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Love Me As I Am (Beni Boyle Sev)

Original Title: Beni Boyle Sev
English Title: Love Me As I Am
Also Known As:
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Youth
Episodes: 89
Broadcast Network: TRT 1
Broadcast Period: February 11, 2013 – February 27, 2015
Production Company: BSK Yapim
Director: Cem Tabak
Screen Writer: Hakan Haksun, Mujdan Kayserli

Aysem (Zeynep Camci) is a young and beautiful girl who is in her first year at the university, math department. She comes from a small city but starts to live with her uncle in Istanbul after she is accepted to her school. Her father, Nail (Guven Kirac), still lives in that small city and makes a living by cooking meatballs in his small restaurant.

On the other hand, Omer (Alper Saldiran) is young and handsome guy who goes to the same university with Aysem. Omer is a second year student at the architecture school. He belongs to a rich family and lives with his parents in a big house in Istanbul.

In the spring semester, on the first day at school, out of pure coincidence, Aysem and Omer bumps into each other. They fell in love each other at first sight. Although they come from different backgrounds, they get along with each other very well. After a few days, Omer and Aysem decides to get married. However, both of their families disagree for their relationship.

Omer’s parents want their son to get married to a girl who comes from a rich family while Aysem’s father does not want his daughter to get upset due to the attitudes of Omer’s family. For this reason, both parents strongly opposes to this marriage.

In love me as i am (beni boyle sev) tv series story, you will explore a pure love story of Omer and Aysem who comes from confronting families. You will also discover friendships, family relations, class difference between rich and poor families etc. Will Omer and Aysem overcome all the obstacles in front of their ways? Will their families eventually approve their marriage?

Alper Saldiran as Omer
Zeynep Camci as Aysem
Erdem Akakce as Haluk
Bala Atabek as Fahriye
Mert Turak as Nezih
Burcu Biricik as Seda
Yusuf Akgun as Furkan
Burcu Altin as Reyhan
Altan Gordum as Reha
Lale Mansur as Nadide
Guven Kirac as Nail
Selen Ucer as Eda
Eda Ece as Zeyno

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  1. i feel so so sad that this beautiful series has been removed from everywhere. i had just completed my 2nd season and was so excited to watch the 3rd one but it got removed. please someone tell me from where i can watch the series with english subtitles. i have been trying to find it from months but it is not available anywhere.

  2. I wish Netflix had not taken this off of their Turkish line up. I was going for my 4th binge of the series. I know what will happen but I can’t stop watching it. I was slowly picking up the language as well. Maybe we can petition Netflix to reload it.

  3. Where can I watch the 3rd series with English subtitles as Netflix removed the program and I hadn’t finished it.. please anyone have any links?

  4. I love this series
    But I can’t seem to get the rest 9f the episodes for season 2
    I’m searching for episodes 64,65,66,67
    Please assist

  5. hi, I writing here from the states 🇺🇸 I loved this series. I watched the seasons during lockdown w/ the pandemic multiple times. It was such a delightful distraction to help during difficult times. LOVE!! season 2 is my favorite.. I didn’t want the entire series to end. Great actors – Alper Saldiran as Omer is fantastic.. the entire cast was great! The series just ended on 9/29/21 on Netflix U. S. A. 😩 does anyone know where the series is streaming elsewhere? Thank you

    1. Me too! Any idea where we can see it with English subtitles? I found it on utube. But not with subtitles. Sooo frustrating! I loved it!
      Any suggestions for more Turkish series? Although I’m hoping to finish love me as I am! Anyone want to fill us in on the ending? Thx!

      1. Hi! The 3 seasons were so good! Where did you leave off and I can tell you the ending.. also, it is aired on but it’s in Turkish. I watch it bc I know the story..ah, I wish Netflix USA didn’t end.

        1. I made it to the first episode of season 3. It was so strange Bc so many characters were gone! What happened to Ayshems father and Eda?
          Who was shot at the end of season 2 when the gun went off? What happened to omers cousin? What happened to sedas husband of 2 min?
          Who is the the child that is with ayshem and Omer? I thought they had one little girl? What happened to seda? Also where are omers parents?
          Was anyone killed with the gun?
          Anything you can fill me in would be great!
          I’m watching it now on utube but it’s all Turkish. Haha! Don’t understand a word but addicted!
          Thanks so much!

