Engin Akyurek


Name: Engin Akyurek
Birthdate: October 12, 1981
Birthplace: Ankara, Turkey
Height: 1,87 m
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: Ankara University Faculty of Languages History and Geography – History Department (Ankara Universitesi Dil ve Tarih-Cografya Fakultesi Tarih Bolumu)
Talent Agency: Artistanbul Management
Biography: Engin Akyurek was born on October 12, 1981 in Ankara. He is originally from Erzincan, Tercan. His father is a public servant while his mother is a housewife. Engin Akyurek started to be interested in theatre while he was going to high school. He started his acting career after attending a TV show named Stars of Turkey (Turkiye’nin Yildizlari) in 2004. He became the first ranking in that TV show and started his TV career. His first role on TV was Foreign Groom (Yabanci Damat) but he became very popular with his role Kerim in popular Turkish drama What is Fatmagul’s Fault? (Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne).

Engin Akyurek Tv Series / Movies

Engin Akyurek


  • 2018 – Silence (Sessizlik)
  • 2023 – Untimely (Zamansiz)


  • 2006 – Cinema Writers Association Awards – The Most Promising Actor (Destiny)
  • 2007 – CASOD Acting Awards – The Most Promising Actor (Destiny)
  • 2011 – Kadir Has University Most Special Names of the Year – Most Special TV Actor (What is the Fault of Fatmagul?)
  • 2011 – Televizyon Best Awards – Best Actor (What is the Fault of Fatmagul?)
  • 2012 – AyakliGazete .com Television Stars of the Year – Best Actor (What is the Fault of Fatmagul?)
  • 2012 – Televizyon Best Awards – Best Actor (What is the Fault of Fatmagul?)
  • 2014 – Televizyon Best Awards – Best Actor (Black Money Love)
  • 2015 – Uludag Universitesi 10th Marconi Awards – Best Actor (Black Money Love)
  • 2015 – 10th International Seoul Drama Awards – Best Actor
  • 2015 – 4th Kristal Mouse Awards – Best Actor (Black Money Love)
  • 2017 – 44th Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards – Miracle Makers
  • 2017 – Peru Latina Turkish Awards – Best Actor
  • 2019 – 24. Sadri Alisik Awards – Ayhan Isik Special Award
  • 2020 – 3rd International Izmir Film Festival – Best Actor (The Ambassador’s Daughter)

Theatre Plays

2006 – Romantika


Instagram: Instagram – enginakyurek

Weight: 82 Kg
Horoscope: Libra

From the interview with Engin Akyurek (with English Subtitle)

Engin Akyurek’s photo shooting backstage

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  1. I never like watching series it’s boring me until I watched KPA. I was amazed in your acting very natural. I think you are one of the best drama actor in Turkish. I consider you as the most charming actor got a good personality and very talented.
    I hope for you success in any project. I congratulate you for being a good writer also a humanitarian and a good actor. I enjoy ready Silence thanks for the English translation. Hope the new book will been translate in Englisn. May God bless you as a good actor writer and screen writer.

  2. Que dire sur Engin AK.?
    IL EST FABULEUX. TALENTUEUX.. un vrai sucre d’orge, un infini de tendresse, de qualité, d’émotion et de désir! Son sourire est un bouquet de roses rouges, son visage un paysage givré de cartes de Noël, ses cheveux l’onde de la nuit déployant ses étoiles !
    Engin, nous offre tout au long du passage un florilège de sentiments retranscrits par son visage, son regard, son attitude tellement son jeu sonne la réalité !
    A travers son style personnel et ses résultats exceptionnels, il est l’incarnation même de la performance pure, de l’intégrité et de l’esprit, de la simplicité, de l’amour du partage et du sacrifice et de la liberté !
    On le sent tantôt Amoureux, tantôt Heureux, tantôt Furieux. De toute évidence, la puissance et l’énergie qu’il dégage font déjà de lui un protagoniste extrêmement influent et unique !


    Jamais un autre Acteur n’avait eu autant d’emprise sur moi ni même FAN. Le 12 Octobre est un jour spécial pour moi aussi, car je suis née le 10/10 et il est un plus pour moi !!!


  3. Ahmet Katiksiz you are the most fantastic Actor on Screen,My Family looks forward to watching you on Netflix and talking about you What A Great actor please keep it up we are always looking for your Shows

  4. Good day…i fell in live with your acting skills Mr Engin.I m a ardent fan of your expression of emotions.In my POV u stand a great chance to do many Hollywood star.Enjoy life and i respect your preferance to not opt to social media.Love u…frm Malaysia Usha Devi.

