What is Fatmagul’s Fault? (Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne?)

Original Title: Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne?
English Title: What is the Fault of Fatmagul?
Also Known As:
Genre: Drama, romance
Episodes: 77
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: September 16, 2010 -
Production Company: Ay Yapim
Director: Hilal Saral
Screen Writer: Ece Yorenc, Melek Gencoglu


Fatmagul (Beren Saat) is a beautiful and naïve girl who lives in Cesme (a touristic place in western Turkey). Due to the death of her parents, she lives with her brother. She plans to get married Mustafa (Firat Celik) in the summer. She loves him and wants to get married as soon as possible in order to overcome the emotional pain of grudging charity of her sister-in-law.

An unforgettable tragedy transforms Fatmagul’s life so radically that she will never be able to go back to the way she used to live. One day, she is raped by four people, Kerim (Engin Akyurek), Vural (Bugra Gulsoy), Erdogan (Kaan Tasaner), and Selim (Engin Ozturk). In order to shade the sins of rapists and protect them, Fatmagul is forced to remain slient and get married to one of her rapists. Fatmagul’s whole life changes after this tragedy but bad things never end. After this tragedy, her fiancée Mustafa doesn’t want to be with her so breaks their marriage promise. Now, Fatmagul is alone and has no choice, but to get married to Kerim. She wants nothing more than to forget about her checkered past and live the rest of her life quietly and at peace with the world. While she tries to start over a new life in the big city, the story becomes more complicated when her ex fiancée follows her to Istanbul?

In this story which is the adaptation of Vedat Turkali’s novel, you will explore a dramatic story of a beautiful and innocent girl. Also, this story attempts to answer whether two people – two enemies because of sins and mistakes of others – can learn to love each other in a marriage agreed only on paper. Will Mustafa catch up with Fatmagul and learn the truth? Will the rape shade the innocence? Will the past be forgotten?


Beren Saat as Fatmagul
Engin Akyurek as Kerim
Firat Celik as Mustafa
Esra Dermancioglu as Mukaddes
Bugra Gulsoy as Vural
Kaan Tasaner as Erdogan
Engin Ozturk as Selim

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One of the most popular dramas in 2010. Beren Saat’s last drama. Episode raitings are very high.

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70 Responses to “What is Fatmagul’s Fault? (Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne?)”

  1. Noe Rann says:

    wow i wish i could be like her!!

  2. Camden says:

    Why would you want to be raped by 4 people??…

    Anyway this is by far one of the best TV shows to ever come out of Turkey. Powerful exceptional acting, great production value…WATCH IT…you won’t regret it.

  3. Zineb :D says:

    There is a channel that has from ep 1 to ep 51 or 52 in enghlish subtitles, but the other episodes have no subtitles :(

    • meena says:

      zineb can you please give me the online link of that channel. i really want to watch this show with subtitles.i cannot find complete fatmagul episodes with english subtitles on youtube.

  4. Fatheya says:

    Unbleivablely amazing mindblowing series….it always brings tears to my eyes….especially that its a true story…

  5. mustafaizhot says:

    where can i watch dis with full english subtitles cuz it is very beautiful love it nd can anyone tell me plzzzzzzz who gets fatmagul at last mustafa or kerim? hope its mustafa

    • ROSE says:

      hi u can watch it with english subtitle on youtube just search whatisfatmagulsfault. it has its own forum page in english as well…with the same name. there u can download the subtitles if u want.
      now its on 77th episode, the show will end on 80th episode on june 21.
      sorry…but kerim will win fatmagul’s heart coz mustafa turned out to be a bad guy…and something will happen to mustafa but i wont tell so u would look forward seeing the show..its great,,,watch it!!!

  6. Shimaa says:

    How many episodes is fatma gul? Plz plz tell me

    • ROSE says:

      hi shimaa..
      the series has 80 episodes…currently its on 77 episode and finale will be on june 21.
      hope this helps.

  7. Saifullah says:

    wow fatmagul tv series is the best i really like the couple of karim and fatmagul together, they really look awesome.

  8. kaihan says:

    i used to watch turkish dramas years back but thn stopped watching,watchd fatma guk after many years n its awsommmmmme

  9. Ali says:

    Beren Saat is just gorgeous…

  10. mehak says:

    i loved it cant stop watching beren seth as always beautiful n what would happen to mustafa plzzz tell??