          1. Hi! Season 3 started differently.. the 1st episode Reyhan came back & the answers were revealed but quickly so easy to miss it esp w/o English subtitles. 🤗 Nail & Eda left Istanbul & went bk to the village & gave up the restaurant chain..Burak (Omer’s cousin) shot himself at the end of season 2. Season 3 1st episode we find out that he didn’t die & went to an asylum. Elif Masal is their little girl. The 3rd season jumps 5 years. They also foster/ adopt Hacer for a while but she goes bk to her family at the end. Sweet storyline. Ayshem is pregnant again at the end of 3rd season. She was the end of 2nd but had a miscarriage- they don’t show that. Seda went to America to be w/ her sister. Furkan went to the village w/ his parents- seda & he divorced after he slapped her.. ( season 2). Omer’s parents went to Brazil. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Citing mother’s health. The 3rd season introduced diff characters. The love story between Reyhan & Mazar developed which was great. Omer lost the family home & tried paying off the debts of the company that his cousin Burak messed up.. so Ayshem & Omer started all over again in a small apt & opened up an architect firm &planned to build a school in the village w/ Hacer (foster daughter) lives. Season 3 wrapped up nicely & I cried! Lol so sweet. I wish there was a season 4 bc there are more storylines to explore.. oh well.

        2. Kristin thank you so much for your amazing recap!!! Wow!!!!
          Still watching without subtitles! Haha! But with you filling me in it’s so helpful!

          Someone sent me info on how to get subtitles but I can’t follow it. Too complicated!

          If you have any more info lmk! Thanks again!
          Any suggestions for what to watch next?
          Thx again!!!

          1. Hi! You’re welcome! Ayshem baca me a professor in the 3rd season & so did Faryihe. Omer still needed to finish classes- he was in some of Aysems classes. The love story between Reyhan & Mazur was beautiful! They reunited after she left and came back after 5 yrs. I read that the series was canceled so they wrapped it up. Ugh. I wasn’t fond of the new characters in the 3rd season but very talented actors, the storylines didn’t really make sense to me. Oh well. Alper Saldiran (Omer) is my fav! They’re all on Instagram to follow. How do you find the subtitles? I’m re watching the series on 😉

          2. Also the last episode of season 3 it is revealed that Ayshem is pregnant. Mazur, Halyk, Omer & his son open up the archectict firm. The office is on the side of the restaurant. Melda is a new character, supposedly Omer’s foster sister but she wasn’t in seasons 1 & 2. The end you see that they have a party celebrating Omer & Aysem’s 6 year wedding anniversary & there are flashback scenes from the 3 series.

  6. I was watching Love me as I am on Netflix and half way through series 3 it stopped broadcasting and I need to finish watching Reyhan and Mezhats love story. On what platforms is it, where can I finish watching it? Thank you

      1. Hi Kristin,
        Thank you but I need to have English subtitles. My husband is Turkish but he we can’t wait and he translate because I episode takes us 3 hours to watch! I can’t believe I can’t find it anywhere to watch with English subtitles!

        1. Hi! I know! I can’t believe that Netflix ended! 😫 If anyone knows how to get the English subtitles lmk. I’m watching it w/o now and have an idea of the storylines bc I watched it several times. Not the same though.

      2. Ok a few more questions!
        Did ayshem get fired? Why isn’t she working at the school anymore? I saw where she fell asleep. Also two male students giving her a hard time!
        Also what’s the story with omers foster sister ? She seems to want to start trouble between him and ayshem.

        1. Hi! Ayshem is still a professor at the school in season 3. She fell asleep in one of her classes while teaching bc later we find out that she was pregnant. The students, I forgot their names woke her up.. honestly, the new characters in season 3 weren’t my favorite but I read that the show needed ratings to attract a younger audience? Melda the foster sister I could not stand. ( pretty actress and talented) but her story line was annoying. Yes, she wanted to stir up trouble. In the beginning of season 3 it was mentioned that she was sent to boarding school and now re appeared in Omer’s life… she teamed up w/ the guy who took over the restaurants. ( I forgot his name, I’ll look) Omer’s father had business dealing w/ him in the past. To find out that he owns shares of the restaurant chain which ultimately Nail and Eda left Istanbul. Melda at the end turned herself in bc she stabbed the guy. Etc.. dramatic storyline.. I’m happy to answer anymore ques. I love this show and I watched it a few times during quarantine.. ha!

    Why did the series end!?!😭
    Discovered on Netflix
    Got me thru the worst party of pandemic lockdown
    Aack when Nezi died…I thought my own world over (then I looked outside & sun was still shining)
    Aysem moods with Omar cracked me up
    Loved how many times Omar stood up for his wife and their family and worked in restaurants and stuff to make it without his parents money
    Oh man Halukabe everything Halukabe
    Then the wisdom fariyhe
    The relationships f Nail and Eda
    Then Zeyno & Aylin
    Then Sevinche
    Then Mazhur & Reyhan
    Ryhans dad!!
    Really really really really didn’t want the series to end
    How can I get DVD set to keep and watch over and over whenever I’m sad or need a good laugh or on rainy days or when I want to daydream

  8. Was totally in love with this show until Season 3. Major disappointment. I’m just lost. Nothing making sense.

    1. I binge watched all three seasons. I loved it. I’m praying for another season. I’m going to start over from Season 1. Comedy, love, and drama. That’s where it’s at.

