Love in the Sky (Yer Gok Ask)

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Love is in the Air (Yer Gok Ask) Turkish Tv Series

Original Title: Yer Gok Ask
English Title: Love in the Sky
Also Known As: Love is in the Air, Land and Sky Full of Love (English)
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 122
Broadcast Network: Fox
Broadcast Period: August 9, 2010 – May 27, 2013
Production Company: Avsar Film
Director: Aysun Akyuz, Atil Inac, Ulas Inan Inac
Screen Writer: Eylem Canpolat, Sema Ergenekon, Berfu Soner, Isil Sonmez Sarhan

A wealthy Hancioglu family owns vast estates in Cappadocia in Middle Turkey. Yusuf (Murat Unalmis) is the oldest son of this family therefore; he manages the family business and bears all the responsibility of the family on his shoulders. Yusuf is very handsome, rich and hardworking. Thus, there are lots of women who want to be his bride but, Yusuf wants to get married with a woman whom he loves.

The life of Hancioglu family changes due to Yusuf’s illegitimate child. The mother of this little boy dies and Yusuf becomes the only responsible parent who will raise him. Therefore, Yusuf’s mother Hamiyet (Isil Yucesoy) tries to find a wet nurse in order to take care of her grandson.

Toprak (Selen Soyder) whose daughter has passed away during that time becomes a valuable choice for Yusuf’s son. Although Toprak does not want to take care of another baby other than her own daughter, she eventually accepts to become a wet nurse and accepts to stay with Hancioglu family.

Toprak’s older sister Havva (Birce Akalay) also starts to stay with them in order to help her sister in this new home. However, Havva is enchanted by the wealth of Hancioglu family therefore; she tries to woo Yusuf by using her temptation. Havva starts to do everything in order to attract Yusuf and sometimes she takes advantage of her own sister. Now, Yusuf finds himself between two beautiful sisters, one of them is so innocent and one of them is so attractive.

In love is in the air tv series story, you will explore a triangle love story between Yusuf, Havva and Toprak while going to the enchanting world of Anatolia. Will Havva manage to become the bride of Hancioglu family? Will Yusuf learn the original intentions of Havva? What will happen to Toprak when she learns her sister’s aim?

Love is in the Air Cast
Murat Unalmis as Yusuf
Birce Akalay as Havva
Selen Soyder as Toprak
Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan as Mehmet
Ipek Erdem as Munevver
Isil Yucesoy as Hamiyet
Tuvana Turkay as Bade
Emir Benderlioglu as Yilmaz Hancioglu
Ulvi Alacakaptan as Remzi
Aysegul Gunay as Sultan
Yilmaz Calayir as Yigit
Ugur Aslan as Cuneyt
Erman Okay as Yilmaz

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  1. I think it is stupid, ghetto show. The love between Yusuf and Havva is unrelatable. Yusuf is really that stupid that he could not detect the malicious and selfish intentions of Havva. He is educated and successful businessman who owns his own company. Havva kept saying love is blind. Really? She dumped his former fiancée once he knew Yusuf. Her motivation started with greed and the dream of grandeur. Havva as Himayet said, ‘So heavy so handle.’ Havva even threatened her, her future mother-in-law as if her, Havva, us the lady of the mansion. She had become arrogant when the engagement become official. It was right fir Himayet to reveal Havva’s true intentions. I was cheering.

    The ending again is stupid. Did Yusuf really died? With all their money, they never thought if hiring security during the wedding knowing that Havva has become a stalker to the point of being a crazy woman. She had proven it when she rammed the car into the concrete. I was relieved that her character ended that way. Not only her character was heavy to handle according to Himayet. Havva was making the show a drag with her spite and crazy jealousy and to top it off Yusuf seemed to tolerate it. During these scenes I have saying enough already if Havva.

    I hope the second season would make sense and close the gaps in the first season like Toprak coming back to Urgup. If Yusuf really died. I hope he didn’t because I wish the second season would tell the story of Bade and Yusuf, if trust and respect should first be founded in marriage. But I would like to add, faithfulness if not to the wife but to the marriage. Love should bloom from there.

