Love Me As I Am (Beni Boyle Sev)

Love Me As I Am (Beni Boyle Sev) Tv Series Poster

Original Title: Beni Boyle Sev
English Title: Love Me As I Am
Also Known As:
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Youth
Episodes: 89
Broadcast Network: TRT 1
Broadcast Period: February 11, 2013 – February 27, 2015
Production Company: BSK Yapim
Director: Cem Tabak
Screen Writer: Hakan Haksun, Mujdan Kayserli

Aysem (Zeynep Camci) is a young and beautiful girl who is in her first year at the university, math department. She comes from a small city but starts to live with her uncle in Istanbul after she is accepted to her school. Her father, Nail (Guven Kirac), still lives in that small city and makes a living by cooking meatballs in his small restaurant.

On the other hand, Omer (Alper Saldiran) is young and handsome guy who goes to the same university with Aysem. Omer is a second year student at the architecture school. He belongs to a rich family and lives with his parents in a big house in Istanbul.

In the spring semester, on the first day at school, out of pure coincidence, Aysem and Omer bumps into each other. They fell in love each other at first sight. Although they come from different backgrounds, they get along with each other very well. After a few days, Omer and Aysem decides to get married. However, both of their families disagree for their relationship.

Omer’s parents want their son to get married to a girl who comes from a rich family while Aysem’s father does not want his daughter to get upset due to the attitudes of Omer’s family. For this reason, both parents strongly opposes to this marriage.

In love me as i am (beni boyle sev) tv series story, you will explore a pure love story of Omer and Aysem who comes from confronting families. You will also discover friendships, family relations, class difference between rich and poor families etc. Will Omer and Aysem overcome all the obstacles in front of their ways? Will their families eventually approve their marriage?

Alper Saldiran as Omer
Zeynep Camci as Aysem
Erdem Akakce as Haluk
Bala Atabek as Fahriye
Mert Turak as Nezih
Burcu Biricik as Seda
Yusuf Akgun as Furkan
Burcu Altin as Reyhan
Altan Gordum as Reha
Lale Mansur as Nadide
Guven Kirac as Nail
Selen Ucer as Eda
Eda Ece as Zeyno

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    Why did the series end!?!😭
    Discovered on Netflix
    Got me thru the worst party of pandemic lockdown
    Aack when Nezi died…I thought my own world over (then I looked outside & sun was still shining)
    Aysem moods with Omar cracked me up
    Loved how many times Omar stood up for his wife and their family and worked in restaurants and stuff to make it without his parents money
    Oh man Halukabe everything Halukabe
    Then the wisdom fariyhe
    The relationships f Nail and Eda
    Then Zeyno & Aylin
    Then Sevinche
    Then Mazhur & Reyhan
    Ryhans dad!!
    Really really really really didn’t want the series to end
    How can I get DVD set to keep and watch over and over whenever I’m sad or need a good laugh or on rainy days or when I want to daydream

  2. Marlene Williams

    Was totally in love with this show until Season 3. Major disappointment. I’m just lost. Nothing making sense.

    • I binge watched all three seasons. I loved it. I’m praying for another season. I’m going to start over from Season 1. Comedy, love, and drama. That’s where it’s at.

  3. What is the name of the composer of the theme song.? It is beautiful and I would like to look for other songs by him.
    Also is there any chance of season 4?

  4. I am an American and I love Turkish shows and movies! My interest in Turkish shows started a year ago and I’ve been hooked!
    I’ve loved this show. My favorite season is season 3, I think it’s far better directed!!! My favorite characters are by far, Burcu Altin, Bala Atabek, Umut Kurt, Erdem Akakce, Mert Turak, and Selen Ucer. I plan to watch these actors’ other works.

    • I recommend Baba Candir series

      • Thank you!

      • I “watched” this series in the sense that at one point I couldn’t take the boring long sequences and embarrassing overacting and just zoomed to the end of the episode and as such I enjoyed it. I found the characters — all of them — annoying so fast forwarding the episodes made the series more tolerable. The comic relief characters were so incredibly dumb that they were first to go under the hatchet — i.e. whenever they came on my fast-forwarding finger went into high gear — particularly for hakur, the grubby older student, could not abide him. Anyway, with the 88 episodes watched in this way, i.e., watched basically only intermittently and mainly at the very end of each episode, I enjoyed the series!

  5. So far I am on season 2..I love the characters but Aysham is young I get it, but I don’t know how Omar can take her…she is like a whinney spoiled 2 year old….she even cries like a baby…its like he has a child instead of a wife..and she is ALWAYS right and pouts if she doesn’t hear what she wants…hope she gets better fir poor Omar’s sake

  6. I’m hating the thought of coming to the end of this wonderful show. I’ve loved it so much, especially the romance between Mazhur and Reyhan. I’m praying there will be further episodes.

  7. I (from South Africa)came across this series while I was in isolation. It really helped me through the time indoos. I love Aeshem and Omer love story so much. I was crying when Omer was blamed for a crime he did not commit. Aeshem fainting, sleeping in class, arguing with her husband?? Yes, hormones.i like the feisty practical professor. The rest of the cast was do great as well. A season 4 would be welcome to tell us about Reyhan’s wedding. The green eye baby boy of Omer.

  8. How can I watch it in UAE and Saudi Arabia? I started watching it on Netflix in South Africa, but I’m now in UAE and will be in Saudi Arabia soon.

  9. I loved this show. I love all the charecters and I eally felt the love, friendship and comaraderie betweem the characters, especially Ayshem, Omer, Reyha and Faridae, and Haluk He’s hysterical)

    I am voming to the last epsode, #89, ans I want to cherish every moment.

    I wish a 4th season would be produced but I’m sure the actors have moved on professionally by now

    They are a talented cast and I wsh them very well in their lives and careers

  10. Melane van den Berg

    I am from South-Africa. I loved this series so much (chock). I started the journey by watching Omer’s every move. He looke exacly like my brother that I lost at his young age of 31 in 1991. Then I laughted so much when Reyhan became part of the story. Loved and hated Nadide. And new where Eda was going to end up (Neil). Marble eyes, you were such an inspiration and I understood the bossy prof. Lets not miss the wonderfull entertainment that all other “brothers and sisters” gave us. (Beni chock chock sev …. laughing for my own interpretation.. )

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