  11. gulalai says:

    salam i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this drama very much,iam a crazy fan of karim and fatmagul, i want 2 watch this drama with english subtitle can any 1 plz tel me the website where 2 watch this drama.

  12. pashtana says:

    hey evry1 I jst luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vural I m big fan ov vural

  13. yaser khan says:

    Berensaat u r so beuotyfull

  14. Zarish says:

    Im frm pakistan and im a crazy fan of fatmagul aakhir mera qasoor kia??i love the chemistry btw fatma and kerim fatmagul is getting very popular in pakistan and get high ratingz many love for BerEngin <3 stay blessed

  15. karin says:

    i am veeeerrrrrryyyyyyyy biiiiiiggggggg fan of karim and voral.

  16. karin says:

    can anyone tell me the adress of this drama with english subtitle plllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  17. samreen says:

    happy valentine day karim fatmagul

  18. amaricanbaby says:

    will vural die

  19. Maliha says:

    A very written , Well acted, xcellently produced and fabulously directed play. Everyone in Pakistan loved Aski memnu and now they are enjoying this Turkish play. We want Turks to watch our Pakistani plays too. Believe me you will love them too as we do yours.

  20. Ahsan Raza says:

    this drama touches your heart.

  21. maisa says:

    Hi every one i watch it in arabic it’s awonderful & i hope that
    will be alesson to any one make like this crime
    thanx ..
    I hope to sind to u my story to be drama,can i?

  22. sohail says:

    i like this drama

  23. maha khan says:

    salamz, you all can also watch Fatmagul in urdu dubbing, by the help of youtube or google. thanks.

  24. rijah says:

    hi every love fatimagul show but want to watch uncut in turkish or eng sub as youtube is ban in pakistan

  25. Sehrish says:

    Im frm pakistan and i want to say that it is the best drama i have ever seen..very strong acting by everyone specialy beren saat and Engin akyurek’s acting is flawless and i jst lvd the chemistry btw them now im a big fan of engin, love his expressive eyes,his handsomeness and his acting skills he stole all pakistani girls heart love this drama very much

    • m umar says:

      helo sehrish

    • Vadzrien says:

      I’m very agree Engin Akyurek acting is flawless, I also love his expressive eyes and I love his smile, when he smile he is cute, absolutely he is handsome….I’m from Indonesia, I love Fatmagul series,,,,This drama is amazing, fantastic, awesome, fabulous and touch my heart becoz not only about love between 2 person but about family too. I love characters fatmagul and kerim.

  26. Noshaba Nargis says:

    most powerful drama i have ever watched. acting n direction is flawless. congrats Krim n Fatimagul.

  27. Sameen says:

    wats exactly is the end ????..i am a pakistani viewer …….. i want to know the end of this drama bcz i am luving this drama ..wat will happen wid mustafa,kareem n fatimagul?

  28. Tania from pakistan says:

    I love this drama and all character specialy the lead characters engin akyurek and beren saat very strong acting by everyone

  29. Arman says:

    Unnecessarily long show with unnecessary details. I don’t know how people can stand watching such long shows, how they can wait for a whole week just to learn a few more stupid details in the drama and then wait for a week and so on ………

    Rape scenes / discussion of rape in a drama disgust me.
    You don’t have to agree with me :)

  30. gull rehman says:

    a fabulous serial i have ecer seen.i love engin and beren.i m from pakistan.i m dieheart fan of fatmagul and kerim

  31. Saiqa says:

    Im a crazy fan of fatma series it makes me cry,laugh,angry,smile and force to believe in pure love i jst love the character of kareem and fatmagul

    • Sassui says:

      i absolutely agree. Engin Akyurek must be the best actor of his generation internationally. He is superb in this series and I dont know what this fan at least will do when the series ends- how to fill the gap – I hope the channel or channels are planning some more gorgeous love stories for him to do. I feel he withdarwal symptoms already.

  32. Khan from Pakistan says:

    i think its a best series in drama history.i found a link where u can watch all episodes of fatma gul.there are 2 sessions,session1 contains 99 episodes and session2 contains100 episodes.