    • Havva exhibited manipulative behavior in the beginning. I do not agree that she only wanted Yusef for his money. Yes, she saw her life getting better if she were to marry Yusef, but isn’t she entitled to see a bigger future for herself. Her games to attract Yusef were childish, initially, but she stopped when she realized that she was hurting others – like the two innocent men she accused of assaulting her. She only identified them because Hamiyet pressed her to do it, and she was eager to get in the good graces of Haniyet.. She fell for the trap. She should have been honest with Yusef, he would have worked with her to clean it up. She was young, and did stupid things, having been coached by her scheming father.

      I think that Yusef was naive – he held Havva accountable for her dishonesty, yet refused to believe that his mother could be so manipulative. Even when he saw his mother’s actions, he excused it away. grew a spine too late. As he said to Sultan in the hospital, he is always late. He was correct.

      Why didn’t he tell Havva that Bade was pregnant. He was also holding back information. Havva was not the only person keeping secrets. Yusef kept trying to find a solution where everyone would come out happy – no such thing. Someone(s) is going to be disappointed, but the truth is always the best way to go. The sooner people know the truth, the quicker it would be to find a solution. I guess that was one of the morals of the story.

      I still loved Yusef and Havva together. Bade clearly had mental issues, and had eyes on Mehmet. So she wanted to stay married to Yusef, while keeping Mehmet pining over her. Is that not worse than Havva? Havva only had eyes for Yusef.

      Yusef and Havva could have a trusting marriage if others (like his mother and her father) would stay out of their relationship and stop scheming.

      Season 2 was interesting. You get to see how bad Bade really is. All the folks who thought Bade was innocent and right for Yusef. Turns out, she’s worse than Hamiyet.

      • Havva’s Love to Yusuf is obssession. She is so blinded to become rich, and a woman of the Mansion if Yusuf Love her and marry her. I do not see real Love, honesty and trust from her, her jelousy also is destroying her relationship with Yusuf she’s becoming stalker every time Yusuf were having a company meeting. She is full of herself..

  2. Can’t believe Netflix left this on 110! The rest of the series is on You Tube but only in Turkish which isn’t any help!! Please put the rest of the series on Netflix.

  3. I’m loving this series. Now watching season 2 on turkseries. co. I love Havva and Yusuf. Havva is no different than an ambitious woman who wants that man. Yusuf shows that status doesn’t matter when you are in love. I can’t believe that she got blamed for everything when Sultan was to blame. And, she made her father sell the jewelry to pay Cygnet when she found out, nut she got blamed. Engaged to him to saver her miserable father, but no mention. Sultan made her change the results

  4. Where can I watch love is in the air season 2& 3
    Episode 111-122 in english subtitles
    Thank you

    • I thought this series were from Episode 1- 122. It end at Episodes 110. Where is 12 episodes. Is Yusuf and Havva dead?
      Sad ending, why they killed the Lead Actors?

  5. I am so surprised and shocked that so many people have loved Havva’s acting! I mean the kind of character that Havva portrays, do you think in reality such kind of a character has any sustainability and integrity?

    All the time scheming against your own sibling..throwing dust in the eyes of everyone, getting away with everything…

    I know it’s a drama and fiction..but I’m sure there are people like Havva and believe me,no one likes them..

    Which intelligent girl throws stupid kiddish tantrums like this,and which intelligent, successful man keeps leaving his work and running after a woman like Havva…

    But ofcourse Karma doesn’t leave anybody… probably the lying, conniving Havva has taken exactly after her father,mad Remzi.

    • She is an actress. She was following the script, and the director. You obviously were not “with” the plot!

      • I know very well that it’s a drama and I was very much with the plot that is why Havva’s( not Bircey) character was an evil one ..and I will stand by my conviction.

        • True love should not turn a person into evil, Havva’s love for Yusuf was greed and selfishness . She cannot truly comprehend how lucky she was. But greed has no limits nor selfishness. She can never be satisfied and the sad thing is she’s doing it under the cover of true love with her doe eyes when she was with Yusuf. She was evil. Good riddance. She was manipulative. Manipulating Yusuf with her tears when was cornered. Yusuf on the other hand is stupid. Unbelievable that he could detect those.
          I hope the second season if he did not die would show a different Yusuf enlightened and happy with the woman who truly loves him and married him knowing he was still in love with Havva. Because true love is sacrifice and taking risks which Havva never had. Yusuf to Havva is possession.