  9. What is the name of the composer of the theme song.? It is beautiful and I would like to look for other songs by him.
    Also is there any chance of season 4?

    1. I’m in Australia and I loved this series, the Reyhan and Mazhur story particularly. The music is haunting. It’s nearly a year since I watched the series but I’m still playing the theme song. I visited Turkey nearly 50 years ago and the people were wonderfully kind to us after our car was written off in an accident. So long ago but the music brings back beautiful memories.

  10. I am an American and I love Turkish shows and movies! My interest in Turkish shows started a year ago and I’ve been hooked!
    I’ve loved this show. My favorite season is season 3, I think it’s far better directed!!! My favorite characters are by far, Burcu Altin, Bala Atabek, Umut Kurt, Erdem Akakce, Mert Turak, and Selen Ucer. I plan to watch these actors’ other works.

      1. I “watched” this series in the sense that at one point I couldn’t take the boring long sequences and embarrassing overacting and just zoomed to the end of the episode and as such I enjoyed it. I found the characters — all of them — annoying so fast forwarding the episodes made the series more tolerable. The comic relief characters were so incredibly dumb that they were first to go under the hatchet — i.e. whenever they came on my fast-forwarding finger went into high gear — particularly for hakur, the grubby older student, could not abide him. Anyway, with the 88 episodes watched in this way, i.e., watched basically only intermittently and mainly at the very end of each episode, I enjoyed the series!

  11. So far I am on season 2..I love the characters but Aysham is young I get it, but I don’t know how Omar can take her…she is like a whinney spoiled 2 year old….she even cries like a baby…its like he has a child instead of a wife..and she is ALWAYS right and pouts if she doesn’t hear what she wants…hope she gets better fir poor Omar’s sake

  12. I’m hating the thought of coming to the end of this wonderful show. I’ve loved it so much, especially the romance between Mazhur and Reyhan. I’m praying there will be further episodes.

  13. I (from South Africa)came across this series while I was in isolation. It really helped me through the time indoos. I love Aeshem and Omer love story so much. I was crying when Omer was blamed for a crime he did not commit. Aeshem fainting, sleeping in class, arguing with her husband?? Yes, hormones.i like the feisty practical professor. The rest of the cast was do great as well. A season 4 would be welcome to tell us about Reyhan’s wedding. The green eye baby boy of Omer.

  14. How can I watch it in UAE and Saudi Arabia? I started watching it on Netflix in South Africa, but I’m now in UAE and will be in Saudi Arabia soon.

  15. I loved this show. I love all the charecters and I eally felt the love, friendship and comaraderie betweem the characters, especially Ayshem, Omer, Reyha and Faridae, and Haluk He’s hysterical)

    I am voming to the last epsode, #89, ans I want to cherish every moment.

    I wish a 4th season would be produced but I’m sure the actors have moved on professionally by now

    They are a talented cast and I wsh them very well in their lives and careers

  16. I am from South-Africa. I loved this series so much (chock). I started the journey by watching Omer’s every move. He looke exacly like my brother that I lost at his young age of 31 in 1991. Then I laughted so much when Reyhan became part of the story. Loved and hated Nadide. And new where Eda was going to end up (Neil). Marble eyes, you were such an inspiration and I understood the bossy prof. Lets not miss the wonderfull entertainment that all other “brothers and sisters” gave us. (Beni chock chock sev …. laughing for my own interpretation.. )

    1. During lock down and Home alone period I watched this drama I.e Love me As I’m ( beni Boyle sev) the theme song was amazing . Entire cast justifies their rolls , but season three was left all viewers with sense of incomplition and left with waiting for season 4, what happened to Tolga and Zeno, Matin and Aylin ? Marriage of Mazhar and Rehan , the fate of Fariha, what happened to her life , Omer and Ayshem second kid ? Nail and his wife Eda , why they left Istanbul and how they doing in Ackabad with his brother and friend Halil? Nezih younger brother ? However this drama left with immense feelings , as how was friends and neighbour hood relations . Can we meet with actors while visiting Istanbul?

  17. My mom and I love this show!! We are just confused about something…..Season 2 had a jaw droping cliffhanger, yet the first episode of season 3 didn’t even mention anything 😕 VERY CONFUSING…..Who was shot?? Did Baurak go to jail?? Help!!

    1. When Reyhan came back suddenly she asked Farhiye what happened.
      Farhiye told her that Burak ended up in a mental hospital. Rena and Nadide went to live abroad. Seda divorced Furkan and Furkan went to Akjabat with his parents and married a girl there. Seda went to America to her sister.

  18. Wonderful show, Love Me As I Am. Please film a season 4. I want to know about what happened to all the terrific characters on the show. Got me through the COVID. Please!!!!!!

