Our Father (Baba) Tv Series

Our Father (Baba) Tv Series


Original Title: Baba
English Title: Our Father
Also Known As:
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 15 – Present (each episode is 120 minutes)
Broadcast Network: Show TV
Broadcast Period: 15 February 2022– (1st season during 15 February 2022-31 May 2022)
Production Company: Ay Yapim
Director: Cagri Bayrak
Screen Writer: Gokhan Horzum, Ekin Atalar
Filming Locations: Odemis, Istanbul


Emin Saruhanli (Haluk Bilginer) is a strong and authoritarian father who strongly adheres to family ties and traditions. He lives in a small town and has an ordinary life together with his family. He is married to Fazilet for 47 years and has three sons and one daughter.

Yasar (Deniz Hamzaoglu) is the eldest son of Saruhanli family. He is married to Binnur (Sedef Akalin). He is obedient to his parents and never objects to their decisions.

Servet (Taner Rumeli) is the second eldest son of Saruhanli family. He is married to Sahika (Zeynep Tugce Bayat) but still needs to live in the same building together with his ex-wife Munevver (Bihter Dincel).

Kadir (Tolga Saritas) is the youngest son of Saruhanli family who is the only university graduate in the family. He cares about his independence and for this reason, he often conflicts with his father. Just because his father does not approve his girlfriend, he cannot get married to the girl whom he loves.

Busra (Ozge Yagiz) is the only daughter of Saruhanli family. She is married to a man whom she does not love. She suffers from physical and psychological violence from her husband but she cannot get divorce from him just because her father does not give consent.

The simple and conservative life of Saruhanli family turns upside down with an airplane crash. As the difficult new life of the Saruhanli family begins, Emin Saruhanli faces the biggest test of his life to protect his family.

After this airplane crash, Emin Saruhanli reveals the fact that he belongs to a wealthy Saruhanli family.

Emin Saruhanli has been living in a modest way in a small city after he refused his family ties. Since then, he has not been in touch with his wealthy relatives. However, his brother and all his close relatives pass away due to an airplane crash.

As becoming the only alive person from Saruhanli family, Emin Saruhanli becomes the sole heir to a considerate fortune. In order to give a good future to his children, Emin Saruhanli accepts to move to Istanbul and take control of the Saruhanli Conglomerate even though he does not want to.

Family members become so excited about moving to Istanbul. They try to get used to their new wealthy life but face new challenges. An ambitious businessman Ilhan (Hakan Kurtas) becomes a big challenge in their way.

Emin Saruhanli needs to do his best to hold his family together while trying to cope with the difficulties in his new life. However, he is not as strong as he has been due to Alzheimer’s illness. For this reason, he wants his youngest son Kadir’s support even though he does not get along well with him.

Meanwhile, Kadir gets out of prison after 4 years. He stays in his parents’ house all alone after his family moves to Istanbul. At first, he wants to live as he wishes and thinks that he has gained his independence after a long time. However, he finds out about his father’s illness and decides to move to Istanbul in order to support his family.

Our Father (Baba) tv series story is about Emin Saruhanli who is an authoritarian father who struggles to keep his family together when he becomes the sole heir to a considerate fortune. Will Emin Saruhanli become successful at holding his family together? Will Emin and Kadir get along well even though they have different characteristics? Will Busra eventually get a divorce and find happiness in her personal life? Will Saruhanli family get used to their new wealthy lives?

Our Father (Baba) Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

  • Cem Uslu as Ceyhun Komurcu
  • Yagiz Saylag Yusuf as Emin Saruhanli
  • Zeynep Tugce Bayat as Sahika Saruhanli (episodes 1-15)
  • Bihter Ozdemir Dincel as Munevver Sahin
  • Ozge Ozacar as Cansu Erim (episodes 1-15)
  • Oktay Cubuk as Kadircan Saruhanli (episodes 1-15)
  • Begum Akkaya as Vildan
  • Zeynep Diker as Zeynep Saruhanli
  • Kayra Sir as Ecrin Saruhanli
  • Sedef Akalin as Binnur Saruhanli
  • Macit Koper as Ferit Karacam (episodes 1-11)
  • Koksal Engur as Mehmet Ali Saruhanli (episodes 1)
  • Nihan Okutucu as Ugur Birmay
  • Alper Cankaya as Ahmet Kalkan
  • Osman Akca as Burak Aslan
  • Renan Bilek as Firuz
  • Umay Anadolu Kaboglu as Remziye
  • Tolga Sala as Kursat (episodes 1-15)
  • Dilara Aksuyek as Elif Paktas (episodes 7-15)


Emin Saruhanli (Haluk Bilginer):

Emin is a strong and authoritarian father who strongly adheres to family ties and traditions. He starts to work as an owner of a small grocery shop and then, becomes a wholesale dealer. He is beloved, respectable, trusted, and a man of his word. He has rules and wants his family to obey these rules.

Fazilet Saruhanli (Ayda Aksel):

Fazilet is the wife of Emin for 47 years. She has been raised in a conservative family and lives in accordance with traditions and customs. She is a warm-hearted mother who has raised her children with full of love. She acts as a bridge between her husband and her children.

Kadir (Tolga Saritas):

Kadir is the youngest son of Emin Saruhanli who is a university graduate. He cares about his independence and for this reason, he often conflicts with his father. He wants to find his own truth through trial and error. He does his best to protect the rights of his siblings and his nephews. While protecting his sister Busra from domestic violence, he injures his brother-in-law and is prisoned for 4 years.

Busra (Ozge Yagiz):

Busra is the daughter of Emin Saruhanli. She has an unhappy marriage with Ahmet whom she does not love. Even though she wants to get divorced, she cannot do that because of her father. She has a good relationship with her brother Kadir.

Ilhan (Hakan Kurtas):

Ilhan is the only son of Ferit Karacam. Due to his father’s illness, he becomes the chair of the family business. He becomes very successful as a businessman. He does anything to get the approval and recognition of his father.

Yasar (Deniz Hamzaoglu):

Yasar is the eldest son of Emin Saruhanli. He has not listened to his father once in his life and carried the weight of it throughout his life. He is gentle and mild. He gets married to the woman whom his mother has chosen.

Servet (Taner Rumeli):

Servet is the second eldest son of Emin Saruhanli. He is handsome and uses his physical appearance to reach his goals. He is fond of entertainment. He gets divorced from his wife Munevver and gets married to Sahika.

Binnur (Sedef Akalin):

Binnur is the wife of Yasar. She has a son, Yusuf Emin

Munevver (Bihter Ozdemir Dincel):

Munevver is the first wife of Servet. She has a daughter, Kubra.

Sahika (Zeynep Tugce Bayat):

Sahika is Servet’s wife. She cares about her appearance.

Kubra (Damlasu Ikizoglu):

Kubra is the daughter of Servet and Munevver. She wants to be at the forefront rather than becoming invisible like her mother. Her role model is Sahika who is her father’s new wife.

Sevil (Beril Pozam):

Sevil is the woman whom Kadir loves. She is a teacher at the kindergarten. She meets Kadir when she studies at the university and falls in love with him. However, Sevil gets married to another man and gets divorced after she gives birth to a baby girl. After then, she dedicates her life to her daughter.

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  1. I am not sure how the voting goes, but this drama series BABA is great, I would vote it a 10 because it covers just about everything from drama, to love, to being rich, to being poor, to Alzheimer’s, to health problems. Brilliant series, lets hope it gets more top votes.

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