    • Maybe we watched sufferer shows. Havva played games in the beginning to got Yuauf’s attention. She was convinces that she could make him fall in love with her. She did – And she also fell in love with Yusuf. Not his money or his name. Remember when he followed her to Istanbul, she suggests they not return. Just live somewhere quietly.Together. Havva was naive and loved her family – she was not evil.

  6. Can I purchase the disks from love is in rhe air

  7. How can I watch Part2 2 and 3 of the turkish series Love is in the Air

  8. I am willing to donate money to get seasons 2 and 3 of Love is in the Air How do I do this

  9. When can we get season 2 on netflix with english subtitles, left us hanging with end of season one.

  10. Loved this series please Netflix bring us season 2&3. I’m at the edge of my seat. I love all the scenery and cultural scenes in this show and. All the fairy chimneys are so beautiful. The language the acting the intrigue was really good. When can we watch the rest why did you only put season 1 on?

  11. I Love Haava and Yuself acting was so good and very professional. I would love for them to do another series together .Please write a Happy ever after movie for Haava and Yusuf. I Love them so much!! They are so beautiful together and so real.Birce and Murat I would Love for you and Birce Alakay to remarry. You guys worked long hours and were always at your best on screen. Birce you are so beautiful and Murat she is your soul mate!! Love Love Love you two together!!!!!!

  12. I watched on Netflix and there were only 110 episodes! Which series has 122?….

  13. I am a senior, senior citizen and I loved this series. All the acting was superb. I loved the scenes of cappadocia. My husband of 54 years was Greek and many of Yusuf’s mannerisms remind me of him. I definitely wanted a better ending. Somehow Havva should have explained her problems. Her father was a scoundrel but really a good actor. My mother in law was such a kind and soft spoken woman. Too bad Yusuf ‘s mother was so nasty and devious. If Yusuf died that is the end. The two of them were great in their scenes and during this pandemic we needed that love. Of course this is a series from 2010 I think. Too bad their marriage did not last.

  14. Need season 2&3 with English subtitles

  15. I dont like the ending, havva and yusuf should leave happily at the end. I’m very disappointed with the writer 😕

  16. The writers and the directors were great up until the killed off the two main characters that caused you to watch the show. I didn’t want to watch it anymore after Havva and Yusuf. The series should have been called Havva. She was one of the best characters ever for this series and her acting was outstanding. Havva also was absolutely gorgeous. It seems the camera totally justify her flawless beauty. I think her and Yusuf was perfect for each other. I love how the writers made you watch more of them struggling to stay together. The writers should have let Havva tell Yusuf and blame aunt for many of the things she did like changing the DNA test and several other things. She never threw her aunt under the bus. Bade character and Mehmets was irritating because they didn’t get caught much and they had Yusuf suddenly not paying attention when he was in the beginning. He figured out things. Bade sleeping with his cousin in his house was a good write but writers should have let Yusuf find that out before his mother did. Havva could have had Bade in jail for or shooting her but Havva had a big heart. My ending would have been Bade and Mehmet in prison and Yusuf and Havva moving to ISTANBUL with their son.

  17. Love love this mini series how can I get season 2 and 3 in English sub titles please I’ve searched and searched best mini series I’ve ever watched I stayed up on night watching on Netflix the actors/ actresses are fantastic best ever but going nuts how to get English sub titles I watched you tube the first one on season 2 cause I couldn’t stand not knowing of what’s happened to yusuf or Haava , can anyone shed any light . Come on Netflix don’t let us hang to no what happens . I’ve also looked on eBay to see if I could buy cd’s but no help

