Beren Saat


Name: Beren Saat
Birthdate: February 26, 1984

Notable Works
Intikam (Revenge)
Aska Surgun (Slave to Love)
Hatirla Sevgili (Remember Darling)
Aski Memnu (Forbidden Love)
Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne (What is Fatmagul’s Fault)

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40 Responses to “Beren Saat”

  1. massi says:

    i lov this actress, sh is very nice,

  2. giota says:

    she is so beautiful and sweet with very nice and smart eyes. she is the best of all turkish actresses..i love her plays iwant to see more in greek tv

  3. mahsa says:

    Her face is beautiful like the moon is very special and I love him very much like an angel and she is nice and simple
    i love beren
    That’s the best woman in the world

  4. carmela_philippines says:

    your great i like your sophitication

  5. irena. a. says:

    it is beautiful girl beren saat and it ha beautiful nose,eyes,



    • arman (from Pakistan) says:

      she is very beautiful, we are seeing his play Ask-i memnu here in pakistan in urdu language dubbing….. here we all in pakistan like her very much ,, her acting , and her beauty,, she has so attraction…. her acting is v good.

      • Zachary says:

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  6. anahita.masha says:

    she is my favourite actress.perfect

    • Franklin says:

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  7. Ali Imran says:

    Dear Beren Saat, we kn u as Bither in your drama which is most heart fav frame now a days in Pakistan dub in Urdu , ishaq a mamnoo , u r the best actress I hv ever seen in my life , all the cast of this drama is best , u ppl won our hearts by your acting , I wish that once I meet u ppl all of the cast of this drama , our roads r quite while frame start at tvchannel urdu1.
    This is happen once in a 10 years and spacily a Turkish drama ppl r crazy bat this drama Bither keep it up love y acting love all the cast of this drama Great actors , beautiful story , fantastic grip on direction , music is superb , locations r nice , dressing is supper , light effects r good and what else speechless , plz reply with your pic for all of my family on my e mail this is great houser for me.
    Best regards
    Your fan
    Ali Imran khan
    Me n my family wish to talk with u if possible please send your phone no we just want to say congratulations to u and all of y team success in Pakistan by your Great acting u r very pauper in Pakistan.

  8. BrunetteBabe says:

    I love her as Bihter Yoreoglu. <3

  9. sana says:

    love u beren,am from PAKISTAN, i lv ur dressing,ur eyex,figure,height,everything u r soooo beautiful mashallah mashallah mashallah

  10. kashmala says:

    dear bhiter,
    you are my most heart favorite person…i am a huge fan of yours…….i just want to say that love you and your atitude…and yes i am from pakistan…..bye

  11. kashmala says:

    dear beren,
    you are my most heart favorite person…. i am a huge fan of yours…….i just want to say that love you and your atitude…:D

  12. meenu says:

    we also love you but why do you do dramas of the same kind?:)

  13. Zoha says:

    Beren i love u you r my fav and i cant forget u you are the best girl i evr seen in my life i just want u to meet me or i can love frome me sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  14. pinksss says:

    i love her she just got the right features for a barbie……sha is smart, cute n charming….her smile is just out of this world…..she is total fashion mantor….stylista

  15. engin is the best . he is so sweet. hes the best. im in love with him. lucky. for a lot of things.

  16. Ali from Pakistan says:

    hy beren i said u Fatima gull coz we r watching ur serial Fatima Gull my mom is ur fan and says to u kareem allgas is perfect for u know that 180000000 aprox papolation of Pakistan n aprox 50% pepole r watching ur serial Fatima Gull.

  17. jasmina says:

    Beren Saat is the best turkish actress end is very beautiful,too. But i love him in “Fatmagulun sucu ne?”. In that story she is very lovely and innocent. I love him and Kerim or Engin Akyurek.

  18. farid afridi says:

    salam dear BEREN
    U R the best of the best
    i love to watch ur performence

  19. Sataish khan says:

    Dear beren im ur big fan i saw ur 2 drama ishq-e-mamnu and fatmagul and like ur character fatmagul most u portray 2 differnt type girl role in both series i hate u in bihter ziyagil’s character(hope u dnt mind)bt im extrmly love u as fatmagul ilgaz ur nd engin akyurek’s cpl is so sweet and cute i wish u both made real cpl..god bless u and best luck for ur future work

  20. doniatarek says:

    ilove beren saat she was my favourite turkish actres she had beautiful eye and brown hair and she was a beautiful human

  21. mahnoor amir says:

    she is all in one

  22. mehwish says:

    Nice beren u beautiful girl in the world

  23. roshan says:

    she is a stunning and beautiful actress. i love her so much

  24. MUHAMMAD UMER says:

    salaaam im from pakistan i watch beren saat two dramas so nice best of luck .my cell no 0923224981018

  25. Momina says:

    I luv u beren! u r so pretty we all Pakistanis r impressed by ur beauty and incredible acting!

  26. diana says:

    hey beren!!!!! i’m soooo happy and excited to write this 4u!!!i’m from iran and i’m 16, i’m one of u r biggest fan and i luv to take an autograph from u but…..i can’t:( but i always luv u and cherish u 4 ur incredible and great acting!!!!! we all love u in iran but because of their poor eng language they can’t sent any comment or communicate with u therefor its hard to sent a message to u:( loveeeeee ya soooooooo much!!!!and take care:)

  27. hina muhammaddin says:

    Salam ,,,,!Such a beautiful lady u r ,,,,I really like u ,,,,!

  28. javaria says:

    hy i am javaria i like u sooooooooooooooo much

  29. shahnoor says:

    Hi Beeren east iloveeee u are so pretty and gorgeous actress..I love or drama aski memnu and I love kivanc and urs couple

  30. mehwish says:

    i really love this actor…………beren you are beautiful princess……..

  31. Naveed says:

    Beren saat ur acting in intikam(Revenge) is out class its unforgetable role

  32. ehsan kaleem says:

    she is so beautiful actress her acting is best in intikam

  33. mehwish says:

    beren you are abeautiful girl in the world………beren is soooooooooooooo cute

  34. Hamlit says:

    Let SAY in one word you are the Best………..

  35. bita nelson says:

    OMG! she’s really beautiful !it’s like she’s the best in girl in the universe

  36. ula says:

    Beren is one of the most beautiful woman in the world, charming and elegant. She is also very talented, her acting is very sensitive and elaborate.

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