Omer Tv Series

omer tv series


Original Title: Ömer
English Title: Omer
Also Known As: Shtisel
Genre: Drama, Family
Episodes: 34+ (each episode is 120-150 minutes)
Broadcast Network: Star TV
Broadcast Period: January 9, 2023 – present
Production Company: OGM Pictures
Director: Cem Karci
Screen Writer: Gulizar Irmak, Deniz Madanoglu, Sedef Bayburtluoglu Gurerk
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkiye


Omer (Selahattin Pasali) is a young guy in his 20s. He comes from a conservative family. He lives with his father Resat (Baris Falay) and his grandmother Nezahat (Zerrin Sumer), and takes care of the family after his mother’s death. Omer is an innocent, sensitive, and calm guy who finds a way to repair his soul. Since his childhood, he has been following his love and passion for painting.

Omer is the youngest of three siblings. After his mother passes away, Omer has considered his older sister Nisa (Merve Dizdar) as half of his mother. However, Nisa breaks away from the family by marrying against the wishes of his father and this situation still deeply hurts Omar’s soul.

Omer works as a muezzin at the mosque (a person who proclaims the call to prayer for public worship). He also works as a substitute teacher at a public school and teaches religion to students.

The life of Omer turns upside down when he falls in love with Gamze (Gokce Bahadir), an older woman.

Gamze is a middle-aged woman who recently gets divorced from her husband. She returns to her family house together with her son even though she knows that she would have conflicts with her mother. After having an independent life for years, Gamze finds it hard to live together with her mother, sister, and brother-in-law in the same house.

Gamze starts to live in a conservative neighborhood. She bumps into Omer on the first day she arrives at her mother’s house. Out of pure coincidence, an innocent love develops between Gamze and Omer.

While struggling to start over her life as a single mother, Gamze finds an unexpected comfort in Omer’s love, who is much younger than her. Nobody in the neighborhood can approve of this relationship. Therefore, Gamze and Omer try to constrain their feelings, and fight against the strict rules in the neighborhood while dealing with the conflicts in their families.

Omer tv series story is about an impossible love between a young guy Omer and a middle-aged Gamze. Will Omer and Gamze disclose their love to each other and stand for all the obstacles in their life? Will Gamze get used to her new life as a single widowed woman in a conservative neighborhood? Will Omer follow his heart and hold over his love for Gamze?

Omer Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

  • Tayanc Ayaydin as Erdal Aksu
  • Simay Barlas as Sureyya Kutlu
  • Serpil Gul as Fatma Saglam
  • Gamze Karaduman as Sukran Ademoglu
  • Muharrem Turkseven as Sadik
  • Zerrin Sumer as Nezahat Ademoglu
  • Melike Guner as Cicek
  • Cagla Naz Kargi as Emine Duman
  • Ahmet Haktan Zavlak as Yaman
  • Emre Taskiran as Hakan Duman
  • Metehan Parilti as Tuna Tezel
  • Canberk Gultekin as Taci
  • Artun Can Salman as Erdem
  • Ediz Metin as Kerem Duman
  • Irem Tokat as Eda Ademoglu
  • Ali Efe Altunbas as Adem Ademoglu
  • Elif Tanem Olgun as Ceyda Duman
  • Huseyin Ozturk as Umut Duman
  • Eymen Bozkurt as Murat Duman
  • Yilmaz Kunt as Ozgur
  • Aybike Turan as Zerrin
  • Burcu Cavrar as Vicdan
  • Damla Makar as Nilufer
  • Bora Cengiz as Atilla Ozgun
  • Gokay Muftuoglu as Hasan
  • Cagdas Onur Ozturk as Nevzat
  • Deniz Isin as Sule
  • Bora Sivri as Nurettin
  • Ali Dusenkalkar as Izzet Ademoglu
  • Guzin Usta as Safiye
  • Ruzgar Aksoy as Haluk Tezel
  • Erol Babaoglu as Kamil
  • Esra Akkaya as Hulya
  • Ozgur Daniel Foster as Engin


Omer Ademoglu (Selahattin Pasali):

Omer is a muezzin in the mosque of the neighborhood where he lives. He also who works as a substitute teacher in a secondary school where he teaches religion. He has a rich inner world and reflects his feelings by drawing. He is calm, and respectful, but at the same time, determined, resilient, brave, and stubborn person when it comes to his lifestyle and wishes. Omer’s whole life changes radically with Gamze’s arrival in the neighborhood. He cannot give up his love despite all the difficulties he will face.

Gamze Saglam (Gokce Bahadir):

Gamze ends her marriage with a man whom her family never approves and she returns to her neighborhood with her son. She struggles as a single widowed woman in a conservative neighborhood and does her best to get her son used to their new life. She finds it very hard to return to the starting point and create spaces of freedom in her new life. She behaves cowardly even though she has some feelings toward Omer and does not want to make the same mistakes that she did years ago.

Resat Ademoglu (Baris Falay):

Resat is the father of Omer. He is an imam at the mosque. Thus, he is a very respectful man in the neighborhood. After his daughter gets married to a man whom he does not approve of, he never forgives her daughter. He wants to protect his children and does not want Omer to make a wrong marriage. After learning Omer’s feelings toward Gamze, he tries his best to separate them and forces Omer to get married to a girl whom he approves of.

Nisa Duman (Merve Dizdar):

Nisa makes a marriage with a man whom her father does not approve of. Thus, she breaks from her family and finds herself all alone in her life. She has five children. Nisa becomes very desperate when her husband leaves her for another woman. She cannot share this with her father and tries to support her family by herself.

Tahir Ademoglu (Onur Bilge):

Tahir is the older brother of Omer. He is very conservative. He does not buy a television for his house and he even does not let his children use cellphones.

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