    • Yes, where is Season 2 and 3 on Netflix with English subtitles? Come on, we’re paying our money. Bring it on. It’s been a while now since the series was recorded. What’s the hold up?? And gee, I missed that Mehmet and Bade slept together. When did that happen?? I knew that she stayed at the mansion as a guest, but I didn’t see where anything happened between her and Mehmet. Birce Akalay is a very talented actress, and the others are talented actors too. I did see a few holes in the plot that could have been closed up, however. For example why didn’t we see Hamiyet tell Yilmaz about Hava’s offense and see his immediate reaction? How come Haava never drove her car after being taught how to drive and how come many times we didn’t see it parked outside her house. She was always taking a cab. After Toprak came back to Urgup and said she couldn’t live with her husband, how come we didn’t see her in scenes. I could go on, but Netflix, please make Seasons 2 and 3 available to us with English subtitles!

  18. Started this series in the US. Now in Mexico and the series does not show up on Netflix. Can someone share some insight on this?

  19. Can Netflix please put season 2 and 3 on there with English subtitles!
    I am obsessed with this show and need to know what happens next..
    I’ve only watched season 1 which had 110 episodes.

    • Would like to know why so many of these lovely shows are not availabe on Netflix I’m going crazy haven’t watched a turkesh series for ever so long. Turkesh team can you explain please. Thanks.

    • Yea I’m hanging to watch it too

    • Me too one my favorite parts was when Yusuf mother found out about BADE and her nephew i just wished Yusuf would have found out about them. Come on writers I had faith in you. Also when she apologized to Havva. There were too many unresolved issues with BADE she was the one thing keeping HAVVA AND YUSUF from their perfect love story. I think the writers should make series 2 or 3 a dream and bring back HAVVA and Yusuf

  20. Am so glad Yusuf didn’t end up with Havva, though I don’t know what’s going on in other seasons cuz only watched season 1 till last episode 110. Would love to know whether Yusuf dies or lives happily ever after with Bade. I hope so cuz Havva was a mistake

    • He loved her and she loved him their love was so strong you can’t unbind it. Such a beautiful story

    • No bade knew he never loved her and should never have married him
      Lies to him and sleeps with Mehmet in the mansion only to get pregnant again… after losing Yusuf baby
      Lies again about kidney donation to him
      Tried to kill Havva by gun
      Burns rye church down to kill Havva but kills Yusuf instead

      Writers got it wrong so unbelievable ..

  21. Hi what happens in the last episodes as Netflix finishes at episode 110. Does yusuf leave haava? What happens with yusuf sister .

  22. I’m watching on YouTube with no subtitles. I would love someone to explain to me what is actually going on

  23. I love this series so much, I watched season 2 and 3 on you tube but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I ended up paying 99 euros and subscribed to I am watching now again and I love it but I wish Havva and Yusuf ended up marrying and a couple of kids or maybe twins.

  24. Netflix. Please download season 2 and 3! And I was hoping Yusuf marries Toprak

  25. Can we get season 2 and 3 on Netflix with English translation. The best I have seen from Turkey. Watched a bit of season 2 on YouTube but frustrating That I can’t understand.

  26. One of the best so far havva and yusuf should have got back together true portrayal of Turkish family’s and rich and poor and how family’s dictate to there children it happens everywhere but time have changed it kept you on the edge of your seat all the way through.

  27. My wife really did not want the show to end. The acting the writing the scenery was all very beautiful. I would give it five stars plus plus. Too bad it ended so abruptly with all
    The loose ends with Toprak, Yusuf, Muenuever, and all.

  28. Hi All. Yer Gok Ask throws light on social and financial divide and how the wealthy manipulates, deceive and control the underprivileged and in return deserves to be dealt in the same way, aptly done by Havva and Sultan. I watched Season 1 on Netflix and watching Season 2 on youtube without titles. I speak Urdu which has connections to Turkish through Persian so I can understand some words. Would be great if Netflix uploads Season 2 though. I wont be watching Season 3 as my favorite actor, the charming Birce Akalay (Havva) not there. Her character is admirable that she suffered the most but came every time strong. Personally, I would have liked her to tell Yousuf about lies (these lies by the way were understandable even though not agreeable), when he visited Istanbul chasing her in first season and let him decide, also that when she knew that Toprak was lying about her love for Yousuf then she should have stuck to her decision and stayed in Istanbul for her sister’s sake, studied and reach a good position to slap on Hameyet and others who looked down on her, this would have made her even more stronger and sulf-sufficient though, anyways script didn’t work that way.
    So far writers are spot on for her and other characters. Kudos to great acting specially by Aycegul Guney (Sultan), Isil Yücesoy (Hemeyet), Selma Kutlug (Seref), Birce Akalay (Havva) and others.
    I would suggest readers to watch my favorites Ertugrul, Karadayi and Kuzey Guney, later two not on netflix though :). Thanks