  19. I love very much the tv series drama in netflex Love Me as i am . I am requesting the company BSK Yapim the director and screen writer : Tabak and Hakan Haksen, to continue this drama series of aysem and omer My family are waiting for the following episodes. After the 89 episode please continue for the lives of aysem and omer and their children.

  20. Hate reading at best of times but somehow love chemistry of this show.Language (turkish ) I gather must be very fluent as I found it very difficult to keep up.Pausing is you,re friend and miss spelling and wrong words used were common to visit Turkey .Love Eysem and omar can not believe how beautiful the weomen are there.

  21. My husband and I LOVE Love Me As I Am! It has gotten us through COVID. We are so sad that there won’t be more seasons. Please bring it back if you can!!!!!!!

  22. Started watching and thoroughly enjoyed it thus far
    Sub titles not always accurate mix up with genders neice/nephew, her/his but I understood what was meant.

    I love the village that Ayshem comes from and would love to visit the location on my next trip to Turkey… Is the name of the village authentic? If not could I have the real name please.

    Most entertaining series

    Thank you

    1. Ayşem’s village is in Akçaabat which is a district in the city of Trabzon according to the story. But it is actually filmed in “Rumelifeneri”, a village in the north of Istanbul near Black Sea.

  23. I liked Turkish series but all their show are cancelled in the middle of story which made no sense at all. I stopped watching them, they should finish their every series so people will not be disappointed. I know lots of people have the same opinion concerning Turkish show.

  24. Love me as I am… My first time watching Turkish movie and I enjoyed it. Beautiful drama series. Greatly appreciate Turkish cultural practices. Congratulations to the cast. Preferred to watch more of Turkish movies… Hope to see more.

  25. OMG I have almost finishing season 3 I feel like crying :((((( I want to be a season 4 so much does anybody know if there is a season 4? Best series ever…… Love Love Reyhan she is sooo cute and Safiye and her husband made me laugh soo much……. Well done to all actors absolutely amazing……. is there a season 4 guyssss ?????

  26. Is there a possibility that Nezih will come back on the show. Why o why did the writers kill him off of all people :-(.

  27. As a former foreign language teacher myself, it makes absolutely no sense to me how somebody could be a translator and not know the difference between one pronoun and another. English 101 or foreign language 101, his, her, niece ,nephew ,sister brother, girl, boy,, etc. are not interchangeable! I love these Turkish series though. But they need to get some accurate translators working on this.

    1. My first time watching Turkish tv (as I am Australian, and read the whole way thru)
      I enjoyed it very much. I am hoping very much that there may be some more series.
      Please email me if so.

  28. My first time ever watching a Turkish series of any kind. Gave me a small insight, to the cultural practices, e.g. removing of shoes, hospitality etc. Thoroughly enjoyed this show, with outstanding actors. Who needs Hollywood? Congratulations to the Turkish television and film arts. Watching from Sydney Australia.

  29. I started watching beni boyle sev a few weeks ago. I must say I really enjoy the show however I am soooooo sad that nezih had died, I loved his and reyhan’s chemistry and their scenes of him running to go to istanbul and I hate sehmat who tried to win over Reyhan, However as Nezih was my favourtie character I dont know if i should watch it anymore, please advise me im on episode 39 but i know Nezih passes away in episode 41!

    1. Please carry on as although nezinhas gone , what they have done with rayhan story line is amazing and you will looove her new romance.

  30. I absolutely loved this series. I watch certain episodes over and over, especially the ones with Reyhaan and Marhzar. They had such great chemistry. I was a bit disillusioned when season 3 started with all these new ppl and no recap of what happened at the end of season 2 although Fahriye told Reyhaan as Reyhaan asked about everyone etc. I guess that was the recap. Omer’s character was very sweet but Ayshem always acted like a brat, always wanting her way and I hated the way she would babble on and on and you just couldn’t make out what the hell
    She was saying cos you couldn’t even read the subtitles so quick. I didn’t like Seda and Furkaan. I actually thought they were a mismatch although his mother was a real witch, he was too raw for her and that would probably have been a problem eventually. But I had a good few laughs for Furkaans mom and dad. They were quite good actors. I didn’t like Omers father, he was just a rude and disrespectful man and also overdid it with his obsessiveness. Omers mom nice lady but also a bit of a snob. I loved Fahriye and Reyhaan from beginning to end. It’s amazing how the actors changed and grew in 3 years because each season takes 1 year to shoot. I loved everything about that whole click of friends. They were really close and supported each other through thick and thin so one can relate. I liked Burak although he turned out crazy and Melda, Omers foster sister, very pretty girl. Even Tanur was good looking but Seda went with him
    willingly in season 1 when she was going through stuff. Tanur turned out to actually be a very nice guy. I was hoping Fahriye end up with him cos she dreamt of him when they were all stoned on turpentine, painting Omer and Ayshems new home. But the best couple for me was Reyhaan and Marhzar. Omg! They were phenomenal. Reyhaan was very pretty and sweet and also very naive but also very guarded and also very smart despite all the funny faces and comical ways. She was very perceptive and intuitive. Marhzar and her made a very sweet couple. I like all their scenes….so sweet and so sincere and intense. I loved them. I particularly liked the scene when she’s about to leave with the bus after she finds out she might not have kids one day……when Marhzar pulls up in front of the bus and the look on his face was so intense and sincere, he gets into the bus and has words with her and tells the guy to take her bags off the bus and then after tells the driver to go. Omg! I just loved how he took charge of that. She already left for blady 5 years without any contact, not again he thought….no ways are you gonna get away from me this time. He was totally smitten with her. He loved her innocence and naivety…he called her different and unique. I also cried when Nezhi passed away but I guess he had to leave the show for something better. I have no idea why in season 3 all those be faces came in. Somehow it seems like Omers mom and dad, Seda, Furkaan, Safiya and Ilyaas Nezhi….all left for whatever reasons. But these young actors move around all the time cos there’s so many series being made. I doubt there will be a season 4. But if there should be, there’ll probably be another few new faces. It’s too late now. Season 3 was made in 2015. They all probably moved on to other opportunities. Anyway, I’m still enjoying the 3 seasons. I loved most of the actors especially in season 1and 2. I think season 3 there wasn’t enough actors for the story.

