The unraveling of this broken love story begins because of the poor lessons the father modeled for his sons: the sins of pride, unforgiveness, uncontrolled anger (the unbelievably childish tantrum he has in his grown son’s room when he destroys the beloved music box from the Tsar along with everything else in his son’s room), stubbornness, lust (encouraging his sons to “have their way” with women of other races, but not those of their own tribe – a godly father would teach honoring all women). The unwise father allowed his roots to rule his character, rather than unconditionally loving all the beautiful sons God had given him. You know that the real Seyit committee suicide, right? The poor man could not have been too happy with his life’s decisions.

      • Joyce Elliott

        I agree with everything you said.

      • Britney

        Does anyone know if they’ll make a season 3? It seems cruel to give Seyit a happy ending but not Sura. 🙁 Bummed it ended the way it did but I know in real life Sura ended up in Los Angeles sometime after she was in Paris. I think it would be a beautiful story considering that WW2 was about to happen and the love and heart ache that comes with.

    • Rebecca Joseph

      Very well written. So true that in the end he used and discarded Sura though she gave up everything for him. He changed when he came to live in the hotel . Why did it take someone else to convince him to marry Sura? I so wish I could read the book to see what really happened.

  • livedwell

    Watching this on Netflix and LOVE IT. The acting is excellent, scenery outstanding and there are no words for the costumes. It’s a bit contrived at points but is well worth watching. Netflix is running more of these like Magnificent Century which enable viewers to see how other cultures live. Kudos Netflix!

  • Sharon

    The worst ending of a show ever! 46 episodes to find out they end up not together? How cruel!!!! Are you kidding me?????? I feel wounded. I loved the show, loved Kivanc, and learned so much, but the pain…

    • Joyce Elliott

      Sharon, I know how you feel! I actually watched all 46 episodes in 10 days. I am telling everyone to watch the series, so we all can compare notes.

  • Rebecca Joseph

    The tenderness Seyit had for Sura in the first two episodes should have continued but instead he disappointed her with marrying another woman. They struggled through so many experiences but in the end he wronged her by marrying Murvet. That was something she never thought he would do. They both should never have allowed others to tell them negative things about each other. Petro was always around like a snake dropping venomous words very subtly. Seyit should have asked Sura if she was seeing someone directly instead of allowing himself to be persuaded that Sura was in love with someone else . It has been 3 days since I saw this but so disappointed and saddened by them not ending up together. Where could I find an English version of the book written by Nermin Bezmen?

  • rolf5

    what is the name of Cecil’s temporary wife? name as character and as actress? thanks

  • MD NFS

    Loved it. Romantic young love vs practical love and tradition. Hoping for season 2 and what becomes of Sura–and look at Kivanc Tatlitug and his lovely wife.

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