    • You mean I am watching all this on Season 1, I am up to 89 and it will not have a Season 2 or 3? All this for nothing? Anyway to get Season 2,3 with English subtitles? What’s the point of watching it on utube in Turkish? That’s ridiculous! The best Turkish Mimi series, I think, is Midnight Sun. Fabulous!!!

      • I can understand your pain, but now I realize Netflix did it right to only upload season 1 as it gets dragged in season 2 and its get harder to watch. Other than this, good source for other series is although ‘love is in the air’ is not there. Yes, I watched Midnight sun (Kiş Gunesh) on Netflix.

  29. I watched season 1 on netflix and watched 2 and 3 on YouTube without subtitles.
    I know most people did not like the character Havva because of her scheming ways but I couldn’t help but like the character. A rewrite of season 2 of yusuf dying would be a dream, the character Bade would end in the nuthouse and divorced by yusuf forget his dragon of a mother. In season 3 Havva would have twins boy and girl they would get their fairytale wedding in the valley of love. Something along those lines…….

  30. I felt that yosef should have demonstrated love, loss and sadness when he was told of havas accident and death..more emotion was vital….and do we know if yosef definitely died or, maybe a miracle, survives. We would have liked the grieve at the funerals. Also it would be powerful to have them both buried side by side.

  31. Season 2 on Netflix should come. Yusuf should marry toprak awaah should die what she has with yusuf is lust and obsession not real love. Toprak loves yusuf genuinely. awaah is manner less spiteful lack respect . Lacks content cant hold a discussion. It’s all about love .No she should die.

    • You are totally wrong. Havva was a decent person until her wicked aunt and disgraceful father urged her to do bad things. Toprak was too boring for Yusuf. That was about the most romantic storyline I have ever seen. I only watched it 4 times, each time saying to myself that my life was flying by, but I’m a sickening romantic!

  32. Netflix Australia!!! When will you air Love is in the Air
    Season 2&3 ??????????? With English subtitles ???

  33. Netflix, give us Season 2 and Season 3.

  34. Turkishdramas have beautiful scenery BUT can we get a happy ending?? You kill off everyone..
    Yusif should not have been murdered… wasn’t murdered h his heart enough??
    Let him go on to be happy with Bade and his beautiful son!!

    Geesh !! Are all your scripts filled with sad endings!!

  35. A Terrible ending, why should he die with her, a scheming horrible person, who did so much wrong, who cares if she loved him, it was selfish love, she did not grow one ounce, and not one character really grew, which would have been nice. I think Toprak should have married him in the end. Guess the ex-boyfriend-fiance had no idea about all the nasty things she did. Also, a Scheming Mother so selfish, shows doesn’t matter what class you are you can be a not so nice person too. I absolutely think they should hire an English speaking person ( like myself) to fix the translation, much of it was terrible, saying he when its a she, calling a niece a nephew, bad grammar. Please hire someone English to do the final edit on the subtitles. I loved the mountain scenery and architecture.

    • This is the 3rd Turkish drama we’ve watched during the pandemic. We started with Winter Sun, Dark Money and Love is in the Air. We are practically speaking Turkish! The political control of the erdogan government from 2010 to 2017 is obvious by the lack of physical contact. No kissing, the erasure of car logos, etc. as the years progress, gives us a small window as to what is going on in Turkey politically and culturally.
      Of the three, Love is In the Air had the worst translation into English. It was laughable. The acting was good, although the editing was weird. Poisoning the fields? Toprak returns from Istanbul with no explanation, etc. So much should have been cut out. The “Ending” at episode 110 was a surprise because I read that there were 122 segments.
      Kudos to the depictions of Yusuf, Havva, Mehmet, Hamyet & cygnet. They drew you into their characters with my personal disgust totally towards the controlling mother.
      OK, now I am leaving Turkish dramas. I will miss watching the beautiful scenery,handsome actors & beautiful actresses, but will not miss the sappy music & sad endings.