  5. excuse me engin i did not have word which is epress u, so please all writer just write about engin natural ability day to day

  6. Engin Akyurek you are the most popular Turkish actor in Pakistan people love your show fatmagul and kara para ask here. U are fabulous as kerim and omer demir. Please fo visit Pakistan one dat! It will be a gift to all yoyr fans there 🙂

  7. We watch your dirilis. Its flames the spirit of jehad and you create a image which reflect true Ertugrul. good cast and true reflection congratulations

  8. I admire your acting, which is sincere and intelligent, so real emotionally that you move my heart. You;ve got great talent and thank you so much for your wonderful creation. God Bless You

  9. Fatmagul just started last month here in Puerto Rico. Love watching different cultures. It is very popular here. Great acting. Engin (Kerim) you have all the women going crazy!!!

  10. I watch kara para ask and I felt it how creative it is .i was really interested with it especially elif and omer even I thought you are couple coz it seams to be really but unfortunately its a movie mashaallah for that may Allah bring you together and create one more beautiful from Kenya

  11. Para Kara Ask is the second Turkish drama -the 1st is Dirilis Ertugrul- which I ever watch, since Turkish dramas aired in Indonesia . I like Elif and Omer very much. They are a perfect couple. Engin, you are a great actor. Tuba too. You both act beautifully. I wish you have great career and family. I wish the same for Tuba and for the other cast in Para Kara Ask.

  12. i agree with Marita every wording, Engin acting is so natural, i am not believe in love, But after watching kara para ask , start in believing unconditional love

    Unconditional love for Engin

  13. i am fall in love with Engin watching kalla paisa pyar at Urdu 1 channel or kara para ask at facebook page, owsome , excellent , no word for his acting, cuteness, looks.waiting anxiously for his upcoming drama.
    Ideal of my life, great great great fan and lover

    Best of luck Engin

  14. mehaba Engin akyurek u r very good actor and when i see ur drama fatima gul such ne i would love to learn ur trikish language.i try my best to learn this language and all the trikish dramas r so rocking

  15. Engin, you are such a talented actor! You are versatile and very charismatic, you have “angel” and OMG, those eyes! Those smiling, talking and dancing eyes you have! Oh, I do not want to forget, you are verrryyy handsome, too!!!
    I like very much your acting in Fatmagul, it is great! I love your Omer in Kara Para Ask, he is really adorable, very romantic! Both are great dramas. Now I am going to start watching BBO. I learned you performed in it a very different and difficult character and did it outstanding, superb! No doubt you are a gifted actor! Congratulations, Engin!

  16. Dear Engin,please let me know if it is possible to be in contact with you . I would be very happy seeing your reply .
    I love you and you are so respectful to me .

  17. Dear Engin, you are great,your acting is great.I was impressed by your character and your acting in Fatmagul.I LOVE your eyes SO much.They truly reveal your passions and sentiments.Adore you!I have cried whenever you cried,but this does not happen when Fatmagul cries. This is what makes you unique.You are the best actor I have ever seen and would remain the best forever for me.

    Wherever you are and whatever you do,I wish you happiness…

    You are an excellent man…

  18. Hi,
    I like the actor “Engin” he is doing a great job in this tv show. He is so real, romantic, and you can read his face if he is angry, happy or in love. Keep up the good work Engin, and MAY ALLAH bless you. I am looking forword to watch more of ur work,

  19. Love ur new serial “kara para ask” ur character omer is totally different from ur previous characters kerim and mustafa u are most charmastic and versatile turkish actor god bless you and give you more and more sucess

  20. once again you have impressed me Engin Bey. i am watching your series’Kara Para Ask’and i love your character Omer in it. its so funny naughty and entertaining. Allah bless you always please always keep doing more work and entertsining us.
    you were fantastic in the movie ‘bi kucuk eylul meselesi’ i cried alot in the end.
    you are a fantastic actor 🙂
    stay blessed! Ameen 🙂
    greeting from Pakistan.

  21. Hi engin akyurek I’m ur biggest fan u are amazing actor waiting for ur new dizi kara para aask I’m watching the promos of it and I’m impatiently waiting for KPA inshallah u will rock again on tv screens my prayers are always with you

  22. Love you Engin akyurek love ur acting in fatmagulun sucu ne and bir bulut olsam u r amazing actor love ur both character kerim and mustufa bulut


  24. Engin is a brilliant actor! watching him in fatmagul and bir bulut olsam and he is very versatile and addictive!
    Engin Akyurek is addiction!
    Goodluck for your future projects!
    May success always be with you inshallah! Ameen!!