  33. Sani says:

    Best serial ever watched
    how love turn into hate and hate turn itno love i must say this serial is serial of the century love every single character of this drama specialy kaan tasaner and Engin akyurek they both r my most favourite characters in fatmagul

  34. Naseer says:

    koi btaiy k kia akhir main fatima gul or krim ny maar jana hai kia

  35. Naseer says:

    or mustfa ka kia bny ga plz koi btaye ga………..

  36. sasha khan says:

    can someone plx plx tell me from whr can i watch or download this complete drama with english dubbing?? i have searched alot bt hvnt found any site n i’m dying to watch this drama. plx help me :((

    • Ali says:

      Sorry but you cant find Fatmagul dubbed in English, you can either watch it in English, Arabic, Irani, Urdu or Turkish. Well it depends on your native language. Secondly if you are too desperate to watch it, watch with english subtitles.

  37. behlul says:

    I am alllaaaa :D subhanAllah :)

  38. fatima says:

    one of the best turkish series I have ever seen. a wonderful drama. highly recommended

  39. rabia says:

    i liked fatimagul drama very much.i liked it………….

  40. Laiba says:

    Fatmagul is a blockbuster drama here in pakistan we all pakistanis love and enjoy the series very much and love all the characters of fatmagul series specialy kareem and fatmagul

  41. Zarish says:

    love this drama sooooo much i never missd a single episode of it now im very upset bcoz fatmagul series end in pakistan and we all miss kerim and fatmagul very much :( beren and Engin plz work together again plzzzz

  42. Anahit says:

    how can I watch episode 30 and up in english subtitles…please someone tell me Im obsessed with this show but cant find english subs…..

  43. Faiza says:

    This is the superb drama I have ever seen in my life..This serial was played in Pakistan with Urdu dubbing during december 2012 to June 2013…I am totally in love with this drama..

  44. Rania says:

    Best turkish drama ever seen love u Engin akyurek and beren saat

  45. sarwat says:

    I love this drama love kerim and fatmagul their couple is very mindblowing and awsum

  46. Hina from pakistan says:

    Reality based,superb acting by everyone,strong script and very touchy story I like fatmagulun sucu ne the Best Turkish drama aver

  47. Ysmn.alt says:

    This Turkish drama is the best that I’ve ever seen !!! I’ve finished to watch it today and at every end of an episode I was crying ! Beren saat and engin akyurek seems to love each other even in the reality ! This drama is not like the others because the story is not like every stupid drama where we know how it gonna end… I think fatmagulun sucu ne is really gonna miss me !! And I have difficulties to find an other Turkish drama like this one !
    If someone knows please answer to me ! I’ve found Aski memnu but after 2 episodes I’ve found this boring.. This is not Fatmagul and Kerim :( thank you for an eventual answer :) and I really really recommend this show, you’re not gonna regret it !!

  48. Ysmn says:

    This is the best drama that I’ve ever seen !! I’ve been so sad when i finished it… Fatmagul and Kerim gonna miss me so much. I guess I’m gonna see some episode after ! Ive been crying for every end of a sad episode. I can’t explain the way I love this serie so much.. I’m searching for a Turkish serie like that but they’re all boring… Fatmagulun sucu ne is still the best ! If someone knows a drama like this please answer me.

  49. bethlehem says:

    fatumya kerim kerim mother all of you best actress you showed as how rape is so bad and crime

  50. khaula says:

    Wonderful turkish series ever Beren saat and Engin akyurek you both are great actors love and miss both of you sooooo much

  51. kiki says:

    please i love this show where can i buy it from or watch it in english

  52. meryem says:

    Best,lovly and heart touching drama ever with great social message and strong acting by the dashing Engin akyurek and beautiful Beren saat

  53. Rizal says:

    how to download this drama Fatmagul??

  54. nounou says:

    Awesome drama with superb acting of beren saat and engin akyurek the music of this dizi is excellent

  55. allison says:


  56. Heidi says:

    Where can I watch Season 2 with English Subs. Seems to be all removed from youtube, dailymotion and Amara.org !!

  57. khy says:

    where I can buy fatmagul full episode…I really really love this story!!!

  58. khy says:

    here in Dubai I cant find that cd…where can I buy..pls pls any one knows pls reply me

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