      • yes I totally agree, and now I know quite a few Turkish words, and I happen to have a Turkish friend so I get to try out a few words which he corrects haha, yes I think Toprak came back because of her relationship did not work out she said, I didn’t fall asleep during that part so got it hahaha, yes the disgusting characters, you love to hate them haha, I am watching another one now, its like 200 episodes, what did I get myself into???? Its black money love, ( is this the same as dark money?) more despicable characters. Good observation about the political stuff, yes Black money love has a few scenes showing couples in bed, yes they are cautious with that stuff, the Turks don’t want to have a complete Hollywood reputation, thanks for listing the other movies will watch

    • I totally agree. They definitely need to have an English speaking person redo the subtitles. Between the her for him and him for her and widow for divorcee’ unless you have a few brains, you will never be able to decipher the various sexes!!!

    • Appreciate the cultural differences and messages. We live in a global society. Learn more – complain less.

  36. Please please! . Give us season 2 and 3 of Turkish love is in the air..

    • where are the remaining episodes. I was really tired o fHavva crying – she should get an award for that alone!I was hooked on this soap opera which was excellent acting. thee were a lot of holes in the stoylines. I hated Havva’s father, he was too greedy.

      • I read somewhere that Brice Alakay and Murat Unalmis married and divorced during the making of this series. Did this ,if true cause the slightly difunctional script.
        Havva character gave a portrayal of someone in complete emotional turmoil and breakdown was very convincing.

  37. Hi. I would like to know what happened to Yusef and Havaa after he was shot? Did he die is it a happy ending?

    • Hi,

      I finished the series or season, because on Netflix it doesn’t break it down but I saw 122 episodes. I’m not sure if they plan to continue but basically ended with the guy getting shot.

      Personally loved « Winter in the Sun » but not so much this series. After a while I got tired by the
      70 episode of Havana (sp?) with tears and

      He was in infatuation with her, not love. He would have figured out who she really was. I was disappointed. Unless, they come out with a new season but to end it like that, I felt I wasted my time.

      • Mary, I only saw 110 episodes of Love is in the Air on Netflix. Where did you watch the rest? I can’t find anywhere with subtitles…. HELP! Thank you!

    • They both died. He died from injuries received in a fire deliberately set by his crazy, scheming wife, Bade, who is pregnant with hid cousin Mehmet’s child. Ugh.

      Havva died in jail serving a sentence for Yusuf’s death. She waa framed by Mehmet as he saved Bade.

      Havva gave birth to Yusuf’s son in prison, and moth mother and son joined Yusuf in the afterlife.

      Disappointing ending – no love, only lies, scheming and stupigity

  38. Hi hope u well…
    Where or which link do I use to watch yer gok ask? Aka love is in the air Turkish drama with subtitles of English plz

  39. Cynthia Montavon

    Netflix your unfair. Give us season 2 and 3 of Turkish love is in the air..I’m going to cancel Netflix. Only showing season 1 of most series. Especially this show..

  40. Does it end with havvva and yousef both dying?

  41. I just finished the series of Love is in the air,. I would really like to see season two and three please. I sure enjoyed this series and scenery was beautiful and I also learned got educated in their culture. Once again I need to see season two please

  42. YUSUF took 3 bullets in the name of love for the three women in his life the first one used him the 2nd one was obsessed and would stoop so low to get what she wanted and the third didn’t get a chance to blossom.
    Great series, was a bit long though a great build up. Let’s have season 2 and 3, well I think we had season 2 and 3 with 110 episodes.

    • When is season 2 and3 of Love Is In The Air going to be on Netflix
      You can’t leave us hanging to find out what happens

  43. I love this series but not sure I want to continue watching since there is no Season 2 airing on Netflix. This is a problem with Netflix.

