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All About Marriage (Evlilik Hakkinda Hersey) Tv Series


Original Title: Evlilik Hakkinda Hersey
English Title: The Split
Also Known As: All About Marriage
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 17+ (each episode is 120-150 minutes)
Broadcast Network: Fox TV
Broadcast Period: 21 September 2021 – Present
Production Company: MF Yapim
Director: Yusuf Pirhasan, Volkan Keskin
Screen Writer: Toprak Karaoglu, Seda Calisir Karaoglu, Ayse Canan Ertug
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey


The women of Cevher family work in divorce law for the family firm. Colpan Cevher (Sumru Yavrucak) is a mother of three daughters. She has raised her daughters by herself after her husband left them for another woman. Colpan is a very popular lawyer and works together with her two daughters at Cevher Law Firm.

Azra (Gokce Bahadir) is the eldest daughter of Cevher family. She has been married to Sergen (Sarp Akkaya) for 15 years and has three children. She has a happy marriage and a successful career. She is ambitious, responsible and strong. She expects that she will be the manager of Cevher Law Firm after her mother gets retired.

Sanem (Gokce Eyuboglu) is the second eldest daughter of Cevher family. She is hard-headed, independent, and carefree. She does not trust men due to her father and does not want to have a regular relationship or marriage.

Gunes (Tulin Ece) is the youngest daughter of Cevher family. Even though she graduates from the Law School, she decides not to become a lawyer just like her mother or her sisters. Despite her mother’s disapproval, Gunes does not work at her family law firm and instead, opens a coffee house. Gunes has been dating with Yalin since her childhood and prepares for a marriage.

The lives of Cevher family become more complicated as story develops.

Azra realizes that her mother does not have any intention to get retired and leave the work for her daughter. In fact, Colpan has some financial problems at the firm and does not want her daughters to learn about these problems.

After Azra and Colpan have a violent discussion, Azra leaves her job at Cevher Law Firm and starts to work at the rival firm. In her new job, she needs to prove her credentials not only to her new manager but also to her mother. At the same time, she needs to work together with Yildirim (Yigit Kirazci) who is her ex-boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Azra finds out the infidelity of her husband while dealing with a divorce case of one of her clients. She learns that her husband has been having an affair with a woman whom he has met through a dating website.

All About Marriage (Evlilik Hakkinda Hersey) tv series story is about the women of Cevher family work in divorce law for the family firm. Will Azra decide to end her marriage after the infidelity of her husband? Will Azra manage to become successful at a new law firm? Will Azra and Yildirim get along well despite their past? Will Colpan manage to solve the financial problems of Cevher Law Firm?

All About Marriage (Evlilik Hakkinda Hersey) Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

  • Erdal Kucukkomurcu as Erman Arsen
  • Bertan Asllani as Yalin Kuru
  • Serkan Altunorak as Bora Arsen / Bora Goktas
  • Alara Turan as Deniz Cevher
  • Esma Yilmaz as Miray Gunay
  • Ruzgar Doruk Ozmil as Eren Gunay
  • Emine Ada Sezer as Mercan Gunay – 1
  • Cagla Yurda as Mercan Gunay – 2
  • Ela Naz Kocak as Mercan Gunay – 3
  • Deniz Gundogdu as Ceylan
  • Burcu Soyler as Funda
  • Ufuk Ozdemir as Ismet

TV Stars Who Left The Show

  • Eda Ipek Sancak as Pelin
  • Gulay Sutcu as Nihal
  • Busra Yilmaz as Zeynep
  • Firat Altunmese as Ural Beyaz / Aztek
  • Mila Kasarci as Alina Beyaz
  • Cevdet Aricilar as Faruk Cevher


  • Azra (Gokce Bahadir): She is a successful lawyer who works at one of Istanbul’s leading family law firms. She is known for dealing with sensational divorce cases. She is a woman who is firmly committed to the concepts of family and marriage even though her father left them 25 years ago for another woman. She has been married to Sergen for 15 years and has three children. She is a good mother and a successful lawyer. After accepting to work at the rival firm, she starts to work together with her ex-boyfriend Yildirim.
  • Sergen (Sarp Akkaya): He is a successful lawyer and academician. He is a good father and is devoted to his children. He got married to Azra after he met her in the law school. He seems to be an ideal husband and father, but in fact, he has a secret love affair.
  • Yildirim (Yigit Kirazci): He is a successful divorce lawyer. He is intelligent, charismatic and competitive. He used to date with Azra when they were studying at the law school. Even though Azra loved Yildirim, she could not trust him. Thus, Azra got married to Sergen whom she considered as a trustworthy man. Years later, Yildirim returns to Istanbul as a widower and out of pure coincidence, starts to work together with Azra at the same law firm.
  • Colpan (Sumru Yavrucak): She is one of the most famous divorce lawyers in Istanbul and the head of Cevher Law Firm, which was inherited from his father-in-law. She is a very strong, and intelligent woman. She has raised her three daughters alone after her husband left them for another woman 25 years ago. She is like a iron lady who works tirelessly 7/24 to sustain the success of his company.
  • Sanem (Gokce Eyuboglu): She is Azra’s sister. She works at Cevher Law Firm together with her mother and sister. She is reckless, free-spirited and independent. Even though she is in her 30s, she acts as if she is in her 20s.
  • Gunes (Tulin Ece): She is Azra’s sister. Even though she graduates from the law school, she decides not to become a lawyer just like her mother and her sisters. She is pure and naïve. She has been dating with Yalin since her childhood.

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