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Tayanc Ayaydin

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Name: Tayanc Ayaydin
Birthdate: August 7, 1979
Height: cm

Notable Works
2004 The Time of the Heart (Kalbin Zamani) (as Cemil)
2006 Coming Home (Sila) (as Abay)
2007 Sunday-The Fairytale of a Trade (Pazar-Bir Ticaret Masali) (as Mihram) (the movie)
2008 Love Hurts (Ask Yakar) (as Selim)
2009 Love, Where Are You? (Ey Ask Nerdesin?) (as Serdar)
2009-2013 Sakarya-Firat (as Osman Kanat)

2013 Love is Red (Ask Kirmizi) (as Ferhat) (the movie)
2014 Olive Hill (Zeytin Tepesi) (as Tarik)
2016 Life Song (Hayat Sarkisi) (as Melek)

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