  44. I’m watching Love in the Sky and I love Turkish drama. Don’t get me wrong. But in this particular series, the flaws are so apparent, it’s hilarious. The Havva character is unbelievable. So is the aunt. I have zero respect for them. I fast forward the scenes involving those two witches & Yusuf. Really cringy. Ugh! We need better storytelling & script writers. I’d love to help. Maybe the Turks can learn from Western dramas. They move faster. Havva would already have been bedded by Yusuf aeons ago. Ha ha!

    • haha me too all those loooong crying scenes got so tired of those and their interaction, I also fast-forwarded those, too much too long, we didn’t care about those 2 evil woman by the time it got to the 80th episode. The end was predictable , I knew Mehmet would tell Havva, and that ex-fiance would shoot Yustuv, the end should never be predictable, get better writers


    • Rosemary Mintchwarner

      Go to turkishseries. com. There is a subscription fee but for me it was worth it. Season #2 was great.
      Season #3 was good.

      It looks like our cry for more of their series with English subtitles have been heard. If you do go with this let me know what you think. I would love to discuss it further.

      • hello Rosemary

        may i ask where did you watch the english subs of season 2 & 3 for Love is in the air/Yer Gok Ask?

        • Rosemary Mintchwarner

          Hi Nadia,

          I went to for 2 & 3. There is a fee but like I said; to me it was worth it. Maybe you might have better luck and find it at a different site for free. Whatever way you choose let me know, I don’t think you will be disappointed.


          • Can someone pls tell me how Ali Omer is related to the family in the mansion … Mr Yilmaz and family

          • Exactly how do I get there cos I went to but not sure tries what ever but not getting to what I want season two please help how to get there just finished season 1 as in 5/01/2021

  46. All your Story’s are So So Good this love is in the air, and Black money had been my favorite once and now l don’t watch any more but Turkey Story’s thank you’ll to all of you’ll artists from Turkey you’ll are wonderful and good actors and actresses !

    • I agree! I love both ,Please give us more of these movies as a continuation on netflix if possible.. There are no movies that can catch my interest after watching these two turkish movies,

  47. We need season 2 and 3!! Come on Netflix. Geez, would I buy a third of a car?

  48. Just finished the first season on Netflix, and wow what a series! Havva is one of the most compelling, exasperating female characters I’ve ever seen — so brilliantly played by Birce. But oh my gawd, she drove me NUTS. I started off rooting for her (she has a lot of charm). But as the show went on, I couldn’t support her anymore. No, these weren’t just “mistakes,” and no, she wasn’t just being manipulated by her aunt and father. She consciously made these horrific decisions. She knew what she was doing. But what got me was when she told Yusuf she would do it again if she had to — and then she went and did it again (to Bade this time). Even though her character is compelling, she’s not somebody I would want to know in real life. I was also stunned that after she left Yusuf that last time she still refused to tell him the whole truth. She preferred for him to blame himself for the breakup or not know what even caused it instead of coming clean with him. She watched him suffering on that bed and said nothing. What kind of love is that? I really felt for Yusuf. I mean, how much can one person take? There were so many times when he told her to tell him if there was anything else and yet she still kept lying. She was a compulsive liar and could not be trusted. She nearly destroyed Yusuf all in the name of “love.” She just needs to go be with Cuneyt who’s built for that crap. All that being said, the show was magnificently written and directed. Full of suspense and exquisitely acted. All the actors brought their “A” game. Loved it.

  49. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t watch any episodes of “Love is in the Air” after episode 110.
    Although Havva made some mistakes, I wanted so much to see her get back together with Yusuf. She is a great actress! She is not a bad person, but took some bad advice from her aunt and her father. Yusef’s mother was cruel to Havva.

    I regret reading all of the above comments, as I now don’t care to see the ending. I love the Turkish acting and emotion, but like everyone else, I am tired of the tragic, unhappy endings. We all have enough sadness in our lives. We need happy endings in our programs.

    The Turkish scenery is breathtaking!

  50. Netflix come on. We want Season 2 & 3 of Love Is InThe Air. Don’t leave us dangling.

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