    1. The change in the 3rd season was because of the channel’s unsatisfaction with the ratings of the 2nd season of the series. They urged the filming company to change the story and the players and include some new actors and stories. They thought this would be welcomed by the young generation audience. The new younger actors were like internet celebrities or the stars of some other teen series. They were not the type of the previous actors of Beni Böyle Sev who were respected actors from Turkish theatre and cinema. The channel’s plan did not work. The new actors and stories were not in harmony with the series and so in the 3rd season only Reyhan and Mazhar’s story attracted ironically a great great attention from the audience. But the ratings were still not enough for the channel so they cancelled the series in the middle of the season in the end of February. This was a great disappointment for Reyhan and Mazhar lovers like me. They were such strong and fruitful characters that their story could continue for a long time but had to end up all of a sudden and unfinished.

      1. I have seen Love me as I am 3 times.Simply love it .Trying to find the name of the actor who played Mazhar, for a very special reason.Can you help me find it?? I have looked everywhere on the Internet but to no avail if you can please help me. REASON ,: IMAGE RELATED TO MY DECEASE SON

        1. Hi. I am so so sorry for your son. The name of the actor who played Mazhar is: Umut Kurt. He has social media accounts.

  31. I wish there was an explanation of what happened at the end of season 2. The start of season 3 starts like a brand new series. No recap… nothing. I was disappointed to see so many new faces at the start of season 3. Please provide explanation of what happened between the end of season 2 and 3. Quite confusing

    1. Season 2 ended where Burak, Omers cousin, went crazy pointing a rifle at Omer and his dad. Furkaan and Seda broke up because he slapped her. She then went to America to her sister. Furkaan’s mother married him off to a girl of her choice in Akchaabat. Omers mom and dad went to live in Brazil, climate was good for his mom and of course Omers dad had to stay there because he had quite a few shady dealings with some shady ppl. The new faces in season 3 had nothing to do with seasons 1 and 2. They had their own story just to have season 3 full with a story here and there. I think they probably had to leave the show for their own personal reasons all at the same time so then the director had to just come up with something to make season 3 more exciting.

  32. Currantly wrapping up season two, helping me deal with the quarantine; enjoying the series. though I think “Baba Candir ” is a bit better, more comical & entertaining. Love Turkish movies & series, beautiful scenery, interesting culture. The shows are addictive I sometimes use Turkish Phrases like. “Allah Hallah & press my thumb against my upper teeth when suprised

  33. Wonderful series…. loved Mazhar and Reyhan, my 2 favourite characters… also enjoyed Eda, Fakhrie and Haluk… can you provide me with a listing of the songs that were played during series? I looked at show with english subtitles, totally loved the lyrics of songs….

  34. Will there be season 4???.i just love this turkish drama.well done Ayshem n omar n the rest of the team..Bisous

  35. I became addicted to this show. Even though I loved some of the characters and hated others, I had to stay with it until the end. I was crying like a baby when Nezih died. But I found that he most probably left the show to star in a movie for which, I reckon, he will receive an award. I found Ayshem quite annoying at times. She was very immature although her mothering skills to her two girls was admirable. Omer was far too understanding at times. I was glad to see the last of Omer’s mother and father. By the way, for someone who said they didn’t know the mother’s name, it was NADIDE. Seda also drove me to distraction. I found hers and Turkan’s acting was a little stiff. I absolutely disliked Ayshem’s aunt and uncle. She was vicious and thoughtless and he was an absolute dill. Ayshem’s father Nail and Aunt Eda were lovely. She seemed to disappear at the end of Series 3. When I looked for the name of the actor who played Reyhan’s fiance, there was no reference to him in the list of cast members. Can someone tell me who he was. I loved him. I’m so glad he finally got rid of the dipsy, spiteful red-head. I loved Haluk and Fahriye. I had hoped they would get together as a couple at the end of Series 3. Haluk grew on me and if you could keep up with the words he spoke in the English translation, he actually made a lot of sense. Some of the translations were confusing as nieces were called nephews and his was her’s and so on. I love the scenery and I love the Turkish lifestyle, at last how it is depicted in these types of shows. It is so different to my Australian way of life, but the basics for a nice family life are the same everywhere. Let’s share the love.