  25. Engin Akyurek is one of his kind. First his acting, he can portray a number of emotions with great ease and he doesn’t need dialogues for them his eyes are enough to show his strong emotions. Never for a second did I feel he is acting.When he is acting he puts himself aside and becomes that person. We feel for the character and all are sympathies are for him even if he might be wrong!! Such is the power of his acting.In the few Interviews that he has given one can see how dedicated and passionate he is about his work and he doesn’t talk about silly things. secondly I love his personality Yes he is greedy but not for money or stardom but for characters through which he can prove his wonderful acting skills!! His simplicity, he doesn’t give a damn about the way he looks. he is not a showoff and a very down to earth person.and last but not the least there are many actors who are good looking but not only is Engin good looking he is very charming and captivating too. He attracts you like a magnet. We all are smitten by his charm . I just hope that he keeps entertaining us like this and May he reach greater heights of success Ameen

  26. Before watching fatmagul I’m a fan of Mr.tatlitug but after watching ur serial and ur performance Mr.Akyurek I’m not able to like any other actor except you

  27. im badly and madly in love with you ENGIN bey
    Ur character kerim in fatmagul is jxt amazing
    plz comeback on screen soon all fans are waiting for ur new project

  28. U r the best actor ever seen in my life ur acting is so real i cried when u cry im feeling happy when u r happy im depressed when u r depressd.,only u can do this magic Engin.,im really a big fan of u and ur acting

  29. i dont know if you read these sentenses but i want to know that i admire so much.i want to meet you some day but ilive away maybi some day i will. ben askim her gun sena dusunyorum neden kalbimde yasiyor

  30. hey engin! how r you? I am a big fan of ur acting skills.There r many people in Pakistan who really loves u & your’s superb acting.After watching fatmagul I wish to see your whole series but unfortunately i can’t understand Turkish language.
    Wish u a very prosperous & bright future……….

  31. seni seviyorum engin bey <3 <3, loved your roles of kadir, mustafa and kerim. you're one of the most talented actors to come out of turkey.when I see you on screen I completely forget that you're acting it's as if the character was a real're fans love you lodzzzz. plzzzzzzzz come back to rock our screens. we all are missinggggggggggg you so so're the no#1 and most handsome actor of turkey

  32. Engin my love you are amazing actor and we all pakistanis love and adore you alotttttt you are pride of ur country i heard u r doing a film with farah of luck for ur future work may god give you more and more sucess love you so much

  33. hy my name is ayesha and i like your searl fatamagul you are a best actor your searl fatamagul is a real story in the world i like you and beren saat thankyou this showing ayesha frpm pakistan



  34. love you karim…im a big fan of and beren saat did a great job.. im waiting for your next series coz fatmagul going to end of this month.
    god bless you guys… the whole team of fatmagul done a good job… best of luck engin.. 🙂

  35. Engin akyurek u are the best actor i’ve seen in my whole life you are my fav turkish actor and i love you sooooo much ur serial fatmagul is going to be end soon in pakistan we all pakistanis want to see u more and more plz dnt disoppoint ur fans in all around in the world we all are impatiently waiting for ur new project plz come back soon plz plz plzzzz

  36. Hello,I really admire him a lot. Noe the series is going to end I will miss it very much. He should do more work so we can see him again.Really love him a lot.Want to meet him once

  37. Oh god engin i cnt explain how much i love you..u are the cutest creature of god in this universe please comeback on the screen ur many mad fans are eagrly waiting for your new series plz dnt disoppoint ur fans and comeback soon we all are waiting to watch your charming face again love you sooooooooooooo much

  38. He came ,he saw and he conquered…….this example is a perfect example for u Engin
    u came on our television screen and you conquered our hearts
    we all pakistanis are your big fan askim your charming looks,your powerful acting,your every gasture,your speaking eyes,your hairs,your smile makes u a sweetheart of our country love you soooooooo much

  39. Dear engin akyurek me and my whole family r ur big fan my mom,my dad my sis,my czns,my friendz even my every single class fellow r ur fan me nd my frndz always plan to visit turky and wanna meet u 🙂 i wish one day our dream comes true..we all r always praying for you may god give u more and more sucess ameen

  40. Dear engin lots of love from pakistani nation we all pakistani fans r inviting you to visit pakistan as u knw u have lots of fans in pakistan apart of ur loving character in fatmagul i knw u r very humble person in real life too and i hope u will accpt our request and visiting pakistan soon..may god give u more and more sucess

  41. i love u alot kerim u r soooo handsome sexy and ur personality and acting is superbb i love u and i wanna cry 4 u