    1. Hello. Reyhan’s fiance Mazhar was played by Umut Kurt.
      I think the couple “Reyhan and Mazhar” was great. I am glad you liked this favourite show of mine. It is interesting to find out how Turkish series and Turkish culture represented in them are seen from other parts of the world. Greetings.

  36. I think you and Umut Kurt are great in Love me as I am, I hope to see the two of you again in another series.
    You have great chemistry,hated to see the series end,

  37. Got hooked on it, but then that 5 year gap spoiled everything! Hoe can they get rid of so many of the characters? Ayshem acting is so amateur, screwing up her face and screaming and talking like a market seller! She made the Turkish language sounded as a no class language! Rehan just over did her acting! Not funny when she pulls the stupid faces!
    Seda had class, just wished there were more story line for her and Furkan. Im still watching on Netflix and hope it’s not going to be a disappointment!!
    Oh! Reha also acted sooooo stupid!! Terrible acting!!

  38. I just started watching the show in England on Netflix but now I am in Dubai and Netflix doesn’t have it. Is there anywhere else I can watch this drama.

  39. I hope there is a season 4 … I am in love with all the characters the relationships amongst friends were outstanding I love how they were loyal and always there for each other… this show became addictive .. I even had my sister watching it she just finished too. I was a little confused about the beginning of the season as well… I wished for Seda and Furkan with all the obstacles that they would have married and had a happy ending as well…

  40. Season 3 of Love me as I am was a total let down,I couldn’t stop watching Season 1and 2.Season 3,the first serie was very disappointing because most of the actors left the show, which ruined the whole thing.They started up again 5 years later after the gun shots went off and it left you completely in the dark.

  41. I have fallen in love with Turkish movies. Love me as I am, I have been watching day and night for three weeks. Netflix has done a wonderful job of providing these films.
    I am anxiously awaiting season 4. It makes me want to travel to Turkey. I was there before it was dangerous for US travelers. Perhaps these films will help to shine a light on many Turkish people who are just like us.

  42. I am so disappointed with Love Me As I Am.After watching many of the Turkish love dramas;I chose this comedy. As usual, after watching series one and two, series three was a big change. I was so upset that I skimmed through it, and decided to abandon the series. How can you leave gunshots at the end of season two, and carry on the season three with mainly a new story, and new characters. Would someone tell me what happened in that five year span,because i don’t want to se the rest. I no longer like it. Who did Bork shoot? What happened with Furkan’s marriage to Seda? How did Anshyem graduate? What is going on?
    Thank you

  43. I just finished watching season 3 of Love me As I am on Netflix. I liked the ending overall but i must say I hated the fact that Tolga and Zeyno broke up – and that too after so many hurdles. Is there truly a season 4??

  44. Sorry, there is one other thing that I would like to say about this Drama. The translation from Turkish to English was not very good. There were a lot of mistakes. In the conversations, they kept calling a him, a her or vice versa. They need to get their genders correct. But, what the heck., I am just happy for anyone to attempt to translate these Turkish Dramas so I can watch them. So, whoever translated ….thank you very much.

  45. Just finished watching Love me as I am on Netflix-season 1-3. I have watched about 7-8 Turkish Dramas to date. I enjoy watching them as I learn about the country of Turkey and the people and it is pure entertainment. This is the first Comedy that I have watched. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found my self laughing out loud at times and giggling like a child the rest of the time. The Romance of Omer and Aysem was really cute. But, I was annoyed by Aysem at times. She was a 20 year old college student who was innocent and naïve but she was playing this part like a twelve year old child. Even when she was 25 years old and a college professor, she was still acting like a twelve year old child. She kept talking fast and trying to be funny when she needed to play the straight part and leave the funny to the comedians. I loved watching Fahriye and Reyhan. They were so funny and their sister-friend relationship was heartwarming. You should have left Haluk out of the show. Every time that hairy faced, blubbering man came on screen, I would fast forward so I did not have to listen to his mouth. Someone needed to shave his head and face and stick a sock in his mouth. I think he is probably a good comedian but I could not handle this type of nonsense. He graduated from college but he ran around blubbering like the village idiot???? Did not get it at all. The man that played Omer’s father was the most horrible man I have ever seen. I was glad when he left the show but I do not understand how he and wife retired to Brazil when all they had was taken from them. Where did they get the money? I am still scratching my head about the ending of season 2 and the beginning of season three. Half of the characters disappeared and all these new characters were introduced. It was confusing and I did not like that. Why did you do that?? Well, overall, I truly enjoyed the comedy. It was light and funny and I looked forward to watching another episode.

    I need to say that being a non-Turkish person, I have not been a fan of Turkish music. It was just too different from what I am familiar with. However, I really enjoyed the music that was in this drama. The song Love me as I am was beautiful. Many of the other songs, and music was really nice. I enjoyed listening to it. You need to keep the person who selected all this music as in my opinion, he or she did a great job.

    Season three ended abruptly and I have read that there is a season four but I cannot find it on YouTube. Is there a season four? I would really like to watch the rest of this show.

    1. Hi Judy Ellison, I too have just finished Love Me As I am/ Beni Boyle Sev series one, two & three on UK Netflix. I am surprised I stayed with it so long as I am not a huge fan of romantic comedies usually, I love Turkish series but usually prefer one with a bit of a thriller and or gangster aspect. However as you say, this was an excellently acted comedy which grows on you after a while and is genuinely funny.

      I do agree with you partly about Ayshem who I too, started to find annoying but then I am aware that I soon get bored of the main couple’s romance in Turkish dramas anyway and the eternal focus on the heroine/ her face, basically. However I came to the conclusion that they were actually depicting the fact that Ayshem was a bit, or minorly mad/ insane. As was Haluk, just a little. Yes, he is highly educated but it is left to us to wonder if he is a bit mad too. Although he often does put on that schtick, on purpose, to get people to stop questioning him as to something specific. I think this was implied, that his friends realised he was a bit ‘out there’ and so was Ayshem. She herself refers, in the beginning, to “my obsessions” which she admits she does get. When she has the influence of hormones or extra stress in her life; then this side of her mental make-up comes out so to speak. Well that was my take on it anyway. Plus she really is naive as you say, she has been brought up as a much adored single child in a small village by an adoring father so she has led a sheltered life and also been spoiled, not materially but emotionally as she is used to getting her own way in everything! This is shown in the early series as Ayshem basically sulking with Omer when he doesn’t agree or give in to her.

      However Ayshem does grow up over the series and becomes more adult. Yet overall she is basically still the same self as is shown at the University when she describes it to someone going for a job there as “pretend to be very serious, they like that”! They deliberately, I felt, show Ayshem stomping along in her high heels because she was never really used to wearing them, lol.

      There is a deliberate contrast and depiction of the different cultures within which Ayshem and Omer and his friends, have been brought up in. Ayshem does experience things differently and seems to live in a more emotional realm than Omer and his friends do.

      This is an ongoing theme in Turkish dramas, to compare and contrast the different cultures and outlooks of the working class characters, usually from the countryside, versus the middle or upper class, often urban characters. It is the classic compare and contrast of ‘traditional’ versus ‘modern’ cultural /family values. Although it is never as clearly cut and dried as this though in practice as these dramas show us.

      My take on Haluk was that he was brilliant but a wee bit mad but he also came from the countryside, near to where Ayshem came from, although exactly where was all a bit vague. Accepting Haluk for how he was: was an example of the group’s tolerance to the viewer I felt.

      Haluk is actually the lynchpin of the entire series in the beginning as it is he who helps out both Ayshem and her father and brings many of the characters together if you notice.

      For me it was Reyhans’ interminable gurning and exaggerated facial expressions for a period that nearly had me giving up. I mean, surely she is more than a bit mad too!

      Again, this is depicting the tolerance of the group to different people I think. They are all similar but different yet broadly agree on things.

      I would point out that Turkish dramas often have a comedy character or duo, in the ancient style of Shakespeare’s plays, there was often a ‘fool’ who comes on and speaks to the audience or clowns around. This happens in Intersection/ Filinta to name a couple off the top of my head.

      With respect, you may be taking things too seriously to be so annoyed at Haluk and Reha, I mean Reha was meant to be over the top evil, yet there were times he breaks down with emotion as it is all based on the love of his son really..

      Reha and his wife (did we ever find out her name?) were hilariously and excellently acted comedy characters. If you do not happen to come from a from a culture who accepts that much interference in a son’s life from their parents-you will find them even more incomprehensible but funny and mad at the same time! But I do think they were meant to be a caricature of such parents that everybody can understand.
      Nb. It was explained at some point that they retired to Brazil as it was cheaper to live there and they didn’t want to be seen by any of their rich friends in Turkey in their new circumstances..

      What happened at the end of series two is explained in detail in episode One, you have to listen out for it, around 1:24 minutes in a character asks another: so what happened?