  42. O Engin i love u soooooooooo much dear i love ur character kerim ilgaz and ur superb drama fatmagul..i knw u have many fans in all over the world bt i think im ur bigggggg fan among all of them(LOL) ur and beren saat’s cpl is so sweet we all pakistani fans are waiting for ur new series plz come back soon..god bless u and best of luck for ur future work

  43. Hi engin i know u have many fans in all over the world bt i think im ur biggest fan among them all 😀 i love ur drama fatmagul and i watch it only bcoz of you sooooooooo much

  44. Engin akyurek im ur big fan ur drama fatmagul is awesome and im trying to watch ur serial bir bulut olsam on ur universal fanpage ur acting is amazing in both serialz bt i like ur character kerim ilgaz more

  45. engin you have done a fabulous job as kerim. I have never seen any actor who potrays his character so realistically like you’re a great actor may allah bless you and give you more success

  46. Well,engin m a big fan of urs,watched alot of turkish series bt no other actor has ever captured my heart but u,actually u r a superb actor having no comparison at all,i watched bbo and fatmagulun sucu ne and i cant keep my self not to admire ur mindblowing performances in both series,and eagerly waiting for your next series,wish u good luck

  47. Hi i am from pakistan and i love your drama fatmagul and your character kareem you are great actor man i am really impressed to see your powerful acting in drama fatmagul your every emotion seems real

  48. <3<3 Seni seviyorum engin bey <3 <3 love frm pakistani peoples u and ur drama fatmagul r superb ur acting is marvellous and u r amazing one more thing i want to say that ur hairs r awesome plz dnt cut it ever :p love u

  49. <3<3 Seni seviyorum engin bey <3 <3 love frm pakistani peoples u and ur drama fatmagul r superb ur acting is marvellous and u r amazing one more thing i want to say that ur hair is awesome plz dnt cut it ever :p love u

  50. Engin dear im 4rm pakistan dear i want to say that u r very popular in pakistan and u steal the hearts of pakistani peoples with your magical looks and awesome acting.god bless u askim

  51. Hi I am from Egypt and I want to tell u how much fans u have here in Egypt we all love you soooooooooooo much and you are a brilliant actor ,waiting for your next series,hope for u all the best ,health &succses.hope to see u one day

  52. Im frm pakistan and i want to say u r a brilliant actor engin i saw ur show fatmagul on pakistani channel and believe me u mesmerize me with ur acting and ur looks also.,now im waiting for ur new prokect and i’ll defently following ur new project

  53. Hi im from pakistan and ur serial fatmagul is onair in pakistan now adays and believe me everyone is gonna crazy for u engin. Ur acting is very genuine and u r so handsome love u alottttttt

  54. I love ur drama fatamagul u have done a great job in this drama you are great actor love ur acting

  55. I am frm pakistan and i am biggest fan of engin akyurek I love his acting plus he is soooooo handsome love him alot <3 <3

  56. I loveeeeeeeeeee you,i loveeeeeee you,i loveeeeeeeeee u,,u r one of the best actor i have seen in my whole life your acting is superb,mindblowing and awesome i want to see you in more dramas plz come back with another megahit serial like fatmagulun sucu ne bcoz lot of fans r waiting for ur new serial..

  57. Dear Engin there are many admirers and fans of urz in pakistan
    you and ur character kerim is getting very popular in pakistan and now a days every girl of pakistan wants a loving and caring husband like kerim 🙂
    i cnt forget the character of kerim in my whole life
    u portray the character of kerim very well.
    lots of love frm the pakistani nation and best of luck for ur future work..keep rocking

  58. I love ur talking eyes,ur beautiful hair,the way u walk the way u talk and ur powerful acting also <3 love you Engin bey

  59. senden rica ediyorum tuba buyukustunle dizi oynama yakismiyormusun hem biliyorsun beren saatle oynayan kisi kara kurtla oynamak istemez

  60. hello sir!
    i am Maiwand Safi. i am from afghanistan. i saw your drama (fatima gul). I really like tat and i am telling u the real thing both of u r v beautiful and looks very good and act very well and u both r v good pair and i wish u both become together for ever and get married.
    wish u more successs

  61. hi.I just finish watching the series title Ftmagurul and I love the story and I like and love the act of fatmagul and kerim.I did not sleep for 2 days and half just to watch the series in my laptop.

  62. i love you sooooooooooooooooooo much engin because you are a creative and honest artist in every sense of the word you know just because the imagination is impossible to be with you so i hope i find someone like you be the spirit which inhabit an internal .
    have a good luck forever

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