      I agree about the music in Turkish dramas, it does sneak up on you and after a while really grows on you and is an extra informative key to the action and emotion happening at various times too! ie. It takes on a language of its own. I particularly liked the main theme tune sung by Orhan Gencebey, wonderful singing and baritone voice. 🙂

      Agreed about series four-where is it? This always happens with Turkish series-nooooooooo!

      1. Omer’s mother is called Nadide. I agree with you about Haluk. He is no different to a lot of very clever and talented people – just a little over the top. Like you say, Turkish shows have made me addicted to them on Netflix. Just love them, especially “Intersection”, “Ertugrul: Resurrection” and many others including “What Happens to my Family”. I was pleased when Reha and Nadide (Omer’s parents), Ayshem’s aunt and uncle and Seda and Turkan didn’t reappear in Season 3. Omer’s father and Ayshem’s aunt Safiye drove me mad with their nastiness and ranting. How mum and dad got to South America when they had no money (and were headed to jail I think?) is a complete mystery. On the whole, I had to watch it to the very end as I enjoyed most the show. The title song IS lovely and quite different to the usual Turkish music. Talking about emotion, I cried when Nezih died. I was a wreck for half a day. I thought Rehan and Mazhar’s romance was beautiful, but frustrating when Mazhar seemed to take an age to tell his dipsy redheaded fiance to get lost.

  46. For anyone wondering what happened at the end of series two and why series three seems different: series three is five years later.

    & We get our answer as to what on earth happened at the end of series two 1:25:43 into episode one of series three!

    Nb. I can’t believe there is another series, four and as yet, Netflix doesn’t have it, not again! Nor is it with English subtitles on Youtube.

  47. What happened between season 2 and 3 of the Turkish drama “Love Me as I Am”? New characters are introduced, and others disappeared? It’s almost like there were missing episodes in between?

    1. OK, I was wondering this too, it was very confusing, I skimmed through the next few episodes of series three trying to make sense of it and in particular, the ending of the last episode of series two! But then I gave up after much research and fining nothing except the Turkish wikipedia page for this series which does give some information about characters-but warning-as per usual contains spoilers, but still gave me no answers as to what I was looking for.

      So i settled down to watch episode one of series three. At precisely 1 hour 25 minutes in at approximately 43 seconds-a character asks exactly what the viewer wants to know-ie. what happened at the end of series two??? You will get your answers there. Long story short-series three is five years later..Nb. Don’t tell me there is another series-four-and no English subtitles for it-it’s not on Netflix either. Noooooooo, not again!

    2. I too was confused, I did a lot of research but found no answers. Finally I settled down to watch episode one of series three and at 1 hour and 25 minutes into the episode at approximately 43 seconds in after that: you get your answer. As to what happened at the end of series two. Because a character asks exactly this question! Long story short-series three is five years later..

      Nb. I can’t believe there is a series four and we so far can’t get it in English subtitles, not again! It’s not on Netflix or Youtube. Noooooooo!..

    3. It is five years later in series three.

      Then, one hour and 25 minutes and 43 seconds into episode One of series three-we get our answer as to what happened at the end of series Two…

    1. I would love to see .more of this show, I have laughed and cried, not something I do with many shows now, most of them have no meaning of life, I would love to see season 4, I wished we could at least but the CD’s somewhere, I live in a small US town and I am 65, grew up with Tammy movies, Elvis Presley and westerns. Now TV is such a disappointment. Thank You

  48. Can someone let me know if series has happy or sad ending. I don’t want to devote my time and energy to series that ends negatively. I get involved emotionally and don’t want to do that to myself. Thanks in advance ☺️

    1. Loved it .loved the story. Watch it over and over. Wish I could travel to turkey.trying to learn the language ( very difficult). This story got me hooked on all turkish story’s.

      1. I feel exactly the same way as you Olga and if I was younger, I’d get to see those beautiful places in Turkey, see the people and get to know some of the language. As it is, my son and I use the word EVET (yes) a lot, as well as Gunedin (which is good-morning). Don’t know if it’s spelled correctly though. I loved Umut Kurt (Mazhar) who also has a very nice singing voice, as well as liking lots of other characters but didn’t like a few others – too wordy and cruel eg. Omer’s dad Reha and Ayshem’s aunt Safiye I think. I enjoyed Haluk, eventually. He is like so many very talented and clever people – just a little over the top. I have watched a lot of great Turkish TV series as well as a couple of movies and my favourite was “Ertugrul: Resurrection” as it tells about the beginning and rise of the Ottoman Empire. Very, very interesting. You should try it but it is a very, very long series, so make the time if you can.

    2. I have just binge watched all three seasons on Netflix and enjoyed it very much even though I am an English speaking South African. The subtitles were a great help thank you. I hope there will be season 4 so that we can see the wedding of Mazhar and Reyhan and how they work through their struggle to have a baby. It would be great if some of the characters from season 1 could come back; like Seda and Furkan. Also would like to see Fahriye meet someone.

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